Tuesday 5 October 2010

Thank You

This is an email I received from one of my clients.

I just want to again thank you for the wonderful experience of healing and love I received from you and spirit yesterday, and I want to let you know how I have felt since.

I had an interesting time as I drove away from your house. I was really sobbing and then I screamed very loud "I don't want to die, I WANT TO LIVE!" and from that time on I have felt so much better. The sadness that I could physically feel in my chest has gone. As you suggested, I am looking at one part of my body at a time and loving it and being thankful for it. I also seem to be able to divert negative energy away from my heart.

I had a very real experience this afternoon. I had been reading your blogs and watched the videos regarding your healing with Gary. I suddenly became very tired and needed to lie down. I didn't want to lie down on my own so I crawled into bed beside my son who was watching TV. I was shivering and couldn't get warm. At times I felt nauseous and wondered whether I would have to get up to vomit. When I dozed off my son told me I was moaning and at one time my other son asked me why I laughed? I’d keep waking up with my legs moving with little kicks and twitching and the left side area which you worked on (ovaries or uterus?) was aching. Both these sensations were just as I felt yesterday on your table. I think I probably slept a little and after a while I felt okay. I guess I got some distant healing today!

Love, Glenda.

Thanks, Glenda, for allowing me to post this here. I love you too.

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  1. Hi Simon .. it's interesting to read Glenda's comment - she obviously feels way better .. and that's so good to know.

    Thanks for posting this for us to read .. Hilary

  2. Simon, it must be so rewarding to read letters like this from people. You're touching a lot of lives!