Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Best Email To Get


Last year, I attended one of your workshops and became aware of the healing work that you do. At the same time, I learned from my daughter and son-in-law that a friend of theirs named Marcia who had cancer was in hospice and expected to live less than a week. I arranged for you to do distance healing for her and told my daughter and son-in-law to let her know that healing and prayers were being offered for her. Several weeks later I asked my daughter how Marcia was doing. My daughter told me that suddenly Marcia’s tumor had disappeared, and she was released from hospice to go home to be with her family. There was no medical explanation for her sudden recovery. It was a miracle healing.

Yesterday, well over a year since the healing, I asked my daughter and her husband how Marcia was doing. They said she is doing totally fine.

Simon, thank you for the love and healing that you share with the world. There are no boundaries that limit healing and the power of love. Nothing is impossible.

With great love and gratitude,

Gail K.

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