Wednesday 8 May 2013

Don’t Wait & See! Seek Further Healing & Lifestyle Changes

I’ve done many healings for clients suffering debilitating pain caused by illness, injury and unknown, to traditional health practitioners, causes. To protect client’s confidentiality I’m deliberately being vague about the specific causes of pain, but I’m referring to re-occurring or constant pain in a specific organ, system, muscle or area of the body. After a healing, there are five possible outcomes:

  • 1)   Complete and immediate pain reduction/health.
  • 2)    A noticeable health response and gradual pain reduction/health improvement.
  • 3)    The initial health response noted by others, not the client, and then gradual or immediate pain reduction/health improvement, but after a period of time the pain and symptoms return.
  • 4)    A barely discernible pain reduction/health response, but improved emotional state.
  • 5)    A nil response.

I’d like to address outcome 3. For clients, often the pain and symptoms re-occur, seemingly overnight, and are described as worse than before. There are lots of variations of these five outcomes, but, initially, with outcome 3 the changes usually go unnoticed by clients. I believe the response occurs immediately, but clients are unaware of them. I’m considering there’s a ‘ghost’ like response where clients believe the pain is still present, similar to what amputee’s experience.

A friend or family member often makes the client aware of changes they see: better posture, color, vitality and temperament, and the use of less or zero pain medication. In some cases, and after a period of time, clients realize their pain has eased or disappeared, but they can’t determine when it happened.
During a healing, one client switched their pain on again by thinking about it: the client noted he was pain free, enjoyed the feeling for a length of time, but every time he wondered if it had actually happened the pain returned. I intuited and felt the pain and switched it off again and again. It was only after the client told me what he was experiencing.

The client’s niece, present, commented how youthful and happy the client appeared at the end of the session. A visible weight had been lifted from him. Sadly, it didn’t last, but I believe it was his addiction to prescription drugs that kept him in a state of illness.

Repeatedly, clients who constantly think about or assess why their symptoms have gone, have those symptoms return. Usually the severity of the pain is increased, but it’s probable it only feels that way because clients have been pain free for a period of time.

Whenever I write or talk about any medical analysis I remind everyone that I have no medical training at all, and in this article I’m simply sharing my observations and deduction.

In most cases I believe clients have, by questioning the onset of health, willed the pain or illness to return. Rather than question the outcome and focus on waiting to see if the pain returns, they should have focused on living. I’ve heard countless times, “I feel great, but I’m just going to wait and see,” or something similar. It’s the ‘wait and see’ that’s keeping the vibration of pain active. It’s also beneficial to book another healing to accelerate and assist the body to heal for long term and permanent health.

If I was skeptical or pragmatic about how energy healing works I’d question how or why the pain had disappeared in the first instance and also how it returned. I have faith in energy healing and know, from experience and communicating with spirit, that health can be created with intention, not technique. I have a habitual routine, but I don’t employ any technique. I’m on the path of no path. There are many factors that influence success in energy healing, but our state of mind, our conscious and subconscious thoughts are the most powerful influencers.

If you come and see me and get any positive health response, don’t will your symptoms back. Book another session and improve all aspects of your life: diet, relationships with self, spouse, family and community, spring clean home and mind, and exercise.

Talk soon, Simon J

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  1. I suspect our expectations play a powerful role in the healing process. Simon, thanks for stopping by my blog again. Your visit means a lot.