Monday 14 May 2018

Positive Health Outcomes Occur While Attending Evening with Spirit Events

People who attend my events have been reporting experiencing strange sensations and positive health outcomes during and after events for many years. Often, it happens to the sceptics in the audience.
Not all experiences are comfortable or pain free, but final health outcomes are positive. I don’t have to talk to the person for it to occur and in all instances, I’m unaware it’s happening.
Dotty’s experience happened at a live reading event, an evening with Simon and spirit event at The Salt Hut in Oxford, PA. At these events I’m doing readings for some audience members. I also answer questions about energy healing and working with spirit. At the start of events I talk about the possibility of this phenomenon happening, but I know that most people don’t believe it’s possible.
As far as I’m aware, there’s only been one event in the last six years that I didn’t receive feedback about automatic healings occurring.
I’m grateful to have received Dotty’s testimonial.  

Simon, I came to the Salt Hut in Oxford last week with my friend to hear you speak.  I have to say that I was a sceptic but I listened to your every word. I have been dealing with constant back pain for the last 40 years. Earlier that morning, I had an appointment with my pain management doctor. She proceeded to explain that there was one thing left for me to do. As the needles in my back we’re not helping me any more, the only thing left for me was a spinal cord stimulator, which I do not want.
As I listened to you speak, I felt pain in my back, I was uncomfortable in my chair, and my body was hot. I felt like I needed to get outside. As I drove home in the rain (I had a one hour drive from Oxford) I just felt so strange. I can’t describe it. I got up the next morning and went about my business as I normally do. Thursday I got up, my sister called me and asked, “How is your back?” I hesitated and thought for a minute until I said, “It doesn’t hurt me.”  I realized that I was in no pain! It has now been 6 days that I have been pain free. I was able to attend my granddaughter’s first Holy Communion on Saturday and walk from the parking lot to the church and to the restaurant without pain!
Thank you, Simon
Dotty Rapp

The accompanying video shows interviews with people who received readings at this event.

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