Thursday, 18 March 2010

Free from Perception and the Observed

An important part of my work as a healer is to heal spirit. I started doing this in a meditative state, but now I’m able to do it by being aware that it’s happening. I can do it now while I’m typing. A holographic image overlays what I’m seeing and follows the movements of my eyes and head. No matter how quickly I turn the hologram travels with me.

The only drawback is that if it’s happening when I’m in a conversation it’s noticeable that I’m not paying attention. I get in trouble the same way when I’m watching Friday night footy—sales at Cotton On are just as important as grand finals.

With clients often the same emotion, illness or injury can be found in a deceased relative in spirit. I've talked about this pattern before. By healing spirit, which many people perceive to be not real, the client’s energy field changes and vibrates at let’s-get-well.

Let’s do this. I’ll put aside every experience I’ve had with spirit, every moment of medical intuition, and all the knowledge I’ve gained. If spirit is not real then I’m healing nothing. If I’m not healing anything then I’m not even a healer. I’ve become someone who has welcomed a stranger into their home because that person is unwell.

The only tool I have left to alter that person’s state is intention. I wish them to be well. When intention is focussed you can accomplish anything. How do you focus intention?

Put aside everything:
• I’m a (?)
• I believe (?)
• I feel (?)
• I have (?)
• I need (?)

When you’re done–I am (?)

This was Jesus’ gift. He saw and felt everything because He was (?) It heightens sense, emotion, response (pain, love), and intention. He became a champion for change because he saw what everyone else could not. He was the bravest of us all.

I may have lost my way writing this post, because I’m still thinking about yesterdays post. When Jesus is with me I feel and see what has not been recorded. Everything we believe, we have created.

Intention works in the absolute of what is, free from perception and the observed

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments. Cheers, Simon.

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