Monday, 10 May 2010

My Twitter Policy

If you follow me on twitter I usually reciprocate and follow you back. This doesn’t mean that I endorse your product or services. I’m not your best friend. If you tweet a racist or sexist comment I will block you. I estimate that 40% of followers have been spammers or click here to see my sexy photo. Block!

The number of people following me doesn’t mean anything to me. My ego is satisfied when my dog licks my face. This happens a lot, which means I have a clean face and smell like dog spit. It’s the people I appreciate, and if I think you’re interesting, informative, or funny, I’ll retweet you.

Twitter is like standing in a crowd at a sold out music concert; it’s easy to lose your friends, but sometimes you bump into a stranger who’s interesting to talk to and drinks your brand of bourbon.

Tweet you soon, Simon.

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