Tuesday 8 June 2010

The Shimmer of Spirit

I had an enlightening discussion with Fred Hollows a few weeks ago. On Wednesday nights, when I’m home, I have a meditation and psychic development evening. Gary, who is a talented trance medium, was talking to Fred during his meditation. I asked Gary if he’d trance and allow Fred to speak to us all.

While Gary was speaking I saw Fred’s face overlaid on Gary’s face. Gary’s voice was filled with longing when Fred described his desire to continue his work. He felt he hadn’t fulfilled his life’s work, and everyone in the room commented later how sad this had made them feel.

Watching Gary and Fred I was thinking how amazing it was that spirit visits, and I began to wonder why they came. When I’m healing, doctors, nurses, surgeons, indigenous healers, prophets, angels, and a myriad of other spirits frequent my healing room, but what attracts them?

Even when the client or the healer is unaware of what is needed for perfect health to manifest, the energy field of the body, consciousness, knows. The body vibrates at, help me. Spirit/consciousness responds. I am here. The pathway for wellness to be created is opened with intent.

My question to Fred Hollows was, ‘How do you hear, or receive the question, help me?’

‘It just appears.’

‘Okay. How do you know where to go, and how do you get here?’

‘I just appear.’

‘You can see me?


‘How do you see me?’

‘You look like a shimmer.’

What’s interesting about this is that this is how I see spirit. They look like a shimmer of light. When I close my eyes, I then see the person. I have seen, and still do see spirit as if they’re real people, but mostly I see the shimmering shape of a person.

The shimmer is vibration, the wide open spaces between atoms—light. It’s like a visible radio frequency. What we think and create becomes an invisible (most times) signal.

If someone you love has died, they will appear every time you have a need for them. I miss you. I need a hug—I am here. To make these experiences a part of our lives, we have to believe without evidence. We have to know spirit is with us. We see each other the same way. It’s like being on opposite sides of glass—we’re looking into, and influencing each other’s world.

You know, I really do love you. Talk soon, Simon.

Clear waters of Lake Rotoma, Rotorua District, North Island, New Zealand

Blue trout at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua—I recommend this tourist destination

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  1. Hi Simon.
    "To make these experiences a part of our lives, we have to believe without evidence. We have to know spirit is with us." This is returning to innocent perception, no judgment, just being isn't it?
    Clear waters of Rotorua, beautiful and the air is good for sinuses too. xox Wilma

  2. Wow - I do highly want to go there, too!

  3. Your description was beautiful, and so were your photos.

  4. Simon,
    It's such a joy to have stumbled upon your blog. I found it when I was leaving a comment for Farnoosh on her blog.

    Your description of Spirit was "dead on" - pun intended!

    I look forward to reading more here.

    Most Sincerely,
    Angela Artemis

  5. Sinuses get a work out, Wilma, that's for sure. Great to talk to you.

    Marvin, New Zealand is beautiful, and all the lakes and streams were crystal clear.

    Thank you, Julie. Nice to see you, I'll pop over later.

    Angela, love the pun, and thank you for visiting.

  6. Thanks for sharing what you see. Quite amazing.

    Beautiful pictures. I don't think I've ever seen water so clear you can see the fish swimming like that! I would so love to go to New Zealand.

    Straight From Hel