Monday, 11 July 2011

Pie! Psychic, or Nosey Bastard?

Online friend and YA writer Lacey Boldyrev has an agent, which is exciting news for writers. You might remember Lacey from this interview — yep, she’s a keeper! If you have a spare sixty seconds, please follow the link and congratulate Lacey.

And, even though, “there’s a thousand pretty women waiting out there … and I’m just the devil with love to spare,” I baked pie! Congratulations Lacey!

Lacey tweeted a teaser about her then secret news two days before, which set my spider senses tingling. When I commented on her I have an agent post, she asked me if my psychic senses were tingling — did I know what her news was? Yes, instantly. Here are my top tips to improve your spider senses:
  • Relax, don’t try too hard, and don’t be a nosey bastard.
  • Everything is connected — Lacey and I share the same mind — and if you believe that without needing to know how, you’re half way there.
  • Exercise your mind, don’t be a lazy thinker, and pay attention to what you’re thinking about.
  • How do you record the world? I notice body language, eyes, movement, sounds, and scents around me. By knowing what’s happening in my world, I also know what’s happening in yours.
  • Every conversation in our mind is influenced by emotion, motive and intention. Learn what you’re feeling and why.
  • Improve the quality of your mind by learning about your mind. Meditate, not to silence the conversations in your mind, but to master them.
  • Every time we pose a question, the field of consciousness answers: Wow, Lacey has secret news! I’m excited for her — that’s what I’m thinking, no opposing subconscious thought — my emotion is genuine — no opposing subconscious emotion: I’m not jealous, I’m not disappointed I don’t have secret news, Lacey’s news hasn’t tweeked my insecurities — wow, what could Lacey’s news be? Lacey hears my question and, because my question is transparent and non-threatening, Lacey answer’s me, “I have an agent.”
  • Perception! Is a pig dog on a wild boar’s testicles! Let’s do this this way: I walk into a pub and perceive the group of bikers at the bar are aggressive bastards. I’ll see a threat because I believe one exists, and potentially two things will happen: I’ll get into a fight with one or all of the bikers, or I’ll miss that the weedy guy buying a keno ticket is the only person in the bar I should be worried about.
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  1. Great post, Simon! I can honestly say I have never heard the expression "It's a pig dog on a wild boar's testicles" but now I am going to find a way to use it.

    The pie is beautiful! Try French rhubarb--it's my favorite.

    Thank you very much. ;)

  2. It was the bikers!! Hahahaaaa!!

    Hey there,my friend! It's wonderful to pick back up on your writings for me. There is a lightness in your words and I hear it in your voice which is quite a bit more fun for me in visiting with you,here.

    Have a wonderful day and don't ever wear jellyfish for jox...they aren't only uncomfortable...they never seem to match anything I wear.
    Much love...

  3. You're welcome Lacey. French rhubarb? My uncle's favourite desert was stewed rhubarb. I'll grow some and try it in pie :)

    Hi Bernie. Wonderful to see you here. I do feel happy and light, and I plan to stay this way. Love you, my friend.