Friday 6 November 2009

The Unplanned Novel

My healing work is all about having faith, not in the process of healing, but in myself. On reflection this hasn’t been as easy as I might portray. My personal life has at times been destructive, and being in love is synonymous with swimming naked with blue bottle jelly fish. And once you’ve worn a blue bottle for jocks trusting your judgement is taxing.

In my spare time I write essays and short stories about living and working with spirit. My computer’s desktop has three or four unfinished word docs at any given time. Most of what I write I delete, not always because I’m unhappy with it. The craft of writing is like throwing darts, the more I throw enables me to hit the target, time and time again.

If I live by any golden rule it’s this: today I can only be the best that I can be, tomorrow I will be better for trying.

I’m attempting nanowrimo this year, and like the first time I had sex I’m pretending I know what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter if the novel will want to see me tomorrow, or by the end of November she’s dating the recycle bin, because for thirty days, time together was all that mattered. If we’re both lucky come the end of summer she’ll be farting in front of me and wearing my shirts.

I can’t promise to start another novel, and if I do I won’t ask to still be friends, I’ll set you free. When our song plays I’ll remember our first time, and the fumbling embarrassed way I backed you up onto the external drive. Thank you for not laughing and being patient.

Every time I work with spirit I’ve an incredible story to share, but for nanowrimo I’m letting spirit choose the stories. My goal is to have the foundations for a nonfiction book about healing.

For my previous WIP I went into an altered state and recorded myself speaking. I had no idea what I had said until I played the recording back. This time I’m writing about my healing work and asking spirit questions. I’ve Jesus, the prophet Mohammed, Ishmael, and Gegu working with me. I’m also having what I can only describe as a conversation with God experience happening, and it’s difficult to decipher whose asking or answering the questions.

This passage is as it happened, and is part of the answer to the question, how does Jesus heal? The text in Italics is Gegu’s conversation.

Is this process stored in DNA?

It’s everywhere.

I’m getting questions and answers at the same time, and I’m not sure if I’m asking the questions, or if the questions are given to me.

It doesn’t matter. Question and answer are the same, and if you can grasp this then you will discover Jesus’ gift. You do not heal like Jesus, you heal like you.

But the source is the same.


What is the source?


What’s in the light?

Nothing at all.

I’m thoughtful, my hand is squeezing the edge of the monitor, but I don’t remember placing it there, and it’s not a habitual movement.

Is it real?

I squeeze the monitor, and again, my response and question comes unbidden, ‘What does it feel like to you?’

My hand passes through it as if its not even there. We are made of the same substance.

Gegu means light, and this leads to me to think that illness and health are the same; which is almost correct. Gegu doesn’t mean to be misleading or frustrating, but at times we go around in circles.

Illness is the result of disharmony. All things evolve with harmony. Aging is only disharmony. You feel anger because your father was angry and his father before him. You, humans, anger too easily. If you throw rocks eventually you will be hit and the potential for anger is present. Don’t throw rocks.

There was a time when all races lived in peace and harmony. They moved with the seasons and took from the land only what they needed. They restored balance with respect and love. They lived with gratitude.

Even now, when it seems the earth’s population is too big to be sustained, the potential for balance exists. You consume too much and this causes you to be ill, while other people starve. Stop.

Healing is like tuning a guitar with an infinite number of strings. The disharmony is stored in consciousness, the state of being—still, at peace, silent, observing and observed, aware. We create what we observe, and if we’re not still and present, we observe what we perceive and not what is. The state of being is what is unseen because we see what has been seen before. (we/you)

Let’s apply this principle to healing. Every cell in the human body essentially is a library of information, pure unqualified knowledge. Let’s think about a genetic disease. If we can return to the moment the disharmony to the gene occurred and adjust the frequency, we will be able to eliminate the disease. Push one domino and all the rest will fall.

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  1. Very interesting ideas. Is this post separate from your NaNo novel? Or is this a sample snippet? I wanted to slow down and read each sentence deliberately, trying to absorb and understand. I think I need more, more explanation, elaboration or perhaps I need more quiet in my own head.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Thanks for visiting Helen. This is a snippet from the NaNo novel, and there is, and will be more elaboration from spirit.

  3. Keep writing. You've made great progress.

    Straight From Hel

  4. Wow. Fascinating blog and fascinating guy! Pleased to meet you, Simon.

    Thanks for saying hello over at GhostFolk and best of luck with your November novel.

    No trick to it, really. Just keep writing. When it's over and you look at what you have -- you'll have earned a master's degree in book-length fiction.

    No way to learn it but to do it, so you have to go it once.

  5. Amazing, Simon. I wish you well with your writing process. You have much wisdom and compassion to share.

  6. Hi Sandra. Thanks for the wish :)

  7. Very interesting, Simon. Best wishes to you ❣