Tuesday, 7 September 2010

It’s Our Thoughts and Intentions That Create

I thought I’d share an incident that highlights the connection between healer/reader and client. To accelerate healing or evolve a reading spirit needs the client to be interactive: think, act, and ultimately create.

I was a guest speaker at a spiritual church a few weeks ago, and the first thing I said to a gentleman in the audience was, “I feel like I have a wooden leg,” and I gestured to which leg and tapped my leg. The gesture and posture change happen when spirit is overlayed in my energy field.

Usually I’m not a name or number guy. I’ll get names that sound like: Ray, Kay, May, etc. It may be that the name I’m searching for is Mr/Miss Day. I’m comfortable and confident with the way that I receive the information, and as much as I’d like to get the names accurately and every time I don’t allow this trait to undermine my confidence.

I had no acknowledgement from the man that the wooden leg was important. I then said, “I’m on your father’s side, grandparent generation, I feel separated from the family, so this indicates to me I’m talking about an uncle or someone like an uncle.” No response. “I feel that this man lived through the Second World War, but didn’t lose his leg during the war.” No response. I then described his build and temperament, and the random images I was seeing. No response.

I know I’m right, but I’ve had no response, and it’s now I feel the connection with the spirit disengaging, and the other three spirits that had lined up to speak to the man disappeared. I finish speaking to the man and turn to someone else, and now he says, “My uncle Jock had a wooden leg.”

He hadn’t forgotten; he was waiting for me to say, “Jock.” He was testing me, and I’ve been in this situation before, and it messes up the reading. All he had to do was smile or tell me he had a relative with a wooden leg and the information would’ve flowed freely.

I know of a brilliant psychic medium who was set up by a sceptic and a journalist, and unwittingly she continued talking, but the information was inaccurate. The information doesn’t stop, it’s just skewed. This incident undermined the reader’s confidence and they considered retiring. Thankfully, because this reader is amazing, they did not.

The client has the power to influence a reading and a healing.

I don’t mind if you’re a sceptic, but be honest. It’s called a conversation, and before we speak we think, and it’s our thoughts and intentions that create.
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