Saturday, 4 September 2010

Soul Healing & Friends Questions

Today I’m answering the questions Hilary left on the video post Soul Healing and Friends. I apologise for taking so long to do so.

Do you always have one hand on your clients during your healings?

Most times I do, but at times I hold my hands away from the body. When I first started healing I held my hands above the body, until Jesus placed his hands on top of mine and pushed my hands against the client. If I lift one hand off I usually place the other hand on the client.

In part one I notice you look at the picture on the wall, and in part 2 you obviously turn to something in front of the picture. Was there something there?

Yes, Jesus was standing there, and he kept asking me to turn towards him.

Why do you bring your hand to your heart?

I’m not sure, but Jesus was also standing the same way. He overlays in my energy field and I tend to mimic his movements and emotions.

How do you know when to stop, or does it happen naturally, and does the patient control the healing time?

Spirit and the conscious soul control the healing. Working with Gary is unique and I don’t have the vision or conversations I have with other client’s energy fields. With Gary I’d say God is in control, and I’m not really a God person.

How do you know when Gary needs help? In part 2 your hand goes to his face.

I’m not aware of being told or prompted to move my hand. Everything I do is intuitive, and I surrender control to spirit and the vibration in the room.
Does the music play during the healing?

Yes, I usually have music playing when I’m healing. Gary always asks for music; he believes it helps him go into the altered state.

Were there three sessions?

No, one healing edited into three videos.

You both must be exhausted at the end of the process; what’s the remedy?

We’re not exhausted. Gary is peaceful and a little disorientated, and a drink of water usually sees him right. It’s rare for me to fatigue during a healing.

Does Gary remember what happened, who he’s seen, where he’s been, and where he’s travelled?

No, he has no idea.

Is he aware of the enormity of this?

No. He worries about what people will think, and he's overwhelmed by his experiences: he doesn’t know what to make of it. He has no religious or spiritual background, and I believe what we’re witnessing is an experience similar to Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God.

Sunset Lake Taupo New Zealand
Same evening over the other shoulder
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