Friday, 17 September 2010

A Place of Healing

The new healing room is finished, and today I was able to put up some posters, stack books on the shelfs, and arrange some polished stones and ornaments. It’s been an epic journey. Originally this room was supposed to be my bedroom with adjoining ensuite. I started the project in 2000 when I was still laying drains.

I spent the next five years in and out of court trying to save two daughters from an abusive mother. She had sexually abused both girls and it wasn’t until the girl’s half-brother, after he had touched children inappropriately at pre-school, was interviewed by JAB detectives and social workers from The Department of Child Services that the authorities believed me and my daughters. Every fortnight, for five years, after their weekend visit I returned my children to a monster.

This was the reason I stopped karate and closed my dojo, and I’m certain the stress contributed to my illness. I’m sure that I could fill five hundred pages with this saga, but I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. I will say this: the system in place to protect children, and the judiciary system in this country failed. The monster married a policeman and illegally gained access to supposedly closed files. The police, agents of Children Services, counsellors, teachers, psychiatrists, and family members ignored the obvious. No one was punished.

I’d not meant to visit this memory, but everything has a history, and nothing is ever as it seems. The space that was the headquarters for the longest battle is now a place of healing. The battle cost me my health, almost bankrupted us, and at the precipice of a new life my partner, the one person who had supported me, and I separated. My daughters now don’t speak to me, and I’m a weekend father again.

I have a new life, a purpose, and a dream, but I wonder what I’d see if I was on the healing table. Life is a mystery.

While blue tacking some angel prints on the wall I felt shivers running up my back, I smiled, and in my mind said, “I love you, all of you.” Spirit replied, “We love you too.” The voice was silky and as sexy as the one Sandra Bullock uses in my dreams. Love is the emotion you feel in the healing room, but it’s an emotion richer because of the life we have led.

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