Thursday, 26 May 2011

Some things I’ve been thinking about

I’ve been busy writing, revising The Disciple, and playing with a new WIP. This has kept me away from social media, which is a good thing because it can be a time waster.

Why are bananas so expensive? $12 - $16/kilo! Local supermarkets won’t buy local bananas because they’re too small! Australian companies import bananas, making the importer rich, frustrating shoppers and local growers. *I've just found out Australia doesn't import bananas. Sorry, importers. The big supermarkets won't take bananas from local growers, they still buy them from up North which was devastated by cyclone Yasi. Local growers have good quality bananas, let's support our local economy.

Why is petrol so expensive when the Australian dollar is strong? The government investigates oil companies every year for price fixing, and also collects millions in fuel tax! *Soon we'll be paying for petrol with bananas.

Another Aussie digger dies in Afghanistan. Why?

I wear my heart on my sleeve—I’d be a lousy poker player—and I talk about my life with friends, but from now, I’m going to be a bit more circumspect.

I’m grateful for M and family.
 I saw a tiger getting a blood test!

Rainbow lorikeet at home :)
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