Saturday, 5 June 2010


Scrappy Duck’s my step daughter and I’m grateful that she’s a part of my family. I’ve two teenage daughters who don’t speak to me, so Scrappy fills that void. She’s equal parts funny and drive-me-crazy.

Friday night is footy night (rugby league)—Simon, television, beer, legs up, do not disturb! No, it’s not quite that serious. I cook dinner, clean up, and relax.

Scrappy kisses me goodnight on the way to bed. Cool! Every other night she calls me in to turn her light off, and I kiss her goodnight then. It’s a close game. Go Tigers!

‘Beep.’ Bugger! Who would be txting me this late? I walk sideways to the phone, one eye on the game, and knock my knee on the dining table.

‘simon can you turn off my fan <3’

Did I mention drive-me-crazy?

Does anyone have any gunpowder?

Peace (thank you Helen)

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