Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Birthdays, Bindi Iriwin, and Crocodiles

It was my son’s birthday today, and we went to Australia Zoo for the day. In my opinion this is the best and the cleanest tourist attraction in Queensland. I love it! I’ve visited many times before and have enjoyed seeing the changes. This year we bought a season pass. Steve Irwin was a legend and my hero.

My son Jett (happy birthday) and daughter Lilly

Don't tell Maree I've put her photo online. Both of us always have a forced camera face!


There are cool animals to interact with throughout the park

Bindi about to feed a croc! The crocodile boys with her were alert

This was the best show I've seen. The crocodile was watching Wes, Steve's best mate and park manager, and the man beside Bindi. Terri and Robert are in the background with another crocodile handler; there were four handlers.

Terri feeding a rat to the croc. I missed the lunge out of the water. Wes had to feed him first to get him interested. The croc was interested in Wes.

I’m busy this week with appointments and writing, so my posts will be brief, but I’ve more photos to share. Have a good week. Talk soon, Simon.

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