Saturday, 18 December 2010

CWSS—Episode 4 & Evolving Beings Article

CWSS Episode 4—What can block or prevent energy healing from working? If you’d like to ask a question for this series of video posts you can visit this page on my website.

I also have a new article on Evolving Beings—We See You — Healing the World Through the Vibration of Love. I’d be grateful if you visited and commented 

Simon’s rambling’s:
December is always a quiet month for bookings, so I’m catching up on my chores at home, and spending time with my family over the holiday season. I’ve also been on twitter more than I normally would, but I’m having fun talking to everyone. I’ve set myself a small goal of writing 10k words of a new project over the Christmas break, so please send some writing juice my way.

I’ve never really kept to a posting schedule on my blog, and although I know it’s important to have a schedule I fit blogging in around my work and family. I’d like to interview some writers next year, so I’m hoping to have lots of variety to share. I find similarities between writing and healing, and I also love the community that writers online have created.

I’m editing videos of healings with Gary, C, and I’ll post them soon. C is another client who responds on the healing table the same way that Gary does. She is also, after three healings, an exceptional healer. The similarities between Gary and C are exciting.

I built an outdoor table! The wood is quila or merbau, from Papua New Guinea, and I’ve had it stored for six years. I used to help a family member who had an outdoor furniture factory, and I traded electrical work for the rough sawn slabs of quila.

Talk soon, Simon.
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