Monday 11 July 2011

Pie! Psychic, or Nosey Bastard?

Online friend and YA writer Lacey Boldyrev has an agent, which is exciting news for writers. You might remember Lacey from this interview — yep, she’s a keeper! If you have a spare sixty seconds, please follow the link and congratulate Lacey.

And, even though, “there’s a thousand pretty women waiting out there … and I’m just the devil with love to spare,” I baked pie! Congratulations Lacey!

Lacey tweeted a teaser about her then secret news two days before, which set my spider senses tingling. When I commented on her I have an agent post, she asked me if my psychic senses were tingling — did I know what her news was? Yes, instantly. Here are my top tips to improve your spider senses:
  • Relax, don’t try too hard, and don’t be a nosey bastard.
  • Everything is connected — Lacey and I share the same mind — and if you believe that without needing to know how, you’re half way there.
  • Exercise your mind, don’t be a lazy thinker, and pay attention to what you’re thinking about.
  • How do you record the world? I notice body language, eyes, movement, sounds, and scents around me. By knowing what’s happening in my world, I also know what’s happening in yours.
  • Every conversation in our mind is influenced by emotion, motive and intention. Learn what you’re feeling and why.
  • Improve the quality of your mind by learning about your mind. Meditate, not to silence the conversations in your mind, but to master them.
  • Every time we pose a question, the field of consciousness answers: Wow, Lacey has secret news! I’m excited for her — that’s what I’m thinking, no opposing subconscious thought — my emotion is genuine — no opposing subconscious emotion: I’m not jealous, I’m not disappointed I don’t have secret news, Lacey’s news hasn’t tweeked my insecurities — wow, what could Lacey’s news be? Lacey hears my question and, because my question is transparent and non-threatening, Lacey answer’s me, “I have an agent.”
  • Perception! Is a pig dog on a wild boar’s testicles! Let’s do this this way: I walk into a pub and perceive the group of bikers at the bar are aggressive bastards. I’ll see a threat because I believe one exists, and potentially two things will happen: I’ll get into a fight with one or all of the bikers, or I’ll miss that the weedy guy buying a keno ticket is the only person in the bar I should be worried about.
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Tuesday 5 July 2011

Spontaneous Distant Healing — a Client’s Experience

I’d like to thank Jen for allowing me to share this. This is common, and this also happens to some people at my events. Imagine if this healing vibration was present in a hospital. It is possible — all I’d need to do is to heal all the nurses, do a presentation about soul healing, and identify the gifted healers. I’d only need to find one natural healer and the vibration would transfer throughout the hospital.

"I am writing this testimonial for Simon as I have had the most amazing distance healing experience with him and it happened quite accidentally.

"It was one of those times that I had called out to the Universe for some much needed help, was just feeling so lost and unhappy and aching with it. Then suddenly I had stumbled upon Simon’s blog.  It was just what I had needed to read.  I felt so thankful that I wanted to find a way to say thank you.  I was feeling a bit shy though, so decided to say thank you to his photograph.

"I felt so much love and gratitude and there was a whoosh of energy and it was like Simon was right there with me and then I felt really hot, not sure if it was because I was slightly startled by the whoosh thing or it was healing energy. It was really strong, more like hands on healing than distance healing. I could really feel the love.  I think Simon was talking to me as the lips on the photo seemed to be moving.  I couldn't hear what was being said though, so sent Simon an e-mail sharing my trippy healing experience from looking at his photo. Seems this is quite a normal experience!  :)

"I have seen Simon in my dreamtime at least twice since then.  He is always smiling and Jesus is always standing to his right.  I have had CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) for about 12 years. In my dream I was shown the CFS as a pillow I was holding tight to my front. I was like a child, frightened, clutching tightly to the pillow. I don't remember much else except the love washing over me. The second time Simon and Jesus came, the pillow was still in my hand but it was dropped loose by my side and I was smiling at them and giggling. Not that I could hear what either of them was saying, but it was obviously making me giggle!

"I've been much brighter and feeling lifted. I was singing around the house yesterday.  I feel more self-confidence too.  I just feel happy and feel more loving towards myself. It's been a wonderfully healing experience for me and I can understand why he is called a soul healer as the healing feels deeply on a soul level.  I am so thankful that I found him and hope he comes to and tours in the UK soon! :)"

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