Saturday 26 December 2009

Chasing Turkey

I once climbed under an electric fence with a pair of scissors in my pocket and the angle of my arched back allowed the scissors to touch the wire. Now here’s the thing about electric fences, the closer you are to the mains unit the stronger the shock. The unit pulses: on, off, on off … The charge was strong enough to snap the steel blades and burn my rugby hardened butt cheek. The cheek survived and grew into a karate hardened butt cheek, but electric fences declared war on me.

There’s the night I ran down a turkey, ran out of daylight, got lost, almost got shot, and used the mains feed for the electric fences to pull myself out of the mangroves. I ended up flat on my back, lying unconscious in the mud. It’s now the dog deserts me and heads for home. I don’t blame him, I’m sure I screamed and frightened him before I was thrown into the air, and his silhouette had saved me from being shot. When I finally come to the cloud has cleared and I admire the stars, and check to see if I’m still holding onto the turkey.

Covered in mud and dragging the turkey by the neck I walked into the farm cottage at 2am. The Dutch share milker I was working for was on the phone talking to the property owner about organising a search. He was bare-arsed and R-rated, but I had the turkey, had survived rifle toting fishermen who had thought I was free steak, and was too tired to be embarrassed.

“I’m home Joe. I’m going to bed, and we’ll eat this tomorrow.”

Turkeys can fly from treetop to ground, high ground to hollow, but aren’t good flyers. I’m not sure how many kilometres I ran to catch this bird, but I didn’t give up. He glided, I ran downhill and up the other side. When I couldn’t see him I honed in on his raucous cry. I caught that gobbler and rung his neck.

I think the turkey gave up, and I fell on top of him and he died of fright, but I didn’t give up. I set a goal—turkey dinner—and despite the hot chilli simmering in my lungs and legs, and the road runner using all the good oxygen, I feasted on roast turkey. I was also able to sleep in and miss the 5am milking. This was the only milking I missed in eleven months.

Twenty seven years later I’m still running into electric fences and chasing turkeys. I set goals and sometimes fail or get burnt, but I don’t give up.

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have the courage and stamina to chase dreams, to love and forgive, and to honour and respect all people and life.

No matter what your roast has been this year, I hope you have shared it with family and friends.

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Friday 11 December 2009

Hang Ten - Surfing the Field

When I’m healing I’ve noticed that a wave-like force is present. Imagine squeezing a large balloon with both hands, in and out, and in time with the rise and fall of your chest. The in and out action of resistance and release is similar to the changing frequency in the room while I’m healing, and this creates an ebb and flow that rocks the healing table.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but clients can feel the table rocking lengthways and I can feel the movement against my thighs. I’m certain an electro magnetic field is created when I’m healing. Why it’s more noticeable with some clients and not others remains a mystery.

The healing frequency/vibration is engineered by the union of my energy field with the clients, and with the energy field of the earth. I suspect the movement is always there, but is so minute, or it travels too slowly to be detected.

The rocking is experienced differently by every client. Some clients feel that they’ve been picked up and cradled like a child; others say they’re being held by angels, suspended in giant wings, and float off the table. For others the rocking motion is felt across the table rather than long ways.

At times I kneel beside the table and in this position I can detect an audible noise, a slow motion woomp, woomp in time with the ebb and flow. The pressure hurts my ears and can make me feel sluggish and disorientated. I keep working because I have faith that I’m in the best position to facilitate the healing. Not all healings are comfortable for me. I can feel nauseous, faint, emotional (every emotion is amplified), and I’m glowing so much I feel like I’m about to combust.

I see the room and the healers working with me better when my eyes are closed. I can also see the client’s energy body moving. Healers in spirit massage and manipulate the energetic body and limbs. Most times the client’s body is twitching in time with the body work. Sometimes clients will tell me that I rolled them over or onto their sides, but they’re feeling their etheric body moving. Perhaps the conscious mind is now aware of the energetic body.

I see an infinite number of energy bodies when I’m working. I don’t limit my understanding to only a physical body, etheric body, astral body, mental/emotional body, and a higher consciousness body. Every healing I’m James Kirk, boldly going where no one has gone before. This way I don’t limit my potential or own the knowledge. As soon as you observe something, express an idea, you have changed it.

Don’t own the knowledge! I share what I experience with spirit, and I try to avoid the science of what is happening, and remain an observer and story teller. I interact with the energy body. The movements are graceful and without social restriction. The soul’s voice asks me for help, and a conversation is created. “I love you.” “I love you to.”

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Thursday 3 December 2009

Karma (?)

If I ask spirit about the universal law of karma, they reply, "Karma is not a bond that ties you to the past. It is free flowing, and cannot be contained within or by human thought. It is present as you are present. Every thought, attitude, action, and form, creates ripples within and without the universe."

The universe of consciousness?

"If you wish. If you had no language, no harmony of sense, there'd be nothing to consider, and we'd not be having this conversation, and karma would not be."

Be what?

"Whatever you wish it to be."

When spirit asked me to be a healer, they also asked me to be responsible for everything. Not only my life, every life, everything: the first lie and every lie after, every act of violence, every moment of fear ...

There is only one memory, and the vibrations of our past, the sins of our fathers, resonate within us all, in all life, and we repeat the patterns of the past. We have the tools and the opportunity to stop wars, heal illness, and restore a pristine environment, but we lack the will.

As we have created, we can re-create.

Oil is already an obsolete industry, we have the technologies for clean sustainable energy, but we are greedy. The toxins in our food, our homes, our media, are killing us, but still we continue. So the vibration of memory/life/our evolution is set at we wish to die, slowly, by poison, by greed, by war, by lack of will ...

A young child is walking on a side walk and a car careens into her and kills her. The child is innocent and lives with a peaceful beautiful family. Karma? I don't believe so, we are all responsible. We designed the automobile. A one tonne piece of steel, harder than flesh. We drive too fast, we drive drunk, we drive while texting, and we drive on the streets where our children play.

These are the things spirit talk to me about. One life six billion people. One mind six billion lives

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