Tuesday 28 September 2010

Healing Responses

If you’re considering booking an appointment with me, or participating in the 100 free healings offer, then I’d advise reading this article. I’ve attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but I’m constantly surprised by the responses my clients experience, and it’s likely that you might experience something I’ve not witnessed before. This list is in no particular order, and you might experience all, some, or none of these responses.

• Sleep state. It’s rare for clients not to relax enough to fall asleep. They’re often unaware of this until they wake. They describe hearing the music, but not being able to feel their body, and are surprised when I tell them they’ve been twitching and snoring.
• OBE (out of body experience). Not many clients record leaving their bodies, but often coming back is uncomfortable and you might feel nauseous, sluggish, disorientated, dizzy, fearful, cold, or flushed.
• Puff breathing. Every client who falls asleep breathes the same way. When they exhale their lips pop open and air is expelled in a rush. The duration and time between puffs varies, but everyone seems to do it.
• Crying. The majority of clients cry at some time during the healing. Some people cry silently, others sob uncontrollably. Often they don’t know why they’re crying, they just need to.
• Spasmodic twitching and movements. The most common is rapid eye movement and head shaking.
• Floating. It’s common for limbs to float off the table.
• An aroused sensual response. Men have gotten erections and women have orgasmed on the healing table. 90% of my clients are women and many of them experience a feeling similar to arousal in varying degrees.
• You may believe that you’ve been rolled over, but you haven’t actually moved.
• Loss of feeling. It may feel like you’re floating above the table, or on water. You’re aware, but you can’t feel anything.
• Heightened senses and sensitivity (this is one of the reasons for the sensual response). Sense of smell and hearing is amplified and even though your eyes might be closed you will still see the room.
• Pain. This is a strange one, but occasionally clients experience pain. I think the main reason is because of nervousness or fear, but I also believe it’s an unconscious desire for physical proof something is happening and the body field creates evidence. Residue emotion—anger, frustration, fear, guilt, hatred, self-loathing—in the energy field can cause physical pain when it’s shifting. Assisted by spirit, the intelligence of the body field self-manipulates muscles and joints, and sometimes minor pain is experienced.
• Communication and interaction with spirit. I’ve seen client’s hands floating in the air holding onto a parent’s or grandparent’s hand. Mothers who have lost a child will feel them in their arms or womb. Clients frequently tell me that they’ve seen and talked to family in spirit, angels, guides, and Jesus. It’s common to feel spirits hands on you. Sometimes I step away from the table and clients will still feel hands resting on them.
• A slideshow of images of moments in this life and past lives are often seen by clients. This usually accompanies the rapid eye movements.
• Gurgling, popping, and movement through the body. Often the sounds, similar to digestive sounds, follow the movements of my hand.
• A full bladder.
• Involuntary gasping or screaming.
• All emotions.
• Relive and act out moments in your life.
• A youthful appearance.
• Changes in eye colour.
• A depressed response. I’ve noticed about one in fifteen clients will feel depressed and vulnerable after a healing. This usually sets in six to twelve hours after the healing. If this happens I’ll need to see you again or give you a distant healing as soon as possible. By neutralising the reactive frequencies in your field you no longer feel like yourself. This shift in identity and how you now interact energetically with the world overwhelms some people. In every instance the second healing fixes this feeling.
Gary’s response.

There are many more subtle and unique responses, but these are the most common. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

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Saturday 25 September 2010

I’m a Guest on Positive Provocations: Self-Healing

I’m excited to be a guest on Zeenat Merchant-Syal’s blog Positive Provocations.

Zeenat’s aim in life (taken from her website) is: “To ease human suffering through love and Positivity.” I want to be remembered as a person who shed light and made a positive impact on the lives of others. She also holds degrees in Counselling and Motivational Psychology, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine. Zeenat’s an interesting person and I encourage you to read her bio when you visit.

Self-Healing—The Bravest Moment

Life is beautiful and uncomplicated, and when we’re relaxed and happy everything flows in peaceful synchronicity; and this is the secret to self-healing. Life is an evolving field of creating signals, and every thought, action, event, and moment influences the field. We are the creating force. If you can believe that then it’s possible to create change.
Continue reading here.

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Thursday 23 September 2010

The Healing Room Journey

I found some photos of what the healing room used to look like. To see the room finished visit this post. I had help to pour the concrete, but I prepped the slab and did all the other work myself: building, plumbing, wiring, gyp-rocking, and painting. A friend helped with the plastering.

Its school holidays here and I have my kids, so I’m enjoying family time and catching up on chores. I’ll write a meaty post about responses to healing soon.

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Friday 17 September 2010

A Place of Healing

The new healing room is finished, and today I was able to put up some posters, stack books on the shelfs, and arrange some polished stones and ornaments. It’s been an epic journey. Originally this room was supposed to be my bedroom with adjoining ensuite. I started the project in 2000 when I was still laying drains.

I spent the next five years in and out of court trying to save two daughters from an abusive mother. She had sexually abused both girls and it wasn’t until the girl’s half-brother, after he had touched children inappropriately at pre-school, was interviewed by JAB detectives and social workers from The Department of Child Services that the authorities believed me and my daughters. Every fortnight, for five years, after their weekend visit I returned my children to a monster.

This was the reason I stopped karate and closed my dojo, and I’m certain the stress contributed to my illness. I’m sure that I could fill five hundred pages with this saga, but I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. I will say this: the system in place to protect children, and the judiciary system in this country failed. The monster married a policeman and illegally gained access to supposedly closed files. The police, agents of Children Services, counsellors, teachers, psychiatrists, and family members ignored the obvious. No one was punished.

I’d not meant to visit this memory, but everything has a history, and nothing is ever as it seems. The space that was the headquarters for the longest battle is now a place of healing. The battle cost me my health, almost bankrupted us, and at the precipice of a new life my partner, the one person who had supported me, and I separated. My daughters now don’t speak to me, and I’m a weekend father again.

I have a new life, a purpose, and a dream, but I wonder what I’d see if I was on the healing table. Life is a mystery.

While blue tacking some angel prints on the wall I felt shivers running up my back, I smiled, and in my mind said, “I love you, all of you.” Spirit replied, “We love you too.” The voice was silky and as sexy as the one Sandra Bullock uses in my dreams. Love is the emotion you feel in the healing room, but it’s an emotion richer because of the life we have led.

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Tuesday 7 September 2010

It’s Our Thoughts and Intentions That Create

I thought I’d share an incident that highlights the connection between healer/reader and client. To accelerate healing or evolve a reading spirit needs the client to be interactive: think, act, and ultimately create.

I was a guest speaker at a spiritual church a few weeks ago, and the first thing I said to a gentleman in the audience was, “I feel like I have a wooden leg,” and I gestured to which leg and tapped my leg. The gesture and posture change happen when spirit is overlayed in my energy field.

Usually I’m not a name or number guy. I’ll get names that sound like: Ray, Kay, May, etc. It may be that the name I’m searching for is Mr/Miss Day. I’m comfortable and confident with the way that I receive the information, and as much as I’d like to get the names accurately and every time I don’t allow this trait to undermine my confidence.

I had no acknowledgement from the man that the wooden leg was important. I then said, “I’m on your father’s side, grandparent generation, I feel separated from the family, so this indicates to me I’m talking about an uncle or someone like an uncle.” No response. “I feel that this man lived through the Second World War, but didn’t lose his leg during the war.” No response. I then described his build and temperament, and the random images I was seeing. No response.

I know I’m right, but I’ve had no response, and it’s now I feel the connection with the spirit disengaging, and the other three spirits that had lined up to speak to the man disappeared. I finish speaking to the man and turn to someone else, and now he says, “My uncle Jock had a wooden leg.”

He hadn’t forgotten; he was waiting for me to say, “Jock.” He was testing me, and I’ve been in this situation before, and it messes up the reading. All he had to do was smile or tell me he had a relative with a wooden leg and the information would’ve flowed freely.

I know of a brilliant psychic medium who was set up by a sceptic and a journalist, and unwittingly she continued talking, but the information was inaccurate. The information doesn’t stop, it’s just skewed. This incident undermined the reader’s confidence and they considered retiring. Thankfully, because this reader is amazing, they did not.

The client has the power to influence a reading and a healing.

I don’t mind if you’re a sceptic, but be honest. It’s called a conversation, and before we speak we think, and it’s our thoughts and intentions that create.
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Saturday 4 September 2010

Soul Healing & Friends Questions

Today I’m answering the questions Hilary left on the video post Soul Healing and Friends. I apologise for taking so long to do so.

Do you always have one hand on your clients during your healings?

Most times I do, but at times I hold my hands away from the body. When I first started healing I held my hands above the body, until Jesus placed his hands on top of mine and pushed my hands against the client. If I lift one hand off I usually place the other hand on the client.

In part one I notice you look at the picture on the wall, and in part 2 you obviously turn to something in front of the picture. Was there something there?

Yes, Jesus was standing there, and he kept asking me to turn towards him.

Why do you bring your hand to your heart?

I’m not sure, but Jesus was also standing the same way. He overlays in my energy field and I tend to mimic his movements and emotions.

How do you know when to stop, or does it happen naturally, and does the patient control the healing time?

Spirit and the conscious soul control the healing. Working with Gary is unique and I don’t have the vision or conversations I have with other client’s energy fields. With Gary I’d say God is in control, and I’m not really a God person.

How do you know when Gary needs help? In part 2 your hand goes to his face.

I’m not aware of being told or prompted to move my hand. Everything I do is intuitive, and I surrender control to spirit and the vibration in the room.
Does the music play during the healing?

Yes, I usually have music playing when I’m healing. Gary always asks for music; he believes it helps him go into the altered state.

Were there three sessions?

No, one healing edited into three videos.

You both must be exhausted at the end of the process; what’s the remedy?

We’re not exhausted. Gary is peaceful and a little disorientated, and a drink of water usually sees him right. It’s rare for me to fatigue during a healing.

Does Gary remember what happened, who he’s seen, where he’s been, and where he’s travelled?

No, he has no idea.

Is he aware of the enormity of this?

No. He worries about what people will think, and he's overwhelmed by his experiences: he doesn’t know what to make of it. He has no religious or spiritual background, and I believe what we’re witnessing is an experience similar to Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God.

Sunset Lake Taupo New Zealand
Same evening over the other shoulder
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