Saturday 26 December 2009

Chasing Turkey

I once climbed under an electric fence with a pair of scissors in my pocket and the angle of my arched back allowed the scissors to touch the wire. Now here’s the thing about electric fences, the closer you are to the mains unit the stronger the shock. The unit pulses: on, off, on off … The charge was strong enough to snap the steel blades and burn my rugby hardened butt cheek. The cheek survived and grew into a karate hardened butt cheek, but electric fences declared war on me.

There’s the night I ran down a turkey, ran out of daylight, got lost, almost got shot, and used the mains feed for the electric fences to pull myself out of the mangroves. I ended up flat on my back, lying unconscious in the mud. It’s now the dog deserts me and heads for home. I don’t blame him, I’m sure I screamed and frightened him before I was thrown into the air, and his silhouette had saved me from being shot. When I finally come to the cloud has cleared and I admire the stars, and check to see if I’m still holding onto the turkey.

Covered in mud and dragging the turkey by the neck I walked into the farm cottage at 2am. The Dutch share milker I was working for was on the phone talking to the property owner about organising a search. He was bare-arsed and R-rated, but I had the turkey, had survived rifle toting fishermen who had thought I was free steak, and was too tired to be embarrassed.

“I’m home Joe. I’m going to bed, and we’ll eat this tomorrow.”

Turkeys can fly from treetop to ground, high ground to hollow, but aren’t good flyers. I’m not sure how many kilometres I ran to catch this bird, but I didn’t give up. He glided, I ran downhill and up the other side. When I couldn’t see him I honed in on his raucous cry. I caught that gobbler and rung his neck.

I think the turkey gave up, and I fell on top of him and he died of fright, but I didn’t give up. I set a goal—turkey dinner—and despite the hot chilli simmering in my lungs and legs, and the road runner using all the good oxygen, I feasted on roast turkey. I was also able to sleep in and miss the 5am milking. This was the only milking I missed in eleven months.

Twenty seven years later I’m still running into electric fences and chasing turkeys. I set goals and sometimes fail or get burnt, but I don’t give up.

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have the courage and stamina to chase dreams, to love and forgive, and to honour and respect all people and life.

No matter what your roast has been this year, I hope you have shared it with family and friends.

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Friday 11 December 2009

Hang Ten - Surfing the Field

When I’m healing I’ve noticed that a wave-like force is present. Imagine squeezing a large balloon with both hands, in and out, and in time with the rise and fall of your chest. The in and out action of resistance and release is similar to the changing frequency in the room while I’m healing, and this creates an ebb and flow that rocks the healing table.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but clients can feel the table rocking lengthways and I can feel the movement against my thighs. I’m certain an electro magnetic field is created when I’m healing. Why it’s more noticeable with some clients and not others remains a mystery.

The healing frequency/vibration is engineered by the union of my energy field with the clients, and with the energy field of the earth. I suspect the movement is always there, but is so minute, or it travels too slowly to be detected.

The rocking is experienced differently by every client. Some clients feel that they’ve been picked up and cradled like a child; others say they’re being held by angels, suspended in giant wings, and float off the table. For others the rocking motion is felt across the table rather than long ways.

At times I kneel beside the table and in this position I can detect an audible noise, a slow motion woomp, woomp in time with the ebb and flow. The pressure hurts my ears and can make me feel sluggish and disorientated. I keep working because I have faith that I’m in the best position to facilitate the healing. Not all healings are comfortable for me. I can feel nauseous, faint, emotional (every emotion is amplified), and I’m glowing so much I feel like I’m about to combust.

I see the room and the healers working with me better when my eyes are closed. I can also see the client’s energy body moving. Healers in spirit massage and manipulate the energetic body and limbs. Most times the client’s body is twitching in time with the body work. Sometimes clients will tell me that I rolled them over or onto their sides, but they’re feeling their etheric body moving. Perhaps the conscious mind is now aware of the energetic body.

I see an infinite number of energy bodies when I’m working. I don’t limit my understanding to only a physical body, etheric body, astral body, mental/emotional body, and a higher consciousness body. Every healing I’m James Kirk, boldly going where no one has gone before. This way I don’t limit my potential or own the knowledge. As soon as you observe something, express an idea, you have changed it.

Don’t own the knowledge! I share what I experience with spirit, and I try to avoid the science of what is happening, and remain an observer and story teller. I interact with the energy body. The movements are graceful and without social restriction. The soul’s voice asks me for help, and a conversation is created. “I love you.” “I love you to.”

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Thursday 3 December 2009

Karma (?)

If I ask spirit about the universal law of karma, they reply, "Karma is not a bond that ties you to the past. It is free flowing, and cannot be contained within or by human thought. It is present as you are present. Every thought, attitude, action, and form, creates ripples within and without the universe."

The universe of consciousness?

"If you wish. If you had no language, no harmony of sense, there'd be nothing to consider, and we'd not be having this conversation, and karma would not be."

Be what?

"Whatever you wish it to be."

When spirit asked me to be a healer, they also asked me to be responsible for everything. Not only my life, every life, everything: the first lie and every lie after, every act of violence, every moment of fear ...

There is only one memory, and the vibrations of our past, the sins of our fathers, resonate within us all, in all life, and we repeat the patterns of the past. We have the tools and the opportunity to stop wars, heal illness, and restore a pristine environment, but we lack the will.

As we have created, we can re-create.

Oil is already an obsolete industry, we have the technologies for clean sustainable energy, but we are greedy. The toxins in our food, our homes, our media, are killing us, but still we continue. So the vibration of memory/life/our evolution is set at we wish to die, slowly, by poison, by greed, by war, by lack of will ...

A young child is walking on a side walk and a car careens into her and kills her. The child is innocent and lives with a peaceful beautiful family. Karma? I don't believe so, we are all responsible. We designed the automobile. A one tonne piece of steel, harder than flesh. We drive too fast, we drive drunk, we drive while texting, and we drive on the streets where our children play.

These are the things spirit talk to me about. One life six billion people. One mind six billion lives

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Thursday 26 November 2009


I’m asked all the time to run workshops on how to heal: how do you do it, and what exactly do you do? The easy answer is that I change habit. I know, I’ve used the word habit in previous posts, but this is the easiest way to grasp exactly what the healing accomplishes.

Every thought, emotion, attitude, and action has a unique frequency/vibration. If my great grandfather was an alcoholic, it’s likely my grandfather, father, and me, will be alcoholics. If my father died before I was born, it’s still possible for me to be an alcoholic, or attract a partner who is an alcoholic.

The frequency is in our genes/the collective energy field, it is reactive, and if by chance we avoid becoming an alcoholic, we might experience another addictive behaviour, or be the victim of an addictive behaviour. With my work I see, within consciousness (include the body), subtle layers/pathways/life-systems of energy.

I change the frequency to perfect health. The complete subtle energy field of your person/life has a memory and some people will fall off the wagon. Clients become the doorway to heal everybody in spirit, generations of lifetimes, and the immediate family and friends.

I’ve known this for some time and I’ve been shown some tragic examples of this in the last few weeks.

A young woman died in a car accident. The driver of the other vehicle committed suicide by driving into her car. He had tried to ram another vehicle minutes before. The woman’s partner had friends and family who had also died in car crashes and suicided, and now his wife, not related, had died the same way. The husband’s frequency is vibrating at, loss by car crash and suicide.

Here’s another one. I’m working with a man who has a brain tumour, he is dying. His father died from a brain tumour, and his first wife died thirty years ago from a brain tumour. The man was still a boy when his father died. He married a woman who died from the same illness and left behind a two and four year old.

Coincidence? Maybe, but I hear similar stories from my clients all the time.

Here’s another example without the tragedy. A TV game show has run a second chance show this week. Previous contestants who had left the show without a major win have been invited back to try again. The top prize is 200k and contestants consistently win tens of thousands of dollars. Every contestant this week has won low again, or at the final decision has chosen correctly to avoid the same winning amount they had the last time.

In this example, the fear of failure or the fear of winning only $10 again will cause you to pick the case with $10 dollars in it.

How can we avoid this pattern? Hope, intent, will, faith … (fill the space), the absence of fear.

Here’s a story that might shed some light on this theory/discovery. For generations every woman in this family miscarry their baby’s or the baby’s are born with a disability. The illness is not important, the story is true. Doctors believe they have found out why and do extensive tests on one generation. There is hope, a gene has been indentified that might be causing this occurrence. The next generation have healthy babies without intervention. In the next generation the gene shows up in one mother, but she has two children regardless. Both children have the disability.

Think about what this means energetically. With hope and no medical intervention the gene disappears. It emerges again, but this the risk is ignored. Energetically this is a disaster. The family is enormous and, with new relationships, new genes are introduced, and yet the reactive spark of the frequency that heralds disability remains.

I liken this to muscle memory that athletes have. In this scenario the athlete is the family and he/she has retired, but the memory remains. The response on the healing table is a window of opportunity to change your life.

The disappearance of the gene is a window of opportunity. The reactive spark lingers and the family is tested. The gene/frequency is now vibrating at, I will not go away and this family welcomes illness. Is that all a little melodramatic? Maybe, but spirit is encouraging me to continue.

Every week I see cases of this and then little miracles happen while healing. Last week a lady’s neck realigned on the table without any contact. She smiled and described the crack, crack, crack she had experienced. I had one hand on her navel and the other on her leg, and was busy giving her a mediumship reading at the time.

My frequency at the time was tuned to, spirit-is-here-lets-get-the-job-done-FM. I’m vibrating at I love you, let go, give me your pain, you’re beautiful, and perfect health. Her soul was saying, “run the hot tub and cleanse my body, and don’t skimp on the love-me-good.” But her life was saying, “I’m lonely, betrayed, I feel old, worn out, and I don’t like myself. I don’t think I ever did.”

Consciousness/God/universe/life is talking to us all the time. “Be happy, you’re an angel, I love you.”

Do you know how I heal? I listen. Faith, hope, will, love …

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Friday 6 November 2009

The Unplanned Novel

My healing work is all about having faith, not in the process of healing, but in myself. On reflection this hasn’t been as easy as I might portray. My personal life has at times been destructive, and being in love is synonymous with swimming naked with blue bottle jelly fish. And once you’ve worn a blue bottle for jocks trusting your judgement is taxing.

In my spare time I write essays and short stories about living and working with spirit. My computer’s desktop has three or four unfinished word docs at any given time. Most of what I write I delete, not always because I’m unhappy with it. The craft of writing is like throwing darts, the more I throw enables me to hit the target, time and time again.

If I live by any golden rule it’s this: today I can only be the best that I can be, tomorrow I will be better for trying.

I’m attempting nanowrimo this year, and like the first time I had sex I’m pretending I know what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter if the novel will want to see me tomorrow, or by the end of November she’s dating the recycle bin, because for thirty days, time together was all that mattered. If we’re both lucky come the end of summer she’ll be farting in front of me and wearing my shirts.

I can’t promise to start another novel, and if I do I won’t ask to still be friends, I’ll set you free. When our song plays I’ll remember our first time, and the fumbling embarrassed way I backed you up onto the external drive. Thank you for not laughing and being patient.

Every time I work with spirit I’ve an incredible story to share, but for nanowrimo I’m letting spirit choose the stories. My goal is to have the foundations for a nonfiction book about healing.

For my previous WIP I went into an altered state and recorded myself speaking. I had no idea what I had said until I played the recording back. This time I’m writing about my healing work and asking spirit questions. I’ve Jesus, the prophet Mohammed, Ishmael, and Gegu working with me. I’m also having what I can only describe as a conversation with God experience happening, and it’s difficult to decipher whose asking or answering the questions.

This passage is as it happened, and is part of the answer to the question, how does Jesus heal? The text in Italics is Gegu’s conversation.

Is this process stored in DNA?

It’s everywhere.

I’m getting questions and answers at the same time, and I’m not sure if I’m asking the questions, or if the questions are given to me.

It doesn’t matter. Question and answer are the same, and if you can grasp this then you will discover Jesus’ gift. You do not heal like Jesus, you heal like you.

But the source is the same.


What is the source?


What’s in the light?

Nothing at all.

I’m thoughtful, my hand is squeezing the edge of the monitor, but I don’t remember placing it there, and it’s not a habitual movement.

Is it real?

I squeeze the monitor, and again, my response and question comes unbidden, ‘What does it feel like to you?’

My hand passes through it as if its not even there. We are made of the same substance.

Gegu means light, and this leads to me to think that illness and health are the same; which is almost correct. Gegu doesn’t mean to be misleading or frustrating, but at times we go around in circles.

Illness is the result of disharmony. All things evolve with harmony. Aging is only disharmony. You feel anger because your father was angry and his father before him. You, humans, anger too easily. If you throw rocks eventually you will be hit and the potential for anger is present. Don’t throw rocks.

There was a time when all races lived in peace and harmony. They moved with the seasons and took from the land only what they needed. They restored balance with respect and love. They lived with gratitude.

Even now, when it seems the earth’s population is too big to be sustained, the potential for balance exists. You consume too much and this causes you to be ill, while other people starve. Stop.

Healing is like tuning a guitar with an infinite number of strings. The disharmony is stored in consciousness, the state of being—still, at peace, silent, observing and observed, aware. We create what we observe, and if we’re not still and present, we observe what we perceive and not what is. The state of being is what is unseen because we see what has been seen before. (we/you)

Let’s apply this principle to healing. Every cell in the human body essentially is a library of information, pure unqualified knowledge. Let’s think about a genetic disease. If we can return to the moment the disharmony to the gene occurred and adjust the frequency, we will be able to eliminate the disease. Push one domino and all the rest will fall.

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Sunday 18 October 2009

Meditating to connect with spirit

The best advice I can give anyone who wishes to develop psychic ability, work as a medium, or become a healer is to meditate. Not once a week, dependent on a group, but as much as you can. Meditate in the shower, sitting on the toilet, mowing the lawns, during any repetitive activity that doesn’t require you to think about what you’re doing. Don’t do it when your wife is talking to you; pay  attention! Even if one eye is on the footy game, touch her on the way past, and always notice when she has had her hair done. Boys, this will help you to mediate. Girls, just ignore him, you can already multi task.

Hang on! Can we meditate on the move? Yes you can. We’re not meditating to become the Dalai Lama; we want to connect with spirit. Here’s a response I left on the blog. Although the question was about self inquiry and Deepak Chopra's focus on meditative techniques, the principle is the same.

My angelic guide is a Buddhist monk, his name is Gegu, and he has taught me how to meditate. He calls the chatter in our mind, our questioning mind, and his teachings will have me on 'the path of no path'. He says to first believe two things can happen at the same time in perfect harmony. The proof of this is the harmony of the trillions of things that happen in our bodies at the same time. We breathe without conscious thought, our hearts beat, and our questioning mind does not interfere with these processes. So, stillness and chatter coexist in perfect harmony. Surely this is enlightenment? If ego also coexists, and it must, then ego is also an enlightened state. If we start here, then meditation is easy and mindful.

Enlightenment is also found in an act of rage because it coexists with 'the path of no path'. Everything I'm writing now is coming from Gegu. The difference between you, the reader, and me, the writer, is only we're individually the sum of our separate life experiences and evolved personalities.

Too much emphasis is given towards the overcoming of ego. If we claim to have reached an enlightened or mindful state, is there not ego in this statement? I am there, you are not.

If our intent is to find stillness then the questioning mind will quieten and our focus will shift to the stillness, but remember, stillness is always present, only our awareness shifts. Be aware though, our mind is awareness, the translator, the means to understand and record the stillness. Without it there is no record of the moment. The moment exists, but not recorded by a mind.

Our mind is the mobile phone spirit is going to call us on. If we turn the phone off we won’t be able to record or understand what spirit is saying or teaching. You will find spirit in the silence, but it’s at a collective consciousness level. You will experience bliss, floating out of body, but you will have no recall.

Before you try to meditate while driving the kids to school, first sit quietly. No special position, just make sure you’re comfortable. I like low light because I see the images clearer when my eyes are closed. Don’t worry about what your mind is doing. Let your thoughts wander, relax your hands and jaw, it makes a difference, and have no expectation about what you will experience.

Any form of prayer or ritual that is protection themed, is also fear based and unnecessary. Trust me on this. Too many spiritual guides/teachers are limiting their student’s experiences by enforcing this principle.

Your guides and spirit already know what you want, but it will help relax you if you ask (not out loud). Breathe in, “I’d like to talk to my guide,” breathe out, “I love this.” Any variation of this, or silence, will bring a result. Remember, meditate every day.

Let any images you see flow, don’t try to interpret what you’re seeing. A common pattern of images is: colours, symbols, some people see animated scenes, fantasy creatures, religious icons, hands, faces, and then full figures and landscapes. This is a guide only and everyone will have a different experience.

The best advice I can give you is, at first don’t attach meaning to anything you see or experience. Spirit is trying to teach you a new language and just because red means something to someone else, don’t assume it means the same thing for you. If you see a pyramid, don’t immediately think it’s from a past life. If you see calligraphy, it doesn’t mean you have to try and interpret it, and if you hear a foreign language, ask for it in English, or a language you understand. You will know when the images you see are real. You will have no doubt.

Observe, but don’t become involved. Wait until all the static is gone. Don’t let anybody tell you what to do, not even me. This is a guide only. I’m only the master of my own experience, and there are no rules when working with spirit, but these, faith and trust.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them for you. Good luck, Simon.

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That Crazy Thing Called Love

If you come to me for healing, sometime during the session, I'll tell you that I love you. Most people assume I mean in a spiritual way, or that I’m channelling a higher consciousness, a divine healing love, and, because I’m eccentric and sensitive, I’ve expressed out loud my love for the power of healing.

"Surely he doesn’t mean he loves me?" Yes I do. Often people say to me that I can heal because I come from a place of love, I have a higher vibration, or I must be enlightened enough to be a channel for unconditional love. Well, how do they know, a what, and do you want to have a beer with me?

I don’t believe I’m a channel for unconditional love. Unconditional love is our greatest potential and is the sibling of perfect health, harmony, and peace. A place of love? Is that a holy place, a moment of connection with God consciousness, a soup of calm utopian emotions, or a peaceful state of mindfulness? Maybe all or none of those descriptions, and if I have a higher vibration, by suggestion you must have a low vibration. "I’m sorry, this is a high vibration bar only; you can drink in the public bar." Now that’s not right.

I’m not unique, but my vibration or frequency is my own. Every letter I’m typing, motion, thought, and the squillion (is that a real number?) things that happen in our bodies at the same time all have a unique vibrational frequency. We’re all in the infinite pool of something. If God is everything, aren’t we by definition God? Gods! Ooops, there goes my credibility. "He thinks he’s a God."

My healing gift is not measured against or controlled by my moods, my diet, or my love for rugby and all things Australian—it simply is. The choices in my life are only choices, often made because of generational, social, and cultural habit. The frequency of habit is in my genes, my cellular energy, and my consciousness: divine, common, observed, ignored, its disharmony or symphony permeates my life.

Do I love everybody? I have to admit I have a little trouble with this outside the healing room, but this feeling is something spirit has encouraged me to express when I’m healing. I’m sincere, I love you. I see how beautiful you are when you cannot. I see perfect health.

Why do we always separate something spiritual from the physical? All parts of life reincarnate and remain constant. Our bodies reincarnate into the earth's environment as easily as the returning of our souls. If there’s only one soul, one spirit, one consciousness, one divine; then reincarnation is only vocabulary used to describe something that is constant.

An important part of the process of healing is my ability to love you. I can only feel that way because that feeling is in you. We’re living different parts of the one life; exciting, unparalleled, extraordinary, and tantalisingly similar parts of the one life.

My whole body hums with love for you. No, not in a creepy I’m going to stalk you way, but in a, maybe this is how we’re supposed to live way. We share anger as powerfully as we share love, and this indefinable God is found equally in both emotions.

I see spirit, angels, and things my imagination and love of Dean Koontz novels couldn’t possibly create, so its hard for me to believe they’re not real, but reality is perception, and as intricate and as varied as describing the infinite pool.

I’ll share this though; all the angels and spirits who frequent my healing room look at us with unforeseen awe and respect, and they tell me we are the angels. We are the lucky ones. By definition angels and miracles are, well, angelic and miraculous, but we have this around the wrong way.

I love you, because I can. It’s what makes us angels.

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Thursday 1 January 2009

Playing with Background

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