Thursday 21 February 2019

Be fabulously well and continue your amazing work!

Toula asked that I heal multiple issues. We spoke for approx. 30 minutes via FaceTime and then I asked Toula to lie down and relax for 30 minutes while I meditated and did the healing.
Her experience is common, but she describes more detail about the colours she saw than other clients have. I’m curious about why she believes the cobalt blue clolour she saw was indicative of her thyroid, but I also trust her description and understanding of the healing experience.
During healings, I’m working in partnership with spirit (all spirit, life, time, soul), spirit healers, the client’s mind, body and spirit. I respect what client’s share and believe.
Thank you, Toula, for allowing me to share your experience. For full disclosure, I lightly edited Toula’s emails.
Hi Simon,

Just wanted to let you know what I experienced after I finished talking to you yesterday. 
I laid down on my bed, shut my eyes and immediately relaxed. The first thing I felt was a difference in my feet. They felt light and cramp free. My stomach gurgled a fair bit and in my lower tummy I felt things move. The whole area was warm and I felt like there was a heaviness weighing me down. I had my hands on my tummy and could still feel my lower back niggling at me. Later I felt hot around my throat area and I was very conscious of my breathing. By this time I had moved my hands and placed them over my eyes.  
This was extraordinary because generally I have not been able to see colours, except black, when I close my eyes. However, as I had the palms of my hands over my eyes, the brightness was so bright that I had to take my hands away because the brightness was blinding. I then put them back over my eyes and I saw a cobalt blue colour fill my view. Again, I took my hands away and then placed them onto my eyes. I saw a clear geometric picture in black and white: moving and reconnecting black geometric lines on a white background. It was like it was sweeping through and cleansing. This happened several times when I removed my hands and then placed them back over my eyes. Each time I saw something different and the colours changed. One that comes to mind was the string of bubbles that kept replenishing but falling; if that make sense. I made the connection that each of the different visions related to different parts of my body. I felt I was being shown what was happening and the repair-work taking place. 
I opened my eyes at 3.50 pm South Australian time. I got up and started to move. My feet felt normal, my lower back was still niggling, but as the evening progressed my lower back felt different. Not so stressed and painful. I have been able to move more freely today. My stomach calmed down too. And I wonder if you reset my thyroid gland as the cobalt blue represented the throat area. My head feels clear today.
I’ve had a reasonably good day today and I am grateful to you for all that you do!
Be well and keep smiling.

Cheers, Toula

This was Toula’s response after I asked if I could share her email.

Hi Simon,

Yes you can share my experience online if you like. I have thought of you over the last couple of days and asked you and Spirit to help heal me. And each time my lower back has improved. So I am very grateful to you and Spirit. I will definitely let you know of any further improvements. 
Be fabulously well and continue your amazing work.

Love, Toula

Love back, Simon and spirit team

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