Thursday 28 April 2016

Can’t do up your bra strap? Energy healing can help with that

I’m grateful to have received this testimonial from Katrina. The seated healing was done after Katrina and husband, my PA, Tracey and I had eaten dinner together. I’ve done many successful healings in relaxed social situations. The relaxed environment and the unexpectedness of being offered a healing contribute to the result.
During Katrina’s first session we had concentrated on messages and information from spirit. Katrina is interested in her genealogy and was excited to hear from many generations of spirit.
Clients influence the outcome and flow of healings and readings. In some sessions spirit and I can negate any restrictive influences, but not always. It’s important for clients to relax and respond honestly and positively during sessions.
A limiting factor to some healings is that clients want a reading as well as a healing. The frequencies of, I want, and I want more, are restrictive.
During the healing I saw anatomical and cellular images: muscle fibers, the fibrils that compose fibers, tendons, the bones in neck and shoulder, bone marrow, fascia, and nerve fibers. I felt popping under my hands and heard crunching stretching sounds. I watched tiny crystals break up and flow down tubules. As I have no medical training, I don’t understand most of what I see.
I felt like I was rocking side to side and backwards and forwards, but I was probably still. I rock when experiencing vibratory changes. The movement is caused by a rhythmic magnetic—it feels magnetic—pulse.  

Nearly two years ago, I somehow injured my left shoulder. I’m not sure what I did, but basically the joint had frozen. This meant that day to day tasks such as dressing, doing my hair, carrying groceries, getting dressed, even doing up my bra was an impossible task. I lay awake at night with pain, quite often in tears and for the last eight months, along with mild sedatives to help me sleep, I’ve take pain relief during the night.
I’m sure my husband was sick of hearing me complain! We used to rock and roll dance, but my shoulder pain meant that I could not do any moves and any sudden jarring to my shoulder was hell. I even had to give up golf and I had bought new clubs.
I must mention that I had also had a hyper dilatation done at the local medical clinic. This is where, whilst inside an MRI, they inject cortisone and saline into the joint to break the tissue apart; a really horrible experience and not one that I would want to repeat. I did improve slightly after that procedure, but could only extend my arm about 70 - 80%, which was much better than the 50 – 60% that I had been living with. I still had a dull ache and it felt like the joint was still stuck. I tried several forms of treatment before this: acupuncture, massage therapy and inflammation patches.
I met Simon in Bendigo and had a brief healing as well as a reading in March 2015.  When Simon mentioned that he might come to Shepparton in June 2015 I was keen to see him again and see what he could do with my shoulder. I had read on his website of others telling how they were healed by Simon.
So when I saw him in June 2015, he told me to sit in front of him on a chair, whilst he sat behind me and placed his hands on my sore shoulder.  Whilst he was healing me, I felt like I was doing circle work in my chair, and felt even a little dizzy, like I was rocking – quite an odd sensation.  I asked my husband later, if I was moving during the healing and he said no – I was just sitting perfectly still. 
The next day, I thought that I would try and raise my arm fully and noticed that I had a slight improvement, and then the next day, did it again and by the third day, I could fully extend my arm above my head 100%. I came out grinning like a Cheshire cat to show my husband and guess what, no pain at all. I could even put my arm behind my back to do up my bra strap. Something I had not been able to do for quite some time! 
Did I say, no pain, and I no longer have a lopsided ponytail! 
So now, thanks to Simon, we can go dancing and I am looking forward to that first game of golf. Let’s hope Simon has improved my game! 
I have stopped all pain medication for my shoulder, and MAN OH MAN does it feel wonderful to have my life back.
Can’t thank you enough Simon. You are the best.

Thanks, Katrina.

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