Monday 5 October 2015

“I have been given my life back.” — Energy Healing Heals PTSD and Autoimmune Disease

This week, I’m grateful to have received this testimonial from a client via text. The client wishes to remain anonymous, but wanted me to share here. Thank you!

I’ve had success with PTSD and autoimmune disease many times. Some clients need follow-up sessions and ongoing support, some get a negligible or nil response, but most experience positive health responses.

PTSD caused through military service is more difficult to get a health response. The psychology used in military training is combative to treatments, but I’ve also had successes with service men and women.

“Feeling very humble and free to be me. Thank you, Simon Hay, for helping me live and enjoy the moments now pain free. Before our session this year I was defeated and angry. I was diagnosed with PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune disease) and had lost my job due to in house cost savings. I had been so busy kicking myself for the pain and frustration I forgot to treat my body and soul with the kindness it deserved. You have restored my faith in myself and changed my battered life. My symptoms and inflammation are at an all time low. I have been given my life back. I now enjoy the silence, the birds singing, the gentle breeze and look to the future filled with love and support. Sharing what you do changes people. Humble and loving, you instill confidence and hope where there was once little.”

Winton, QLD, Australia

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