Tuesday 22 November 2011

How do you do healings and readings?

For positive healing outcomes, my faith, mind and partnership with spirit healers are contributing factors. Also influential are the client’s mental attitude, behaviour and the interpersonal relationship between the client and myself. 
In this article I'll describe the healing and reading process in detail with accompanying thoughts.
As eighty per cent of clients book for a reading, everyone is given the option to lie on a massage table or to sit on a lounge. Most elect to be on the healing table, but I’m comfortable working both ways. 
I'll ask why have you’ve come to see me and describe how I'll be communicating. If you’re on the massage table I'll describe where my hands will be placed and where I'll be positioned. 
If at any stage during the session, I place my hands somewhere that makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell me. I’ll reposition. Despite the effectiveness of distant healing, I believe contact close to the injury, pain, tumour etc. accelerates the healing, but respecting your personal boundaries is important to me.
Throughout the session I remind that I don’t have medical accreditation. Although, I’m able to identify major organs and body systems, I often don’t know what the magnified anatomical and cellular images I see during healings are. I travel into organs, fluids and cells, experience 360° vision, hear popping and gurgling sounds, smell odours, and experience client’s pain and trauma.  
Often, during those moments, I can't feel my body. Interestingly, some clients can’t feel my hands, feel spirit's hands touching them, tapping, squeezing, pressure, etc.
During sessions I explain that I see two bodies: the client's body and an energy/light/spirit body overlaid or within the physical body. 
The spirit body interacts with me — holds my hand, hugs me, walks around the room, changes age — and is the body healers in spirit work on. In extreme cases, I'll see surgery performed on the spirit body. 
I used to wonder if what I was seeing was just an image created by my mind, until clients shared they had felt someone massaging them, had been rolled over when they hadn't, and a doctor described experiencing surgery during her session. She felt pressure, tugging, muscles and nerves being manipulated inside her body.
Telepathically, I also communicate to your soul and mind. Some clients believe I read minds because what I've heard and then said is what they were thinking. I don’t believe I’m a mind reader and don’t practice to be. For me, mind, spirit, and consciousness are the same. 
The personal information in the telepathic conversations has often never been shared and is sometimes confronting to hear. I share these conversations only when spirit directs me to. I talk about violence, trauma, abuse, gender, sexual acts, relationships, friends, family, and your most private thoughts. I respect client’s privacy and all sessions are confidential.  
In-person or via video app, whether you’ve booked for a healing or reading, everyone will get a partial or full reading. If you’ve booked a distant healing, have provided your name, a recent photo and information about what I’m healing, you may not receive any feedback. For distant healings, I prefer to speak to clients via a video app at the start of the session, and it’s then you’ll receive a partial reading. 
During readings, I intuit information about the past, present and sometimes the future, but I'm not a fortune-teller. I'm a healer and medium. I share accurate information from and about spirit. If you want a psychic reading, want to know when your house will sell, when you’ll meet your soul mate, or your life’s purpose, I’m not the reader for you.
I’ll probably be able to tell you why your house isn’t selling and accurately describe the reasons why you’re single and unhappy, though. By intuiting your accurate age, location, styles of clothing, music and media, and the names of people at significant events in your past, I’ll identify the reasons for your unhappiness, addictions and unhealthy choices and behaviours.    
At the start of and during readings, I describe how I get and share information from spirit. When I share names, I ask everyone to think about living and deceased people. Family members, in-laws, exes, friends, school friends, friends of living and deceased family members, neighbours, work colleagues; everyone!   
Sometimes the spirit you wish to hear from is absent. Be willing to provide feedback and interact. Answer my questions. Often, I know the information, I’m enquiring, not actually asking a question: “at six years old I see you in the house with a piano in it. I’m on your mother’s side of the family. I have the names Mary, Rose, Albert and Bob. Your grandmother is polishing a brass genie lamp. Do you know the house and remember the lamp? Is Mary your grandmother?”
Client responds, “Yes, I know the house. Mary is my grandmother’s sister, Rose is my grandmother’s neighbour, Albert is Rose’s husband, the lamp is in Rose’s house, and I don’t know who Bob is”
This response helps me to continue. I’ve mistaken Rose for the grandmother, but the grandmother provided the information. My client’s relaxed response heightens my connection to spirit. 
I continue, “Bob is still living. He owned a valiant charger. I have the name Ida or Ada, also Catherine. Did your mother have short red hair and ride a bike to church? Maybe she only rode the bike to church once? Is there a Chris known by mum? I actually don’t know if Chris is living or not.”
Client confirms, “Ida is my grandmother. Mum’s name is Catherine, she did have short red hair, Chris was her first husband, but I don’t know the bike story or who Bob is.”
These responses are common and I encourage clients to research the information I provide. Most clients email or message and validate information. Every reading is different, but I get lots of names and descriptions of life-events, objects, careers, deaths, and dates. 
During this session, and within seconds of meeting her, I know, at some stage in her life, she has been sexually abused, choked, threatened, has low self-esteem and has trouble orgasming. I intuit these moments because spirit and I look for events and behaviours to heal, but I’d waited to gain my client’s trust before I talked about it.
I chose this example to show the scope of information I intuit. 
95% of clients are women, 6 out of 10 have experienced sexual assault/abuse, 8 out of 10 have experienced male violence, and 8 out of 10 have a women’s health issue: endometriosis, uterine fibroids, UTI’s, hormonal imbalance, menstruation issues, and many others.
I ask my client, “At 9 years old you look distressed. I see you in a room with blue curtains, there’s a white-framed bed and a view of a park. Were your parents arguing? I can hear raised voices.”
Client looks sad and says, “That was the age my parents separated.”
I continue, “I’m going to ask something personal. Is that okay?”
I already know that at 10 years old the client was sexually abused, so I ask, “At 10 years old I see that mum is drinking at home with a man. I’ve the names Tony and Steve. I also feel at risk of harm by one of those men. I’m feeling what you were feeling.”
Client confirms, “Mum drank every night and Steve and Tony were her boyfriends.”
I haven’t asked the question I wanted to and my client is crying. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
She says, “I don’t know why I’m crying.”
I do and say, “Let’s talk about your life now. I know you’re not happy at home. You’re not sure what’s unsettling you. You feel disconnected from your husband. I’m going to swear now because you swear a lot.”
Client laughs and agrees with everything I’ve said.
I continue, “You don’t want your husband to fucken touch you. He can fuck off and sleep on the couch.”
Client snorts and says, “That’s what I told him last night.”
“I know. Look, can I say something really personal about your relationship with yourself.”
Client, “Yes.”
“I know a man touched you when you were ten. It happened in the room with bunks in it. There’s a red light bulb in a lamp, I can smell alcohol, I’m also choking (I know she was forced to have oral sex but I know, with this client, I can’t say that out loud), and I can hear your mum snoring.”
Client sighs and says, “I’ve not told anyone about that,”
“I know.” 
She sighs again and I reach for her hand. She squeezes my hand and says, “Did he hurt my sister too?”
Her question allows me to continue, “Yes he did.” 
I’m still, then notice I’ve squeezed her hand, so I say, “We love you. Spirit and I, and I know you don’t know how to feel about that. I know you don’t like your body: your shape, your belly, the mole on your left breast, your body odour, and having an orgasm is difficult. I know that’s personal and you’ve not talked about this with anyone, but I also know you want to. This is personal too. It hurts when you have sex and you don’t know how to tell your husband that it hurts.”
She sighs again, squeezes my hand and pulls me towards her when I attempt to rock back, “I don’t love him anymore. I bought a vibrator.”
I smile, “I know. It’s purple.”
She laughs and says, “I don’t know why I told you that.” 
This is common. Clients tell me things they’ve never talked about and display open and free behaviours. For conservative people, at some stage after the session, they may feel embarrassed, confused, angry, or shocked. These feelings subside and I explain to clients they can message, email or text if they feel overwhelmed or confused. Clients have informed, when I reply to their messages they feel better. I describe this healing response as a depressed response.
I’m going to end this example here. These types of conversations are common, but don’t be nervous about booking to see me. I shared this dialogue so you will know what to expect during a healing and reading. I also share uplifting, happy and funny information from spirit.
The disjointed flow of information during readings is also common. I can hint at something, but don’t have to share all the details I have. In this session, the grandmother, Ada, interjected and eased the client’s anguish, but I haven’t included it here. 
Spirit, and the client’s body language, dialogue, tone of voice, emotions, and spirit body responses determine how I continue.
I also see past life images and communicate with spirit guides and angels specific to you. But, unless asked about this, I’ll focus on you and your life.  
I’m quiet during medical healings, but will still do a partial reading. In these healings, I work with spirit healers and focus on the illness or injury. I also would like to see you 2 or 3 times, but I’ve had immediate results after one healing many times.
There have also been clients who, after multiple sessions, experienced negligible change. Truthfully, I don't know what will occur during a healing or after until it does. I’m not always successful, and talk about this online and at events.

If you're unable to see me in-person or attend a follow up session, I also do distant healingsFor some clients, distant healings are more effective than in-person healings, and I encourage clients booking medical healings to try both. Despite the distance, physical contact and responses still occur.

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Wednesday 2 November 2011

Sunday 23 October 2011

Thursday 6 October 2011

I Am a Healer … & the Defender of Pooh

Recently, a good friend got into a stoush on FB, which is never a good idea, about calling one self a healer. My friend is a gentle soul, he reminds me of Pooh bear, and, although he speaks up for himself and others, arguing with him is like cutting in front of old ladies with weak bladders to use the restroom first.

It's common in energy healing circles for people to describe the process of healing as channelling. I don't agree. We're not channelling the healing vibration, we are the healing vibration. We're not channelling God, we're God. Gods! And Xmen. Calling myself a plumber isn't egotistical, but, apparently, calling myself a healer is.

There is no science to energy healing, because as soon as we research it, we alter the process. Creation. There is only the experience, without perception and interpretation, that has occurred in the past. I can heal like Jesus because his actions, intention, thoughts, and the-sexiest-body-odour-in-the-world remain as consciousness, and in the field of Life. I can become his experience because my body isn't solid, but an infinite range of vibration – light – a field of nothing that we cannot perceive or grasp, but what we are and everything is.

I'm a healer, I'm able to heal. I'm also a writer, and sometimes I write poorly, unless you've never seen or had the experience of writing. Then, depending on your level of fear or wonder, I'm a master or a freak. But, I always heal, not well or poorly, I simply heal. Healing is the science of nothing, the absence of the idea and form of nothing. Nothing. Ponder that you 'ego' slinging hypocrites. Oh bugger, that's ego.

Everything we think healing is is a belief system. Write a new story. Don't heal like me, Jesus, Mohammad – yes he was a healer – ascended masters, angels, or Santa Claus. Heal like you.

The world is filled with people marketing something. I'm doing it. I'm marketing my story, but this belief that we channel energy, spirit, God, really needs to be quashed. I'm aware that I'm like everyone else, that I have an opinion and experience that's my own. This doesn't make me right, but if you're going to argue the point with me make sure you have the evidence to back it up. Don't tell me that everything is connected – source energy, God, consciousness – and then separate 'you' from healing.

Too many people in spiritual, new age, alternative fields are talking about things they have no idea about or experience with. Vulnerable hurt people seek us out, and it's these people I'm writing for today.

Tomorrow I'll heal differently, tell a new story, and this is something Gegu and spirit have encouraged me to do. Spirit aren't teaching me, they're helping me to remember who I am, and they want me to be a creator not a copier.

And please, don't argue with Pooh bear.

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Tuesday 27 September 2011

I'm Still On Holiday & Orakei Korako

 Everywhere we go it's rugby world cup fever!
 You travel to Orakei Korako by ferry.

 Don't forget the little attractions.

 Just add a tea-bag :)
 Those blue pools are crystal clear.
 Mud bath!
 Look left & right on the track.
 A sleeping giant returning to the earth -- please don't disturb.
 Zebra trees? Kamahi
Where'd I park the car?

I'll be home next week, call in and I'll put the kettle on :)

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Wednesday 21 September 2011

I'm At My Dads!

Hey everyone. I'm in Te kaha New Zealand visiting my dad for a week. I'll not be online for a few days as I'll be fishing and enjoying the view. I love you guys. Take care and I'll talk soon.

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Tuesday 20 September 2011

From My Family to Yours

 For me, life is about remembering and honouring the sacrifices and glory of our ancestors. We should not trespass on their memories, we are here because they were here first.

 Against incredible odds they paved the way for the lifestyles we enjoy today.

 They didn't have time to admire the majestic landscapes they toiled,

and, unknowingly, they destroyed delicate ecosystems, but without these pioneers we'd not have the resources to restore the earth.

To do this we must work together, build strong foundations,

and not overlook the little things

 that hold everything together.

If we're only awed by majesty and celebrity

we'll miss the beauty our steps trample,

we'll not notice that our children teach us how to love,

or that we need to love our boys, and encourage them to express their love out loud.

We must let our girls be whatever they choose to be,

teach them the joy of laughter,

and instill in them the confidence to be brave in the dark.

Show them beautiful things

and hold them with gentle hands.

When we love each other, every moment is a gift. From my family to yours.

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Saturday 17 September 2011

I'm in New Zealand!

 This is my crazy daughter Lilly, who loves having her photo taken. She's without a doubt the kindest person I know. She also has experiences with spirit and if she wants to be, she'd be a brilliant medium when she's an adult. Yes, we're at Maccas. I stay away from it when I'm home, but my children eat out with their mum, and it's a challenge to encourage them to eat well. 
 Jett's like his dad, he doesn't like his photo been taken, unlike Scrappy who's in everything. I have years of my life where I don't have any photos of me. I discussed this with Jett and told him he'd regret that if he did the same. It's a work in progress. And, that's his first hash brown. He's reluctant to try anything new, but I'm also working on that. The boy's a spit out of his dad's mouth. I watch him and remember what it was like to be me. 
 Good photos of Maree and I, zero! Maree hates her photo been taken, and this is the last shot of five. Camera face! I love you babe ;)
 My big girls. We travelled all the way to NZ to get close to an emu! Marre & Julia, Maree's youngest, have beautiful hearts, but they drive me crazy. It's mum & mini mum, & they're both back street drivers. I have a GPS telling me where to go & then Maree and Julia remind me just in case I didn't hear it the first time, second time ... third time! 
 I love you Scrappy. "You have to turn left here." 
 "Let's make a break for it!" Besties! When we returned to this exhibit these two were together in another location.
 Auckland Zoo - a zoo filled with chickens! There's a lot.
 I don't want to play anymore :(
 "Come on Mr Peacock, you know you want some of this sweet downunder love."
How great was the day? This great!

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