Wednesday 21 May 2014

My Top 8 Tips For Energy/Spiritual Healers

This article was written and posted in 2010. It’s had a lot of hits this month, so I’m expanding, editing and sharing it again.

I’m asked all the time about how I heal, and although some of what I’m about to share is on my website and in other posts, here’s my top five eight tips for having consistent results.

1) Have faith. When I mention this most people assume I’m talking about having faith in God, gods or spirit. Have faith in yourself first. No matter what the outcome, believe you can heal anything. Don’t gauge your potential to heal by successes or failures.

2) Don’t make excuses. I hear too many people saying things like: the person’s not ready to be healed, they’ve chosen this illness for their higher good, they’ve chosen to live a short life, it’s their journey, and … (fill the gap). Don’t buy into this at all.

3) Have no expectation. The only thing that you need to focus on is healing. I do this by repeating the phrase perfect health, but I don’t think about how that will manifest in the client. I’m healing, not healing a particular illness, just healing.  

4) Every time you heal it’s the first time. There are similarities between healings, but try to avoid comparing one healing with another. This will prevent you from establishing a routine.

5) Know that you’re not in control. The only thing you control is your willingness to walk up to the table over and over again. Don’t be afraid. Dig this out of your subconscious mind. Trust me, in there, it’s screaming, ‘I’m hanging on tight!’

6) Be honest with yourself and clients. Eventually you’ll experience something you haven’t encountered before, feel vulnerable, not be able to answer client’s questions, or ease client’s worries and fears. It’s okay to simply not know. Don’t embellish information or past outcomes. Clients will respect you more and honesty contributes to and accelerates healing.

7) Technique is someone else’s experience, not a formula for success. Be flexible. Faith, intention and courage heal, not technique. Technique’s often an unnecessary accessory. 

8) It’s not important what others think about you. You will care, but let it go. Be small and do great things. 

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