Saturday 26 August 2017

Reading Testimonial "It is very intimate having a reading with you."

Grateful to have received this message and testimonial from a US client during my flight home. A lovely surprise when I landed and turned my phone on.
Thank you, Theresa! 
I wanted to reach out to you, and express how profoundly affected I was from my healing and reading! 
I have had two sessions with you thus far, and cannot believe what an amazing connection transpired. 
Your messages were so accurate. It was simply amazing. You knew things that had occurred throughout my life that I have never shared with anyone. I appreciate your candor and compassion in relaying the messages from my many family members who came through. 20+ and counting at this point!
It is very intimate having a reading with you. Much like letting a stranger read all your most private thoughts. You do this with such dignity and respect.
I want to thank you for helping me on my life's path, and for the messages you shared. 
Respectfully yours, Theresa

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Soul Healing Integration Introductory Workshop Testimonial

I, with fellow soul healer Michelle Buss, presented this workshop in North East, MD on the recent Mid-Atlantic US tour. I’m grateful to have received testimonial from Kate, who attended the workshop. As shared by attendees, these types of experiences and outcomes occur at all my events, but rarely do people give written testimonial. For perspective, I’ve included the marketing description of the event.

When I met Kate at the start of the workshop I knew something significant would occur. At one point, while Michelle was talking, I placed my hands on Kate’s shoulders. This lasted no more than five minutes.

Thank you, Kate!

Here are some things I have noticed (and feel free to use these as testimonials). 

For about a month or more prior to the workshop, my bilateral psoas’ were so tight it was debilitating. I was unable to jog as I normally do (probably part of the problem!). The tension and pain was interfering with walking, standing and sleeping.  About one day following the workshop, the psoas issue vanished.  

I have suffered with chronic asthma since I was 3 years old.  Typically, I use a rescue inhaler daily.  I have not used the inhaler once since the workshop.

My heart raced from the moment I entered the workshop until departure.  Also, my eyes were tearing for most of the workshop.  There was a palpable ‘buzz’ to the room.  

When Simon confronted me personally, I felt his honesty at my very core.  

For approximately 36 hours following the workshop I felt as though I was floating.  I was in constant communication with my ‘new’ spirit guide [introduced] from Simon’s first facilitated meditation.

I hope these [observations] are helpful. I’ve only placed my hands on one person this week so I can’t really speak of changes in my practice yet. I have no doubt that it will be significant.


Soul Healing Integration Introductory Workshop

Expand what you see, expand what you feel, and expand what you know

Why an introductory workshop?

The most important part of energy healing success is the practitioner’s relationship with personal spirit guides. This workshop’s primary focus is to reconnect attendees with (healing) spirit guides and open pathways of communication. This improves access to information and universal healing vibrations beneficial to positive health outcomes in clients. Everyone has the opportunity to be spirit trained, and this workshop will help facilitate that.

Who can attend?

Everyone: practitioners of alternative and allopathic modalities of healing, veterinarians, animal communicators, psychic mediums, or anyone curious about spirit and energy healing.

What to expect:

Healer and medium, Simon Hay, will talk about the series of events he experienced with spirit that lead him to be a healer and medium. He’ll share successful healing stories to strengthen belief in energy healing, discuss belief systems that limit positive healing outcomes and spirit connection, empower you to believe that you can be a healer, and attune you to his spirit team’s healing vibration.

Through uniquely guided meditation, Simon will introduce you to spirit guides, instruct how to remote view and shift your consciousness. These altered-state experiences attune to spirit and universal healing vibrations.

Q and A: Your questions about soul healing/energy healing and working with spirit will be answered.

The workshop will improve intuition, mediumship and spirit communication.

Advancement in knowledge helps us be catalysts for creating our own personal learning experiences

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