Friday 17 April 2020

The oncologist pulled no punches, stomach cancer at this stage was difficult to treat and almost impossible to cure

I appreciate that Lola gave me credit for this healing, but it’s a partnership. Lola’s as influential to the outcome as I. during healings, I work in partnership with spirit and Lola’s spirit/consciousness. 
Thank you, Lola, for this testimonial. 

It was May of last year when I heard about Simon. In January 2019, I had blown out an ulcer and, after stomach surgery to patch the ulcer, received the devastating news I had stage 4 terminal stomach cancer. According to docs, it was very likely caused by mets (metastasis: the spread of cancer cells from the place where they first formed to another part of the body) from the breast cancer I had overcome with surgery back in 2005.

The oncologist pulled no punches and stated that stomach cancer at this stage was difficult to treat and almost impossible to cure. So, we made a deal. I refused chemo
(at 77 years of age, I wasn’t going to put myself through that) and he agreed to keep me as comfortable and pain-free as possible. I did agree to taking a hormone blocker pill once a day, but that and pain pills are the only cancer treatments I have received. I did take some vitamins but the oncologist was quite certain they would have no effect.

I had a real episode in May with pain. A CT scan and PET scan revealed hot spots in my ribs, spine and stomach. I was desperate for relief when I booked the first sessions with Simon. It was amazing but within a few days of the sessions, the pain just went away. During the scheduled times for sessions, I put on meditation music, relax and concentrate on clearing my mind and imagining the cancer disappearing. I had strange sensations during these sessions: twinges, heat, pressure, and even pain sometimes. I often jot down how the sessions go and share these with Simon afterwards.

I remained relatively pain free until end of October when the pain started again. On Thanksgiving Day I had another session with Simon. The pain did not abate within a few days as it had in the past and I was thinking, “Well, sometimes maybe nothing will work.” I feared that maybe this was the end of the line and that we had done all we could do.

It was amazing, within a week or less, the pain once again just melted away. What a blessed relief, but I feared the cancer was still there and maybe worse than ever. The oncologist suggested another PET scan so we would know exactly what we were dealing with and maybe respond more aggressively. The PET scan was scheduled for the 5th of March. I had communicated during this time with Simon to keep him informed of what was happening.  My doctor’s appt. was for March 13th 2020.  Friday the thirteenth! How is that for a portent? I was dreading this.

Slightly scowling and quite serious looking, my doctor came into the waiting room.  Oh no. He sat, spread out a piece of paper on the desk and burst into the biggest grin.
He read from the piece of paper, the results of the PET scan and of my routine blood test. “No evidence for FDG avid malignancy.”  He asked me if I knew what that meant? I said no. He responded that there was NO evidence of active cancer. He had printed out the results of the PET scan and had even underlined that particular sentence. He was so tickled with himself and I was stunned. Speechless.

The oncologist went on to read, “Previously noted multifocal osseous uptake has resolved and the affected bones have become sclerotic, indicating treated disease.  Resolution of abnormal uptake in right axilla.” He said the bone was repairing itself, or that is what I understood him to say. 
I know Simon was working on me like mad during these last few weeks/months and I will be forever grateful.

All during this past year, my oncologist has always said during my monthly visits, “you know your progress has been atypical, don't you?” Well, no, not really, but if it means I’m not getting worse then I am a happy camper. I give Simon all the credit for helping me with the pain and particularly the cancer in my stomach. He worked on that first thing 'way back when' and I never had any stomach pain or discomfort after that first session.

I am so thankful that I found Simon. I fear my outcome might have been very different if not for his help and intervention. Thank the Lord for him and his wonderful gift.

Lola H.
Virginia, USA

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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Healing EBMD Success, a first for me

Found this in my emails today. I’d forgotten about this healing and testimonial. This was the first time I’d done a healing for EBMD, Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy (also known as map-dot-fingerprint, Cogan's microcystic dystrophy, or anterior basement membrane dystrophy).
Thank you, Michelle, for allowing me to share.
Hey Simon, thank you for the healing and reading. I appreciate you finding time for me so quickly. Although some questions you asked struck an emotional nerve, you were so easy to talk with. I’m still mulling over some of those names; I’m sure they’ll ring a bell eventually. 
After we hung up (on Skype) I lay quietly and just felt. Anytime I pray, meditate or practice reiki I get bands of chills. But lying here it was like times 10! As for my eyes, I did feel a lot of detailed tapping and pulsing all around the orbital bone around my eyes and face. I also had intense pressure on my temples. 
For my hip, I felt some stabbing fast needle like pain in my lower back and glute. It was slightly aching when we spoke. But when I stood it was fine. 
I did cry several times and at 10 pm my husband softly knocked and I knew I’d been sound asleep. I’m hoping my soul got some healing too. I am normally an upbeat person despite the parts of my life that are difficult. For some reason the last few weeks have been very tough. I don’t ever want my sadness to affect my children, so I keep it pretty tucked away. 
It’s amazing how easy it is to talk so personally with someone you’ve never met, and lives 1/2 way around the world. Thank you for your time and your work. This world needs people with your skills! I wish you the best of luck and am sure I’ll be back. Probably for that soul work!

Hi Michelle,

Hope you’re doing okay. Let me know if your eyes improve. Your reason for the healing was a new experience for me. If they do, I’d like to share your feedback as a testimonial. You can be anonymous.
Thinking about you and sending love and further healing, Simon

Hi Simon! Just wanted to give you an update on my head and my eyes. Both have remained in the same wonderful state of healing as when you worked on me. I have not had any problems with my eyes at all.
I have a genetic eye condition EBMD. It causes severe dry eye, when I would blink, it would literally take cells off the surface of my eyes causing vision loss and painful abrasions.  

My hip had been bothering me for quite some time. To the point where I felt it was time to see a Dr. and or get cortisone shots. It stopped hurting the day you treated me and it’s not bothered me since. 

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Thursday 21 February 2019

Be fabulously well and continue your amazing work!

Toula asked that I heal multiple issues. We spoke for approx. 30 minutes via FaceTime and then I asked Toula to lie down and relax for 30 minutes while I meditated and did the healing.
Her experience is common, but she describes more detail about the colours she saw than other clients have. I’m curious about why she believes the cobalt blue clolour she saw was indicative of her thyroid, but I also trust her description and understanding of the healing experience.
During healings, I’m working in partnership with spirit (all spirit, life, time, soul), spirit healers, the client’s mind, body and spirit. I respect what client’s share and believe.
Thank you, Toula, for allowing me to share your experience. For full disclosure, I lightly edited Toula’s emails.
Hi Simon,

Just wanted to let you know what I experienced after I finished talking to you yesterday. 
I laid down on my bed, shut my eyes and immediately relaxed. The first thing I felt was a difference in my feet. They felt light and cramp free. My stomach gurgled a fair bit and in my lower tummy I felt things move. The whole area was warm and I felt like there was a heaviness weighing me down. I had my hands on my tummy and could still feel my lower back niggling at me. Later I felt hot around my throat area and I was very conscious of my breathing. By this time I had moved my hands and placed them over my eyes.  
This was extraordinary because generally I have not been able to see colours, except black, when I close my eyes. However, as I had the palms of my hands over my eyes, the brightness was so bright that I had to take my hands away because the brightness was blinding. I then put them back over my eyes and I saw a cobalt blue colour fill my view. Again, I took my hands away and then placed them onto my eyes. I saw a clear geometric picture in black and white: moving and reconnecting black geometric lines on a white background. It was like it was sweeping through and cleansing. This happened several times when I removed my hands and then placed them back over my eyes. Each time I saw something different and the colours changed. One that comes to mind was the string of bubbles that kept replenishing but falling; if that make sense. I made the connection that each of the different visions related to different parts of my body. I felt I was being shown what was happening and the repair-work taking place. 
I opened my eyes at 3.50 pm South Australian time. I got up and started to move. My feet felt normal, my lower back was still niggling, but as the evening progressed my lower back felt different. Not so stressed and painful. I have been able to move more freely today. My stomach calmed down too. And I wonder if you reset my thyroid gland as the cobalt blue represented the throat area. My head feels clear today.
I’ve had a reasonably good day today and I am grateful to you for all that you do!
Be well and keep smiling.

Cheers, Toula

This was Toula’s response after I asked if I could share her email.

Hi Simon,

Yes you can share my experience online if you like. I have thought of you over the last couple of days and asked you and Spirit to help heal me. And each time my lower back has improved. So I am very grateful to you and Spirit. I will definitely let you know of any further improvements. 
Be fabulously well and continue your amazing work.

Love, Toula

Love back, Simon and spirit team

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Sunday 21 October 2018

Energy Healing Stops Constant Menstrual Bleeding

Liz contacted me via referral and for a gynecological problem. She had been menstrual bleeding daily for a period of time and her doctor had advised having a hysterectomy.
We talked via Skype for approx. 45 minutes and, while sharing messages from spirit and intuiting personal information about her life, we discussed something she’d not talked about with anyone else. I’m certain Liz’s courage and honesty were contributing factors to the positive health outcome.
Previously, I’ve described honesty as being a noticeable component of healing success. The personal and intimate style of my work unlocks trauma and creates healing success. What I say, how I say it, my body language and most importantly, the intention behind my process, all contribute to being a successful healer.
My spirit guide and healing teacher, Gegu, describes my process as, the technique of no technique. While I was typing that sentence Gegu said, “One of many teachers, my son.”
Curiously, but not an uncommon occurrence, I’d done another distant healing for a woman who was also menstrual bleeding daily a few days before Liz’s healing. At this stage, I’ve not received feedback about the outcome.
If you have a women’s health issue, I may not be able to achieve a noticeable positive health outcome, but do consider energy healing as a possible option.
I’m hoping that Liz’s healing outcome will hold and she notices further health improvements, but I encouraged her to discuss this with her gynecological specialist. She/he is qualified, not me, to advise Liz.    
I’m grateful to have received this email today. Thank you, Liz.    

Hi Simon,
Blown away! Less than 48 hours after speaking with you and for the first time in 3 months I’m not dealing with constant bleeding today!?
I was in some pain yesterday and found it difficult to sleep last night. I was feeling restless due to a sensation I was experiencing around my entire pelvic area (front and back). The sensation is difficult to describe, but kind of like a warm heavy blanket being draped over this area and I had to toss and turn several times until I finally felt comfortable.
Today I have no pain but I’m incredibly lethargic and extremely sad. A bit all over the shop really but I am optimistic that this shall pass soon. Thank you for your time and for sharing your gift with me.

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Saturday 25 August 2018

The Ease of Energy Healing — Healing is Automatic and Continues For Days

Surprisingly, Jen didn’t mention any physical health concerns when she attended her healing/reading session. I recall having conversations with her about intimate and personal things and I intuited accurate information from spirit: names, dates, stories and memories.
Courageously, Jen trusted and responded openly to the many private things I talked about. She laughed, cried, held my hand and her body and mind relaxed. I’m grateful to have had her trust and to be able to share her testimonial.

Dear Simon,
I enjoyed our time together with Spirit yesterday. The honest dialogue we shared and the healing you gave me turned my heavy heart and soul into a light and peaceful state. You’re reading was 100% accurate, and I’m grateful for having had this experience with you.
What I didn’t share with you during our session are the daily aches and pains that affect my physical body. I suffer from degenerative arthritis in my neck and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I do not treat either condition with medication. 
The healing continues … when I woke this morning the pain in my neck was completely gone, and, after eating two meals today, I have not experienced any of the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany IBS. It has been more than 10 years since I have had a pain-free day! 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! This was our first individual healing session, but certainly not the last.  I look forward to seeing you again in the US and virtually when you are back in Australia.
Safe travels to you and Michelle.
With much love, Jen

I’ve spoken many times about the times clients and people who haven’t had sessions with me have experienced healing responses and positive health outcomes remotely. People have experienced healing after visiting my website, looking at my photo, hearing my name, and thinking about me and asking.
Many have disbelieved it.
It’s not just that healing occurs, people experience the physical sensations/healing responses that I describe on my website and other social media platforms. They don’t have to have read the information or spoken to someone who has seen me for it to happen. So, in my mind, that eliminates the placebo argument.
Many people have seen me as if I’m a spirit/ghost who’s visiting, and many more have dreamed, prior to meeting me or knowing of me, about me.
I tell all clients that the healing continues for days after the session, and I encourage them to lie down, relax, think about me, and ask for further healing. If it doesn’t work, at least they’ve taken a moment to meditate.
Honestly, I don’t how this is possible, and, when these occurrences were first reported to me, I was as amazed as everyone else. I believe spirit has engineered this to happen, but I’m not certain how.
See you in your dreams … or somewhere soon. If I’m in your home, I’m probably actually in my home having a beer and talking to my dogs, or sleeping … or in the shower. I have a lot of showers.  

Hi Simon,
I’m overjoyed to report that the healing continues … another ache and pain I did not share with you was my feet. Yes, I know I sound like a decrepit old woman: IBS, arthritis, foot pain …
My feet are shrinking. I don’t know why and I don’t think it matters, but for the past 3 to 5 years the souls of my feet have hurt constantly. Chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, etc. provided no relief
Like my neck, I have just grown to live with the daily pain. Until Last night! I was meditating before bed and thought, “maybe Simon can heal my feet.”  I put your business card over my heart, went on with my usual meditation and fell asleep.
I woke up early this morning in the same position I fell asleep and experienced warmth and vibration over my right foot. 
I knew exactly what it was and tapped my right foot against the left. BAM! Warmth and vibration were present over both feet.
I smiled, fell back to sleep for another 30 to 45 minutes, woke up, got out of bed, and guess what? NO PAIN IN MY FEET.
I’m not sure how this healing work you do continues to reach me, but I’m VERY GRATEFUL for all that you do. My heart, mind, physical body, and soul THANK YOU. I will see you in November.
Safe travels to you and Michelle! Xoxoxoxo
Much love, Jen

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Saturday 18 August 2018

Public Healings Are Unexpected and Effective

Alex came to a soul healing (energy healing) integration workshop in Douglassville, PA and had an unexpected and powerful healing outcome. Most times, at events and workshops I know whom I will be doing healings and readings for as soon as I walk into the room and see my audience. Those people light up, they glow.
Alex caught my attention when she walked into the room and I knew at some stage I’d ask her to lie on the massage table that I was leaning against while I spoke. During healings and readings I intuit and talk about client’s personal information. In public, I’m cautious and respectful about what I say, and I trust my spirit guide’s guidance on this. I trust myself.
Alex looked uncomfortable as soon as she got onto the table and cried after a minute of contact and conversation. Alex’s voice was in my mind and she shared her life’s story and the pain she wanted addressed. I simply loved her. I held her hand and her hand told me everything I needed to say to her. She squeezed my hand hard, released, pushed me away and pulled me back in sync with the telling of her story. I’m grateful for her trust, her courage and her testimonial. Thank you, Alex. 
I first came across Simon during a spirit reading session at a local holistic shop near my house. I was so impressed that I followed up to do a healing workshop held a few weeks later.  I’m a novice at meditation and have never ventured to think that I would have the capabilities to ‘see’ a healing guide, let alone see, hear and communicate with my own guide. However, this is exactly what I experienced during the workshop.  I went into the workshop with an open mind and no expectations, and left with a life-altering inspiration, dare I say epiphany.  It’s now only a short time later, but I can say with complete confidence that what happened that day has stirred a change in me.
During the workshop, to my surprise, I was asked to move to the healing table, where Simon performed a healing for me in front of the other guests. Under normal circumstances this would be nerve-wracking, but from the time I climbed onto the table I felt secure.  I must pre-face with the fact that during my healing I did not verbally mention any of these topics or speak to him out loud.
Simon was able to see prior to my birth (I intuited information about Alex’s mother’s emotional state during the pregnancy), and reasons why I carry anxiety. He brought up potential kidney issues, an undiagnosed issue that my doctor had wanted me to see a specialist for a year prior.
He unwaveringly delved into my relationship and described, what was, a very personal internal struggle for me, and the cause of much of the turmoil in my life. I held his hand as he spoke and it felt like he could look inside my mind and see and hear all the things I could never tell anyone but was thinking and feeling.  I would think about a specific question or topic, and as if he were hearing me he would answer aloud. It was so spot-on, so accurate, such personal information — it hit home. The tears started to run down my face and no-amount of people in the room was going to stop them.
Suddenly I heard him say things would be okay, and like a wave washing over me the tears abruptly stopped and I felt calm.  I felt safe, protected, appreciated, and I felt loved. 
As the healing came to an end he offered to be available in the days following the healing, and advised to just think of him, or ask him to be near. 
That night after going home, I did just that. During a meditation session before bed I could feel my hair being touched, which then prompted me to immediately open my eyes. No one was there, but I felt a presence, an energy. It stood near my bed while I drifted to sleep that night. I feel it was there to watch over and protect me.
I can describe my experiences, the facts and events I had that day. What’s more difficult to put into words is the after-math. I suspect the outcome is different for every individual. For me, it’s like hitting the emotional lottery. My anxious moods and doubt seem to have subsided. I feel at peace, content and recharged. All things I was in desperate need of prior to the healing.
Meditation will become a daily part of my life now, and I look forward to meeting with Simon again in the future for follow up sessions. I implore anyone reading this to take time for yourself, go to a workshop, schedule a private or distant session. Lead with an open mind and allow Simon to do what he does best: teach, heal and amaze.    

Alexandria (Pennsylvania, USA)

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