Sunday 24 December 2017

Energy Healing Re-starts Menstrual Cycle — Secondary Amenorrhea

I’m grateful to have received Victoria’s testimonial. Lots of people who participated in the 100 healings reported feeling unusual and uplifting energy sensations prior to the official start of the group healing. Some experienced immediate pain relief after reading my email to confirm they were on the list. Others, usually with depression, have commented on FB it took the full five days to feel uplifted. It’s all a wonderful mystery.

On the 24th of November 2018 when I signed up for Simon’s free 100 Healings I had lost over 30kg (I’m now 55kg) over the previous 10 months and consequently or otherwise I had secondary amenorrhea (no period) for nearly 100 days. 
I had a doctor’s appointment the following week in which the results of my blood tests initiated two different doctors to send me to an endocrinologist. They wanted to check for a pituitary tumour. I have the brain MRI request form on the fridge still.
In the weeks leading up to the 100 Healings I continued to lose weight and have the digestive issues which accompanied the weight loss. 
Then the weekend of the 9th of December my digestive issues settled and I realised I had felt good for the first time in months.
But a couple of days later I found myself feeling awful again and strangely homesick. I went to bed thinking I was glad the healings were starting soon, on the 12th, not realising that the 12th was tomorrow. That night I dreamt my period returned. 
In the morning it did return, after 118 days. I was astounded. I checked the dates for the healings and they didn’t start until the following weekend. I jumped on Facebook and saw that Simon had indicated he had started the healings early and people had already seen results just from signing up. 
The only thing I had done differently was participate in the 100 Healings. And then my appetite returned a couple of days later. Which was something I hadn’t had for many months.
In addition to feeling so much better my intuition has returned. I’m meditating so much easier, getting clearer guidance myself. During the times I was able to lie quietly at the designated healing times (not easy with 2 small children) my entire body was buzzing. 
It’s a magical experience and one I’m so grateful to have received. 
Simon is a brilliant healer who has generously offered his time and energy at no cost. It’s a priceless gift. 

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Wednesday 20 December 2017

100 Healings 2017 Reflections

I’m probably going to annoy some readers, but to respect myself these comments need to be made.
This is my career. This is how I support my family and pay for my mortgage, so if I offer something for free I expect the offer to be respected. I expect people to read the details of the offer fully and follow instructions. Even though I had hoped for that, from past experience I knew some people would not. Too many people did not.
This is one of the reasons I stopped doing the 100 healings two years ago.
Another reason was that many of the people who accepted previous offers had been followers on FB and not supporters. They’d never shared a post or event, but were the first to take up the free offer.
There’s a belief that if you do something for others you shouldn’t expect anything back. I don’t, except thanks and the courtesy of not asking for more than is offered. Despite how people contacted me, all are on the healing list and I’m committed to healing them. As I state on my website, I don’t know what will happen during or after a healing. I don’t know what the outcome will be. Even though I achieve high success rates, I’ll always downplay potential outcomes.
Many people have been unwell and in pain for many years. They’re depressed and desperate. I always respect that and will not mislead anyone. I’m brutally honest about information I intuit, the process and possible health outcomes.
Curiously though, debilitating pain, long-term chronic physical and mental illness, high debt and the apocalypse doesn’t prevent some people asking for more or contacting me on multiple platforms. I got your email and replied, “Hi. Blah blah … you’re on the list.”
Self-entitlement and lack of personal responsibility hinder healing outcomes. Beliefs re monetary cost versus value, security (insurance, housing, familial support) versus health, dependency on carers versus independence and many other subtle states of being hinder or accelerate health outcomes. Being selfish and desperate is unhealthy and it annoys and exhausts me. I’m linked to your energy field during healings. It’s how I get the positive responses I get. Any tension in emotion or states of being influence outcome, so relax and then be courageous and make changes in your life.  
The 100 healings is a healing offer without any feedback. No readings! The reason I’m doing it at 9 am and 9 pm AEST over five days is because I’m giving everyone the opportunity to participate and lie down at those times. I’m also doing it over five days because, from past outcomes, some people need follow up sessions so positive health responses hold. People with mental health issues need frequent support. I’m hoping the five days provides that.
I’ve already had feedback from people who experienced positive health responses as soon as I emailed to confirm they were on the list. It can happen that quickly. I believe I can heal thousands this way, but I’ll continue to use the #100Healings tag.
Respect the offer and yourselves. Follow the instructions. It’s not a Boxing Day sale (black Friday for Americans). You don’t deserve privileged treatment. Seriously, you don’t!
Healing and health is a gift, being a healer is not. It’s hard work and requires discipline and commitment. It’s not a gift from God or from any other deity or higher power. It’s a human trait. It’s our humanness that’s powerful not our worship. This isn’t about aliens and angels; this is life, so stop being selfish and lazy.
I’m exhausted, my family, friends and dogs are missing out on quality time with me, but I’m still doing the healings. Respect that. 

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Monday 11 December 2017

Charlie Goldsmith vs the Energy Healing Fraternity

Charlie Goldsmith, like most Aussies, favours thongs (flip-flops for Americans), blue jeans and a loose fitting tee shirt. He’s quietly spoken, humble and undersells his healing ability.
Unlike so many other self-titled healers, and the majority of practitioners of modalities of energy healing he accomplishes positive health outcomes. He dresses down and punches above his weight. He’s also honest about the times he’s unsuccessful, which is another rare trait in the energy healing industry.
It is an industry and a profession that fails over and over again. For almost a decade I’ve publicly stated, accreditation doesn’t guarantee success, and I wonder when the people doing the accrediting will ask why, or market their services honestly. Window dressing with ‘love and light’ and spirituality has pushed energy healing further into an alternative new age niche category.
When interrogated, most energy healers doubt they can heal illness and injury and have never done so. I’ve had those tough conversations and have been judged as egotistical for doing so, but the name-callers miss that I’m passionate about advancing energy healing. I critic my healing work daily and push myself to get consistent positive health outcomes. It’s obvious that Charlie does the same.
Charlie’s courage and commitment will benefit every authentic energy healer. They do exist. His public successes, hopefully, will encourage others to believe health through energy healing is possible.
Charlie’s confident and mature enough to deflect sceptics and ignore idiots. He’s able to choose whom he heals, which will eliminate the mind body spirit groupies and junkies who chase another healing and reading with the newest sensation in the industry.
It won’t stop them begging for the opportunity to meet him though, “you’re amazing. I know you’re busy, but I feel we’re destined to meet. I had a dream, archangel Michael (poor Mick! That angel just wants a beer) and the partridge in the love and light tree told me you could fit me in.”
Yes, I’m cynical. I’ve almost two decades of reasons for being so, and I’m also committed to helping people in need and assisting all professions of healing and health to get better results. People from the mind body spirit community have told me many times how to do healings and criticised how I do them, “you can’t do it that way.” What they really mean is they can’t. Then along comes Charlie and he breaks all their rules, “he has a TV show and he’s just like us.” No he’s not. He doesn’t wear white, doesn’t have crystals in his pocket or preps his healing space with ritualised symbolism. He just turns up.
Friends have made the comparison, but he’s not like me either. He’s taller and better looking, but we’re both Australian and don’t shave every day. It’s a bromance, “I hope he likes my cooking.”
I won’t leave my business link in the comments on his FB page, or miss that he’s changing how energy healing will be viewed by the public and presented by future healers. It’s exciting to watch and long overdue, a new paradigm of energy healing.  
Can all those people accrediting energy healers after weekend workshops change accreditation certificates to attendance certs. Cheers! Oh, and Mayan tenth dimensional golden ray Wonder Women  starburst healing isn’t a thing. (I apologise to Wonder Women fans worldwide. She’s cool … not as cool as the Black Panther though)
To be transparent, two friends introduced me to him on social media and I said hi. I’ve testimonial, but I’m not Charlie. That’s the point, right? Energy healing community, we shouldn’t be asking Charlie to do anything for us. We should be thanking him and asking what can we do for ourselves: be professional, honest, courageous, committed and disciplined.
Thanks for being you, Charlie.

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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Group Healing Testimonial and Immediate Healing via “any open door.”

With fellow healer, Michelle Buss, I did the first in-person group-healing event in North East, MD. See attached flyer for details.

The day after the event Michelle received this email from Kelly (not her real name):

Had to drop you and Simon a quick note. I put my brother John [not his real name] on the road back to his home in up state Pennsylvania. Our experiences were so different. His time on the mat was very active, lots of movement. Mine was very still and quiet. His experience with your healing [Michelle placed her hands on John for a few minutes] was heart opening. Self love. He wanted to cry out loud very badly, but held himself in check. My experience with Simon [I placed my hands on Kelly for a few minutes] was so expansive, heat, quantum level, emotional clearing, and a blast of energy in my third eye that almost made me pass out.
After the workshop, John was charged! Energetic. Teasing me like we were kids. I was craving stillness. Quiet. He didn’t want much food. I was starved! He slept like a rock. I was up for hours.
When I saw him this morning his eyes were luminous. He was in a state of such peace and joy for life. I have never seen him like that.
I, on the other hand, am disoriented, nauseous, irregular heart-beats, waves of heat, chills and unsettled. And yet, I am calm. I know this is just my body settling in.
I was supposed to work tomorrow. Woke up, checked emails, they cancelled. Ha!
For the first time last night I actually audibly heard my guides walking around the room. When that happened I let everything go and said, “I surrender.”
What the hell did you guys do?! Lol!

Michelle’s reply: I shared this with Simon and he wants to know if he can share it just as it is written? He can make you anonymous if you like.

Anonymous is fine, since John is on the road and I can't contact him. Funny thing... 20 minutes ago I got the idea to just listen to Simon on youtube. I pulled up one of his videos. When it ended I tried to swipe it down to close the screen. It froze. Nothing I did would clear the screen. Simon’s face was on the screen, relaxed, but intense expression. My guides told me to stare at his eyes. I did until the screen went dark. 2 minutes?
When I blinked and looked around, all of my symptoms were gone. I felt completely relaxed, present, excited to do this work, and ready to move forward. I even looked at my reflection as I passed the mirror. Refreshed, glowing, happy. 
I asked my guides if I was crazy, they said, no. They can work through any open door. [I like this description]
So thanks, Simon, for the second healing. Let me know if I owe you a payment! [you don’t]

Many people have described healing experiences after thinking about me, looking at my photo or visiting my website. Some have had physical experiences with and have seen my energy/spirit body. At the time we’re thousands of kilometres apart and I’m not thinking about them. I’m grateful for testimonial about this.
At one point during the healing I talked and described healing guides that were working with us. Kelly has also attended workshops to connect with spirit guides and the soul healing introductory workshop. She would agree that it’s this that has improved her connection and experience with guides and spirit. Her healing work has also gone to another level. I’m excited for her and her future.

Love and healing, Simon

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Friday 10 November 2017

Mentorship and Authentic Healers

Re my career, I’m passionate about authenticity and to be a healer that gets consistent positive health outcomes, and I work daily to accomplish this. I’ve spoken publicly many tines about my belief that many people describing themselves as spiritual/energy healers have never recorded a positive health outcome (physical change, not just feeling good or enjoying the healing session).
After countless investigative conversations with people in the mind body spirit industry, many healers actually don’t believe they can accomplish health outcomes. Their confessions surprised me and I wanted to know, why?
If you’re in the alternative health (mind body spirit) industry, please don’t take this as criticism. I don’t share my thoughts to create division, but to encourage reflection and refinement. We can all be better healers. With my spirit team, I critique my healing and reading sessions daily.
In the US, I’m mentoring fellow healer, Michelle Buss, and part of that mentorship was to have Michelle present during 50+ healings on a previous Mid-Atlantic US tour. She continues to attend some healing sessions, participates in workshops and events and we talk about all things relative to healings, readings and tours.
Connecting Michelle to spirit guides, supporting her and the experience of 50+ and counting healing sessions has been invaluable to her development. She’s a natural medical medium, which I drew her attention to, and now an amazing healer. Our relationship continues.
Michelle has listened, asked the right questions and, the most important aspect of, my spirit guide, Gegu’s, decision to mentor her, has practiced and persisted in advancing her healing and mediumship ability.
In the future I will be investigating and creating ways to mentor more individuals and groups, but until then I will be doing soul healingintegration introductory workshops. In the future I will be doing one and two day workshops. We’re trying to price those so they’re affordable and to reach as many people as possible. It’s a privilege to work with spirit and people and something I’m grateful to experience.
In Australia, I’m investigating developing a mentorship programme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This doesn’t mean I will be only mentoring Indigenous Australians, but having time to effectively mentor multiple healers needs to be assessed and monitored. Will also be doing workshops and more events in 2018.
Here in Australia, a lot of people have asked about mentoring and I encourage them to have a session, attend events and future workshops. Ask me questions then. Gegu directed me to mentor Michelle Buss. It has proven to be the right instruction. Gegu knew Michelle would commit, listen and act despite the emotional turmoil that undertaking caused her.
I want everyone to be able to have a healing with credible and passionate healers. I want to be able to refer people to those healers and I’m looking into making that happen.  
Talk soon, Simon

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