Wednesday 20 December 2017

100 Healings 2017 Reflections

I’m probably going to annoy some readers, but to respect myself these comments need to be made.
This is my career. This is how I support my family and pay for my mortgage, so if I offer something for free I expect the offer to be respected. I expect people to read the details of the offer fully and follow instructions. Even though I had hoped for that, from past experience I knew some people would not. Too many people did not.
This is one of the reasons I stopped doing the 100 healings two years ago.
Another reason was that many of the people who accepted previous offers had been followers on FB and not supporters. They’d never shared a post or event, but were the first to take up the free offer.
There’s a belief that if you do something for others you shouldn’t expect anything back. I don’t, except thanks and the courtesy of not asking for more than is offered. Despite how people contacted me, all are on the healing list and I’m committed to healing them. As I state on my website, I don’t know what will happen during or after a healing. I don’t know what the outcome will be. Even though I achieve high success rates, I’ll always downplay potential outcomes.
Many people have been unwell and in pain for many years. They’re depressed and desperate. I always respect that and will not mislead anyone. I’m brutally honest about information I intuit, the process and possible health outcomes.
Curiously though, debilitating pain, long-term chronic physical and mental illness, high debt and the apocalypse doesn’t prevent some people asking for more or contacting me on multiple platforms. I got your email and replied, “Hi. Blah blah … you’re on the list.”
Self-entitlement and lack of personal responsibility hinder healing outcomes. Beliefs re monetary cost versus value, security (insurance, housing, familial support) versus health, dependency on carers versus independence and many other subtle states of being hinder or accelerate health outcomes. Being selfish and desperate is unhealthy and it annoys and exhausts me. I’m linked to your energy field during healings. It’s how I get the positive responses I get. Any tension in emotion or states of being influence outcome, so relax and then be courageous and make changes in your life.  
The 100 healings is a healing offer without any feedback. No readings! The reason I’m doing it at 9 am and 9 pm AEST over five days is because I’m giving everyone the opportunity to participate and lie down at those times. I’m also doing it over five days because, from past outcomes, some people need follow up sessions so positive health responses hold. People with mental health issues need frequent support. I’m hoping the five days provides that.
I’ve already had feedback from people who experienced positive health responses as soon as I emailed to confirm they were on the list. It can happen that quickly. I believe I can heal thousands this way, but I’ll continue to use the #100Healings tag.
Respect the offer and yourselves. Follow the instructions. It’s not a Boxing Day sale (black Friday for Americans). You don’t deserve privileged treatment. Seriously, you don’t!
Healing and health is a gift, being a healer is not. It’s hard work and requires discipline and commitment. It’s not a gift from God or from any other deity or higher power. It’s a human trait. It’s our humanness that’s powerful not our worship. This isn’t about aliens and angels; this is life, so stop being selfish and lazy.
I’m exhausted, my family, friends and dogs are missing out on quality time with me, but I’m still doing the healings. Respect that. 

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