Monday 11 December 2017

Charlie Goldsmith vs the Energy Healing Fraternity

Charlie Goldsmith, like most Aussies, favours thongs (flip-flops for Americans), blue jeans and a loose fitting tee shirt. He’s quietly spoken, humble and undersells his healing ability.
Unlike so many other self-titled healers, and the majority of practitioners of modalities of energy healing he accomplishes positive health outcomes. He dresses down and punches above his weight. He’s also honest about the times he’s unsuccessful, which is another rare trait in the energy healing industry.
It is an industry and a profession that fails over and over again. For almost a decade I’ve publicly stated, accreditation doesn’t guarantee success, and I wonder when the people doing the accrediting will ask why, or market their services honestly. Window dressing with ‘love and light’ and spirituality has pushed energy healing further into an alternative new age niche category.
When interrogated, most energy healers doubt they can heal illness and injury and have never done so. I’ve had those tough conversations and have been judged as egotistical for doing so, but the name-callers miss that I’m passionate about advancing energy healing. I critic my healing work daily and push myself to get consistent positive health outcomes. It’s obvious that Charlie does the same.
Charlie’s courage and commitment will benefit every authentic energy healer. They do exist. His public successes, hopefully, will encourage others to believe health through energy healing is possible.
Charlie’s confident and mature enough to deflect sceptics and ignore idiots. He’s able to choose whom he heals, which will eliminate the mind body spirit groupies and junkies who chase another healing and reading with the newest sensation in the industry.
It won’t stop them begging for the opportunity to meet him though, “you’re amazing. I know you’re busy, but I feel we’re destined to meet. I had a dream, archangel Michael (poor Mick! That angel just wants a beer) and the partridge in the love and light tree told me you could fit me in.”
Yes, I’m cynical. I’ve almost two decades of reasons for being so, and I’m also committed to helping people in need and assisting all professions of healing and health to get better results. People from the mind body spirit community have told me many times how to do healings and criticised how I do them, “you can’t do it that way.” What they really mean is they can’t. Then along comes Charlie and he breaks all their rules, “he has a TV show and he’s just like us.” No he’s not. He doesn’t wear white, doesn’t have crystals in his pocket or preps his healing space with ritualised symbolism. He just turns up.
Friends have made the comparison, but he’s not like me either. He’s taller and better looking, but we’re both Australian and don’t shave every day. It’s a bromance, “I hope he likes my cooking.”
I won’t leave my business link in the comments on his FB page, or miss that he’s changing how energy healing will be viewed by the public and presented by future healers. It’s exciting to watch and long overdue, a new paradigm of energy healing.  
Can all those people accrediting energy healers after weekend workshops change accreditation certificates to attendance certs. Cheers! Oh, and Mayan tenth dimensional golden ray Wonder Women  starburst healing isn’t a thing. (I apologise to Wonder Women fans worldwide. She’s cool … not as cool as the Black Panther though)
To be transparent, two friends introduced me to him on social media and I said hi. I’ve testimonial, but I’m not Charlie. That’s the point, right? Energy healing community, we shouldn’t be asking Charlie to do anything for us. We should be thanking him and asking what can we do for ourselves: be professional, honest, courageous, committed and disciplined.
Thanks for being you, Charlie.

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