Tuesday 21 November 2017

Group Healing Testimonial and Immediate Healing via “any open door.”

With fellow healer, Michelle Buss, I did the first in-person group-healing event in North East, MD. See attached flyer for details.

The day after the event Michelle received this email from Kelly (not her real name):

Had to drop you and Simon a quick note. I put my brother John [not his real name] on the road back to his home in up state Pennsylvania. Our experiences were so different. His time on the mat was very active, lots of movement. Mine was very still and quiet. His experience with your healing [Michelle placed her hands on John for a few minutes] was heart opening. Self love. He wanted to cry out loud very badly, but held himself in check. My experience with Simon [I placed my hands on Kelly for a few minutes] was so expansive, heat, quantum level, emotional clearing, and a blast of energy in my third eye that almost made me pass out.
After the workshop, John was charged! Energetic. Teasing me like we were kids. I was craving stillness. Quiet. He didn’t want much food. I was starved! He slept like a rock. I was up for hours.
When I saw him this morning his eyes were luminous. He was in a state of such peace and joy for life. I have never seen him like that.
I, on the other hand, am disoriented, nauseous, irregular heart-beats, waves of heat, chills and unsettled. And yet, I am calm. I know this is just my body settling in.
I was supposed to work tomorrow. Woke up, checked emails, they cancelled. Ha!
For the first time last night I actually audibly heard my guides walking around the room. When that happened I let everything go and said, “I surrender.”
What the hell did you guys do?! Lol!

Michelle’s reply: I shared this with Simon and he wants to know if he can share it just as it is written? He can make you anonymous if you like.

Anonymous is fine, since John is on the road and I can't contact him. Funny thing... 20 minutes ago I got the idea to just listen to Simon on youtube. I pulled up one of his videos. When it ended I tried to swipe it down to close the screen. It froze. Nothing I did would clear the screen. Simon’s face was on the screen, relaxed, but intense expression. My guides told me to stare at his eyes. I did until the screen went dark. 2 minutes?
When I blinked and looked around, all of my symptoms were gone. I felt completely relaxed, present, excited to do this work, and ready to move forward. I even looked at my reflection as I passed the mirror. Refreshed, glowing, happy. 
I asked my guides if I was crazy, they said, no. They can work through any open door. [I like this description]
So thanks, Simon, for the second healing. Let me know if I owe you a payment! [you don’t]

Many people have described healing experiences after thinking about me, looking at my photo or visiting my website. Some have had physical experiences with and have seen my energy/spirit body. At the time we’re thousands of kilometres apart and I’m not thinking about them. I’m grateful for testimonial about this.
At one point during the healing I talked and described healing guides that were working with us. Kelly has also attended workshops to connect with spirit guides and the soul healing introductory workshop. She would agree that it’s this that has improved her connection and experience with guides and spirit. Her healing work has also gone to another level. I’m excited for her and her future.

Love and healing, Simon

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