Friday 10 November 2017

Mentorship and Authentic Healers

Re my career, I’m passionate about authenticity and to be a healer that gets consistent positive health outcomes, and I work daily to accomplish this. I’ve spoken publicly many tines about my belief that many people describing themselves as spiritual/energy healers have never recorded a positive health outcome (physical change, not just feeling good or enjoying the healing session).
After countless investigative conversations with people in the mind body spirit industry, many healers actually don’t believe they can accomplish health outcomes. Their confessions surprised me and I wanted to know, why?
If you’re in the alternative health (mind body spirit) industry, please don’t take this as criticism. I don’t share my thoughts to create division, but to encourage reflection and refinement. We can all be better healers. With my spirit team, I critique my healing and reading sessions daily.
In the US, I’m mentoring fellow healer, Michelle Buss, and part of that mentorship was to have Michelle present during 50+ healings on a previous Mid-Atlantic US tour. She continues to attend some healing sessions, participates in workshops and events and we talk about all things relative to healings, readings and tours.
Connecting Michelle to spirit guides, supporting her and the experience of 50+ and counting healing sessions has been invaluable to her development. She’s a natural medical medium, which I drew her attention to, and now an amazing healer. Our relationship continues.
Michelle has listened, asked the right questions and, the most important aspect of, my spirit guide, Gegu’s, decision to mentor her, has practiced and persisted in advancing her healing and mediumship ability.
In the future I will be investigating and creating ways to mentor more individuals and groups, but until then I will be doing soul healingintegration introductory workshops. In the future I will be doing one and two day workshops. We’re trying to price those so they’re affordable and to reach as many people as possible. It’s a privilege to work with spirit and people and something I’m grateful to experience.
In Australia, I’m investigating developing a mentorship programme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This doesn’t mean I will be only mentoring Indigenous Australians, but having time to effectively mentor multiple healers needs to be assessed and monitored. Will also be doing workshops and more events in 2018.
Here in Australia, a lot of people have asked about mentoring and I encourage them to have a session, attend events and future workshops. Ask me questions then. Gegu directed me to mentor Michelle Buss. It has proven to be the right instruction. Gegu knew Michelle would commit, listen and act despite the emotional turmoil that undertaking caused her.
I want everyone to be able to have a healing with credible and passionate healers. I want to be able to refer people to those healers and I’m looking into making that happen.  
Talk soon, Simon

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