Friday 17 January 2014

Spirit can give X-ray vision, but perception is via the heart

During healings and readings I see magnified images of cells, anatomy, limbs and areas of skin. In person, rather than a distant healing, I see amazing strange things: scars, birthmarks, piercings, body fluids, organs, tattoos, etc.
90% of my clients are women, so at times it can be embarrassing for them and me, but I’m polite and apologise in advance when I see or know something that potentially will cause shock or embarrassment. I see the ouchies and the uglies from the past, present and future. I also see positive things, but those don’t bother clients — safe conversations.
Similar types of healings and readings group together. I’ll do 6 cancer healings in a week and then none for a fortnight. The name Albert will be in every reading I do on a particular day.
I went through a period where every other client had or had had an STD. I saw the symptoms of STD’s, both internal and external. Then I saw a Brazilian, not Pelé. Initially, I didn’t know I was looking at a bald vulva, but I could feel it. No, not feeling it, feel it. On my vulva; if I had one. When I told the lady what I was seeing and feeling she laughed. Wax rash.
You know what happened then, don’t you? If a flock of crows is called a murder, what’s a stampede of not quaffed, chafed, mons pubis’ called? Almost murdered?
I survived the stampede. Just.
Some people from the love and light mob wanted to burn the witch who dared talk about vaginas while conversing with spirit. They gossiped, scratched their itchy secondary growth bushes and flipped feminine goddess angel cards quicker than they pulled wax strips. Witches, wax sensibly. Both ways. J
Ladies and gents, during healings and readings, I’ll intuit and see all kinds of things. I may embarrass you, but I will always respect you. 

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality. ~ Seneca

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