Tuesday 29 June 2010

Birthdays, Bindi Iriwin, and Crocodiles

It was my son’s birthday today, and we went to Australia Zoo for the day. In my opinion this is the best and the cleanest tourist attraction in Queensland. I love it! I’ve visited many times before and have enjoyed seeing the changes. This year we bought a season pass. Steve Irwin was a legend and my hero.

My son Jett (happy birthday) and daughter Lilly

Don't tell Maree I've put her photo online. Both of us always have a forced camera face!


There are cool animals to interact with throughout the park

Bindi about to feed a croc! The crocodile boys with her were alert

This was the best show I've seen. The crocodile was watching Wes, Steve's best mate and park manager, and the man beside Bindi. Terri and Robert are in the background with another crocodile handler; there were four handlers.

Terri feeding a rat to the croc. I missed the lunge out of the water. Wes had to feed him first to get him interested. The croc was interested in Wes.

I’m busy this week with appointments and writing, so my posts will be brief, but I’ve more photos to share. Have a good week. Talk soon, Simon.

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Thursday 17 June 2010

Haere Mai, Come in and eat with my Whanau

I’m away this weekend, healing at the Gold Coast, so I won’t be online. Let’s have a cup of tea and some scones when I get home. Until then, enjoy some photos.

A hangi is the Maori word for cooking your kai (food) in the ground. My dad heats rocks (I’ve seen off-cuts of steel used) with a fire, and then places the rocks in a hole in the ground. Meat and vegetables are wrapped in aluminium foil, cabbage leaves, silver beet, or cheese cloth, and placed in wire baskets. The wire baskets are placed on the bed of hot rocks, and more rocks are placed on and around the baskets. Hessian, towelling, or carpet dunked into water first is then laid over the baskets. Cover with dirt and then drink beer, play pool, or throw darts for five hours. This is the most important part—socialise with family and friends.

I’m not my dad, he knows more Maori than the word kai, so I put down the I-used-to-be-a-tradey all Australian hangi. It’s had dad’s, "that’s the tidiest hangi I’ve seen boy," tick of approval.

I line the floor and sides of the hole with kiln fired bricks (not concrete blocks), they’re free at all building sites if you ask nicely, and then burn native timbers (this is important) for roughly ninety minutes. Shovel most of the embers and coals aside, place the aluminium foil wrapped meat into the pit, and push the embers back around the kai. Did you see what I did there Dad?

Cover the embers and meat with wet towels, not mum’s good ones, old nappies, or that denim jacket you wore in the eighties. Wetting them first stops them burning while you’re shovelling dirt.

We had a twenty first party, and because I was busy being a host I didn’t get the chance to photograph the meat before it was all gone. The best meat for a hangi is lamb, pork, or fish. Beef is sometimes dry, but you can wrap it with olive oil beforehand. Add herbs, onions, garlic, flavours and sauces to the meat when you wrap it, and the best thing about cooking this way is you can’t overcook the meat. It will stay moist until unwrapped.

My hangis cook for four to five hours, but soils, bricks, and coals hold heat differently. The weather will also influence burning and cooking times. Don’t use fire starters or any chemicals to start the fire—paper and kindling only, and don’t use treated or painted wood either. Chemicals make us sick, and gravy will not hide that kerosene taste.

 Our backyard: the hangi is in the garden in front of the farm shed, kid’s cubby on the left, pergola, pavers, and dart board, just out of sight, on the right. Everything you can see, I have built. 

Have a great weekend, and kia waimarie with your hangi. Talk soon, Simon. “Kei te aroha au ki a koe.” 

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Tuesday 15 June 2010

Who’s in Control—Mind Body Spirit?

Hopefully, this will be brief, but I’m considering it’s an observation that’s worthy of a chapter in a book. When I’m healing, Gegu, my angelic guide, often tells me that I’m not in control. I’ve always believed that the client’s spirit and consciousness is the creating force, but I’ve now realised that Gegu is sometimes referring to something else.

This something else might be the pivotal element in creating health and a happy life. At this moment I’m writing, and I’d describe the process as being evidence of my desire to share, my love of writing, my education, intelligent reasoning (sometimes), and my life experience.

My conscious mind is the programme I’m aware of, my unconscious mind is running in the background, and can enhance or hinder what I’m attempting to create, but I’m also aware of an observing mind. The observing mind see’s everything unhindered by emotion, the processes of thinking, and sensory perception. (?)

Since I’m not Carl Jung I’ll tell you a story. On Wednesday evenings I run a meditation and connect with spirit night at home. Last week one of the exercises I asked participants to do was, while holding a gemstone, concentrate on an emotion and infuse that emotion into the stone. It wasn’t important what the emotion or feeling was. The stones were swapped and everyone had to then read the stone: what did they feel, see, or hear?

The stone that was handed to me was infused with anger. Holly, who passed the stone to me, had had a terrible day, and had been angry with her partner all day. She assured me she was channelling all the anger into the stone. Upon coming into contact with the stone I heard, “I’m tired of saying sorry all the time, and I’m sick of feeling responsible for everything.” I felt that the feeling in the stone was forgiveness, and Gegu added, “She must be forgiving and gentle with herself.”

What I had read wasn’t what the lady had been concentrating on. I got the reason for the anger and how to ease this feeling. So what was controlling the message?

The feeling I focussed on was loss. At first I’d been undecided about what to concentrate on, but a grieving spirit was standing beside me, so, feeling overwhelmed, I filled that rock with loss and sadness and passed it along.

Samantha took the rock and immediately sat up straight. She described a pulse of energy vibrating through her body and she was excited and energised. Before this she had been lethargic and was struggling to stay awake. The previous two meditations had relaxed her and she still felt separated from her body.

Again, not the outcome I expected. Samantha needed healing and I’d been aware that she had been getting some during the meditations: angels were visible, and my hands were burning.

In both instances it wasn’t what was intended, but what was needed. The first lady needed to say what she had been unable to say, and then to be forgiving. Samantha needed healing. In these cases I’m the common link—the receiver and the giver. But the other pairs also had similar results.

Defying intent, focus, instruction, and action, something else is in control. What?

I feel there’ll be another part to this post.

Talk soon, Simon.

Dew covered ferns, Te Puia, Rotorua, New Zealand

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Monday 14 June 2010

Blog Appreciation Day: Five Reasons to Love Tessa Gratton

If the world was overrun by zombies, or angry pelicans, I’d pray Jessica Watson hadn’t been eaten yet and visit Tessa Gratton. I’ve no doubt that she’d be the leader of a fortified village, sheltering children, animal lovers, their pets, the elderly, and the pelicans immune to BP’s legacy.

The watch towers would be manned by bow and arrow toting, finger nail painted, vibram five finger wearing, aspiring YA authors. I’d have to beat one, possibly two guards in a game of scrabble, just to get through the first gate. While being strip searched I’d be asked to come up with five synonyms for cavity. If I failed I’d be thrown into a pit with a zombie assassin, who looks suspiciously like Sarah Palin. Jessica Watson would be welcomed, because, well, she’s Jessica Watson!

After some UFC with the zombie assassin, being humiliated in a word war by Master Splinter, and surviving being bitten by Carrie Ryan, I’d finally be granted counsel with the Pirate Queen. The ordeal would be worth it, although, I thought the laughter during the strip search was a bit harsh, because I’ve five reasons to love Tessa Gratton:

1) She’s a source for inspirational quotes. "If you wrote something and saw that it was good and there was value others could receive from it, but you don't share it because you're afraid of judgement and/or misunderstanding - that is cowardice." This was the first quote I collected online, and this is the reason I write: I want to be brave, and I don’t want to fear judgement.

2) Tess is generous. She writes short stories and posts them here, and this has helped me become a better writer.

3) Tess is brave. She stands up for what she believes in, and rather than be an armchair advocate she acts. (She also scares me a little)

4) Tess is funny. The world can never have too much humour.  

5) I’m looking forward to Tessa’s debut novel coming in 2011.


Summer 2011 from Random House Children’s Books.

For Nick Pardee and Silla Kennicot, the cemetery is the center of everything.

Nick is a city boy angry at being forced to move back to the nowhere town of Yaleylah, Missouri where he grew up. He can’t help remembering his mom and the blood magic she practiced – memories he’s tried for five years to escape. Silla, though, doesn’t want to forget; her parents’ apparent murder-suicide left her numb and needing answers. When a book of magic spells in her dad’s handwriting appears on her doorstep, she sees her chance to unravel the mystery of their deaths.

Together they plunge into the world of dark magic, but when a hundred-year-old blood witch comes hunting for the bones of Silla’s parents and the spell book, Nick and Silla will have to let go of everything they believe about who they are, the nature of life and death, and the deadly secrets that hide in blood.

(Blurb from Tessa’s website)

Disclaimer thingy: Tess hasn’t mowed my lawns, fed my dogs when I’m away, line edited my WIP, or made me lemon chicken for dinner. I do have airport dreams about her, which is exciting for me, and probably creepy for her.

Talk soon, Simon.

A similar post.

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Tuesday 8 June 2010

The Shimmer of Spirit

I had an enlightening discussion with Fred Hollows a few weeks ago. On Wednesday nights, when I’m home, I have a meditation and psychic development evening. Gary, who is a talented trance medium, was talking to Fred during his meditation. I asked Gary if he’d trance and allow Fred to speak to us all.

While Gary was speaking I saw Fred’s face overlaid on Gary’s face. Gary’s voice was filled with longing when Fred described his desire to continue his work. He felt he hadn’t fulfilled his life’s work, and everyone in the room commented later how sad this had made them feel.

Watching Gary and Fred I was thinking how amazing it was that spirit visits, and I began to wonder why they came. When I’m healing, doctors, nurses, surgeons, indigenous healers, prophets, angels, and a myriad of other spirits frequent my healing room, but what attracts them?

Even when the client or the healer is unaware of what is needed for perfect health to manifest, the energy field of the body, consciousness, knows. The body vibrates at, help me. Spirit/consciousness responds. I am here. The pathway for wellness to be created is opened with intent.

My question to Fred Hollows was, ‘How do you hear, or receive the question, help me?’

‘It just appears.’

‘Okay. How do you know where to go, and how do you get here?’

‘I just appear.’

‘You can see me?


‘How do you see me?’

‘You look like a shimmer.’

What’s interesting about this is that this is how I see spirit. They look like a shimmer of light. When I close my eyes, I then see the person. I have seen, and still do see spirit as if they’re real people, but mostly I see the shimmering shape of a person.

The shimmer is vibration, the wide open spaces between atoms—light. It’s like a visible radio frequency. What we think and create becomes an invisible (most times) signal.

If someone you love has died, they will appear every time you have a need for them. I miss you. I need a hug—I am here. To make these experiences a part of our lives, we have to believe without evidence. We have to know spirit is with us. We see each other the same way. It’s like being on opposite sides of glass—we’re looking into, and influencing each other’s world.

You know, I really do love you. Talk soon, Simon.

Clear waters of Lake Rotoma, Rotorua District, North Island, New Zealand

Blue trout at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua—I recommend this tourist destination

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Saturday 5 June 2010


Scrappy Duck’s my step daughter and I’m grateful that she’s a part of my family. I’ve two teenage daughters who don’t speak to me, so Scrappy fills that void. She’s equal parts funny and drive-me-crazy.

Friday night is footy night (rugby league)—Simon, television, beer, legs up, do not disturb! No, it’s not quite that serious. I cook dinner, clean up, and relax.

Scrappy kisses me goodnight on the way to bed. Cool! Every other night she calls me in to turn her light off, and I kiss her goodnight then. It’s a close game. Go Tigers!

‘Beep.’ Bugger! Who would be txting me this late? I walk sideways to the phone, one eye on the game, and knock my knee on the dining table.

‘simon can you turn off my fan <3’

Did I mention drive-me-crazy?

Does anyone have any gunpowder?

Peace (thank you Helen)

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Thursday 3 June 2010

Universe, I Am Here

Today I’m a guest author on Unfolding Your Path To Joy’s Blog.  From Joy’s bio: I believe in a God who guides me, I believe my being sees your being, and I believe that my heart is my compass. Joy’s genuine, generous, and she loves the earth. She’s also pretty cool—she lives on a sailboat (a sailboat!) with her two children (and Jack Sparrow). Thank you, Joy, for inviting me aboard.

Universe, I Am Here

I meet a lot of people who are trying to change their lives, but they just can’t seem to create what they desire. Often, what we think we want is not always what we need, and the gap between reality and what we’re dreaming seems to widen daily. Pretty soon we resign ourselves to being miserable and slide into depression.

One of the most common responses to healing is that this lethargy is lifted and clients manifest their dreams immediately. I’ve had two clients phone me this week, I saw them both a year ago, and they chatted like excited school girls talking about Justin Bieber. It was difficult for both of them to describe exactly what had changed, but they were no longer anxious, they slept peacefully, they were pain free, new opportunities had manifested, well … life was great!

continue reading here

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