Tuesday 15 June 2010

Who’s in Control—Mind Body Spirit?

Hopefully, this will be brief, but I’m considering it’s an observation that’s worthy of a chapter in a book. When I’m healing, Gegu, my angelic guide, often tells me that I’m not in control. I’ve always believed that the client’s spirit and consciousness is the creating force, but I’ve now realised that Gegu is sometimes referring to something else.

This something else might be the pivotal element in creating health and a happy life. At this moment I’m writing, and I’d describe the process as being evidence of my desire to share, my love of writing, my education, intelligent reasoning (sometimes), and my life experience.

My conscious mind is the programme I’m aware of, my unconscious mind is running in the background, and can enhance or hinder what I’m attempting to create, but I’m also aware of an observing mind. The observing mind see’s everything unhindered by emotion, the processes of thinking, and sensory perception. (?)

Since I’m not Carl Jung I’ll tell you a story. On Wednesday evenings I run a meditation and connect with spirit night at home. Last week one of the exercises I asked participants to do was, while holding a gemstone, concentrate on an emotion and infuse that emotion into the stone. It wasn’t important what the emotion or feeling was. The stones were swapped and everyone had to then read the stone: what did they feel, see, or hear?

The stone that was handed to me was infused with anger. Holly, who passed the stone to me, had had a terrible day, and had been angry with her partner all day. She assured me she was channelling all the anger into the stone. Upon coming into contact with the stone I heard, “I’m tired of saying sorry all the time, and I’m sick of feeling responsible for everything.” I felt that the feeling in the stone was forgiveness, and Gegu added, “She must be forgiving and gentle with herself.”

What I had read wasn’t what the lady had been concentrating on. I got the reason for the anger and how to ease this feeling. So what was controlling the message?

The feeling I focussed on was loss. At first I’d been undecided about what to concentrate on, but a grieving spirit was standing beside me, so, feeling overwhelmed, I filled that rock with loss and sadness and passed it along.

Samantha took the rock and immediately sat up straight. She described a pulse of energy vibrating through her body and she was excited and energised. Before this she had been lethargic and was struggling to stay awake. The previous two meditations had relaxed her and she still felt separated from her body.

Again, not the outcome I expected. Samantha needed healing and I’d been aware that she had been getting some during the meditations: angels were visible, and my hands were burning.

In both instances it wasn’t what was intended, but what was needed. The first lady needed to say what she had been unable to say, and then to be forgiving. Samantha needed healing. In these cases I’m the common link—the receiver and the giver. But the other pairs also had similar results.

Defying intent, focus, instruction, and action, something else is in control. What?

I feel there’ll be another part to this post.

Talk soon, Simon.

Dew covered ferns, Te Puia, Rotorua, New Zealand

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  1. Simon,
    What I'm drawn to here is this idea that even when something is not as we "expect", it can be just what is needed. And that's something so worth letting sink in...this idea of really being open to what comes out of any happening....

    Good stuff, my friend...

  2. Hi Simon. I'm glad we connected and I found my way here. One of my online friends, Angela is a medium, and I'm fascinated by her experiences. Now I can be fascinated by yours too :) Thank you for getting in touch!

  3. Lance, thank you. It's a nice way to always be surprised.

    You're welcome, Jean, thanks for visiting!

  4. Simon,
    Pure awareness overruled even expectation...so perhaps Golden Energy overrules thought/concrete energy...In such a setting, you were each focused on feeling an emotion, so your hearts were open to feeling, and to open your heart in such a manner, your mind takes a back seat...
    Beauty filled experience..thank you for sharing..looking forward to when you next share your further insights as they unfold within...