Thursday 3 June 2010

Universe, I Am Here

Today I’m a guest author on Unfolding Your Path To Joy’s Blog.  From Joy’s bio: I believe in a God who guides me, I believe my being sees your being, and I believe that my heart is my compass. Joy’s genuine, generous, and she loves the earth. She’s also pretty cool—she lives on a sailboat (a sailboat!) with her two children (and Jack Sparrow). Thank you, Joy, for inviting me aboard.

Universe, I Am Here

I meet a lot of people who are trying to change their lives, but they just can’t seem to create what they desire. Often, what we think we want is not always what we need, and the gap between reality and what we’re dreaming seems to widen daily. Pretty soon we resign ourselves to being miserable and slide into depression.

One of the most common responses to healing is that this lethargy is lifted and clients manifest their dreams immediately. I’ve had two clients phone me this week, I saw them both a year ago, and they chatted like excited school girls talking about Justin Bieber. It was difficult for both of them to describe exactly what had changed, but they were no longer anxious, they slept peacefully, they were pain free, new opportunities had manifested, well … life was great!

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  1. Simon, your guest blog post was great! Well done.

  2. Thank you, Helen and Julie.

  3. Lives on a sailboat? How awesomely (is that a word?) cool! Will definitely click over and read. How are you my down under brother? Good to hear from you again yesterday on my blog. I'll be back again soon...