Wednesday 29 June 2016

Energy Healing Benefits Sexual Health and Increases Libido

This is a common health response to experience after a healing session with me, but this is the first time a client has provided written testimonial.
Numerous women experience varying states of arousal during healings and some orgasm. There are many reasons for this, but one is a suppressed libido. I’m not qualified to talk about sexual health, but orgasms are good for our physical and emotional health. In a healing session, orgasms release and heal past, present and generational stresses and traumas.
I know that some women will hesitate to book a healing session with me for fear of having an orgasm or experiencing any degree of arousal, but it’s important that I disclose that it may occur. It’s been on the Healing Responses page on my website since my website went online. 98% of my clients are women, but some men have gotten erections during healing sessions.
I’m professional and respectful when these things occur, and sometimes I don’t know it’s happened until clients talk about it.
There’ll be a chapter about this in my next book. 
 I’m grateful for J’s candid and refreshing testimonial.    

I’m writing to share a surprising, but welcomed change I’ve experienced since seeing you for a session. When I went to see you, I did so out of curiosity and didn’t really have anything specific I wanted to work on. While I felt wonderful immediately after our session, it was a few weeks later that I noticed this one specific change. I now have a healthy libido! 
I know this is a topic people don’t usually talk about, but I also know that so many women suffer with having a low or a non-existent libido so I wanted to share a little of my experience.
I don’t remember exactly when it started, but it was sometime in my early 20’s (I'll be 40 next year). I’ve always enjoyed sex, but at some point I just lost interest in having it. My body just felt like it didn’t want it anymore. A few times a month, usually in connection to certain parts of my menstrual cycles, I would have a day or two where I’d have a normal level of interest, but generally it wasn’t something I felt regularly. 
I’d think about sex, but I’d get caught up in work and home stress and just let it go without acting on it. If my husband and I had sex a few times a month we were doing good. I’d masturbate to relieved stress and to help me fall asleep, but that wasn’t frequent either and often took so long I would feel worn out. 
My husband has always been very understanding, but I feel this lack of interest lead him to not initiate sex often because my interest in it was just so infrequent. I think he did this out of respect for me, but I felt stressed about it because I knew he wanted and needed that intimacy more frequently. It also made me feel less desirable and less attractive at times.
Well I am happy to report that all is well with our sex life! I now have interest in sex multiple times a week. My orgasms are easier to get and stronger than before. I am learning more about my body through self-pleasure, which helps my husband and I both get more out of our sex life. I had a discussion with my husband about how much better my sex drive is and how I’d like for him to initiate sex more. He was happy to listen. 
Sexual health is so important for women’s health, for our bodies and minds, and for our intimate relationships. I feel sexier and more desirable than ever before. I have more motivation to keep healthy too because I feel so much better about myself. 
I know it may seem odd that an increased libido could have such an affect, but for me it has. 
Thank you, Simon, for removing the blocks and repairing what was needed to give me my groove back!  Much love to you.

J ~ California, USA
When I'm not doing healings and readings, I fish with my son

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