Thursday 11 April 2013

Don't Give Up On Your Health

I respect the public’s desire for proof that energy healing works, and I wish I could guarantee that every healing will be successful, but I can’t. Throughout my website and writing I stress this fact. I don’t know what will happen during or after a healing, but what have you got to lose by trying.

Many clients come to see me after spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on traditional health practices, but hesitate to book a follow up session. I don’t market myself as the healer you need to see more than once because of the successful healings that consistently happen, but some clients have a nil or a negligible response. In most cases a follow up healing may be successful.

Recently a client with debilitating neck and shoulder pain received no benefit from the first healing—she had seen an array of health professionals for many years and no treatments had helped. During the healing, family in spirit visited, and we looked at past and present relationships, moments and emotions in her life. She gained insights into herself, previous partners and family.

A month later she returned and this time had a 95% reduction in pain that, at this stage, appears permanent. She’s booked again. Now it’s possible that another session won’t reduce her pain further, but it will make her smile. It’s also possible that massage, exercise and lifestyle changes will now work and if she sees me again it will be because she enjoys seeing me and communicating with spirit.

Don’t give up on your health.

Often it’s a small shift of emotion, mind state or environment change that can start the journey towards health.

On a personal note, it hurts me when I’m unsuccessful. At times the health responses seem random and spontaneous and I can’t pinpoint the moment of change. It doesn’t make sense that an illness can disappear in one person and remain in another. As the years go by I gain greater insights into possibly why, but a lot of what I do remains a mystery.

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