Monday 28 September 2015

Energy Healing & Health Through Connection

This fortnight and twelve months after she’d seen me, a client informed, a few days after her healing session she menstruated. She hadn’t had a period for a long time and joked, wasn’t sure she wanted to again. It’s a common healing response.

It’s also common for clients to share good news months after, or I’m told by a referral. Most of my successes are unrecorded.

I’m grateful that Donna, who following email is from, always shares. Donna asked me to do a distant-healing for her son’s injured knee and she’s describing her experience during and after her son’s healing.

Many people have benefitted from distant and in-person healings I’ve done for others. During readings if I’m talking about someone other than the person I’m talking to, it’s probable that that person will be getting healing. People connected to clients receive healing in varying degrees—family, friends, people who: travelled with, spoke to, know about the healing, looked at my business card, visited my website.

Clients have experienced the healing responses I share on my website and the experiences I write about in blog articles during and after: talking to me on the phone, attending events, looking at my website and social-media sites, messaging and emailing, confirming a booking, hearing my name, and being in the company of someone who has seen me.

It’s amazing and mysterious and I’m grateful for it all.

I respect that it’s frustrating and disappointing for those, and there are many, who don’t experience any of this, but I believe sharing these stories contributes to creating it to happen.

Donna’s email:
Since yesterday’s 21/9 email the following has happened:
Sunday 20/9 am — when I woke I felt a sharp pain in my right breast and couldn’t put my arm down, cold shivers all day, body aching, headache bordering on migraine, nausea and lightheadedness. Asked spirit what was going on and felt that something had burst in my breast and blood and infection had been released into my body and my body was sorting it out. [I wasn’t aware Donna speaks to spirit, but admire her trust]
Monday AM 21/9 — shivers mostly stopped, red mark on my right breast, body aching, headache and slight nausea. Went to the doctors (I needed a medical certificate for work and you try not to think the worst, but breasts are sensitive areas and you can worry about the possibilities). The Dr. thought it might be an abscess. He sent me for an ultrasound and mammogram.
Not long after, 11am-12pm 21/9, whilst at home, I felt a healing sensation in my uterus area [for women, a common location], similar to the last time you did a healing for my back in March 2015, and then further healing sensations in my back which had been aching because I was in bed all day Sunday. The relief was instantaneous and I felt so much better. 
Also, around 8 PM 7/9 on the night you did the healing for Eric, I felt the healing sensation in my uterus for a brief time. I assumed it was a pathway for spirit to Eric and I was sitting on the chair next to the bed he was in. [not a pathway in this instance. It happened because Donna was with her son]
Later in the evening, 6 PM – 8 PM 21/9, I felt the healing sensation in my uterus and back area again.
It feels so good, Simon, when it’s happening, and you feel everything will be all right. I hope that’s how you feel every day.
Then again later in the evening around 10 PM 21/9, I had just been for a walk and lay down on my bed for a little while, I felt the healing sensation (pressure) on my uterus and then a much stronger pressure in the center of my chest. It must’ve been there for about half an hour. I was awake, and although I could not see anyone I could feel them. The pressure was intense and deep into my chest and heart. It would ease off for a moment and then start again. It felt like someone was pushing me down with their hand to stay still. I felt a number of other sensations, but these were the main ones. At one point I had to move and felt something pop or twist in my heart area. It’s hard to describe.
Simon, the re-assurance and love I feel to have such a gift given to me in such a worrying time is so precious and so magnificent.
Today 22/9 I went for the ultrasound. Although I have a cyst on the left side, there is nothing sinister and the abscess was gone leaving just a bit of inflammation on the right side.
I wish I had the words to show the depth of my gratitude and love, Simon. You and spirit are so kind and loving to me and mine, let alone the world.
Right now, at this moment, I feel the healing sensation in my uterus area. Pretty cool!
The only words I have are, thanks and love, Donna

Thanks, Donna!

Reflecting on Donna’s experiences during and results after healings, I feel this is important and relevant. Donna contacts me with a clear intention; heal me. She emails, pays and accepts the booking time I give her. She co-operates without hesitation. She sends one email advising she wants a healing and has paid, and another to confirm she received my response.

A lot of clients who need healing, aware that I also do readings, focus on the reading, “I’ll get a reading too?” All my in-person clients and most of the distant get a reading. It’s the way I work, but Donna’s not interested. If she wants a reading, she’ll book another session.

It’s not whether clients get a detailed long reading or a short one that’s the issue, it’s that they expect one, they want one more than a healing. They worry about the cost, which puts a monetary value on their health. Despite that they’ve probably spent thousands on other treatments they hesitate to spend more. In some healings these factors are restrictive, while in others all factors I’ve identified as negating a positive outcome are powerless. As I mentioned before, it’s a mystery.

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