Thursday 28 January 2010

3D and 5 Zombies

Zombies scare me, and if you shuffle down my hallway moaning and breathing like a camel at the Birdsville races I’m going to scream like Amy Whinehouse being photographed. If I’m not paralysed with fear I’d have to decapitate you, and then I’d have to move to Fern Gulley with Sam Worthington and the Na’vi.

It’s almost 2012 and the apocalypse is coming. Damn those Mayans for not publishing the calendar for the next ten thousand years. I know carving on rock is tough, but my grandmother is gambling all her money on the pokies because she doesn’t believe she’ll wake up on 22nd December. “Nanna, I still want my $10 Christmas money!”

Prophetic visions are mysterious. I’ve had a few: 9/11, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, bush fires, and earthquakes, but the images are random and there’s never enough information to determine an exact location or time. I’m left feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

I’ve not had any about 2012. I see conflict, fires, more earthquakes, cyclonic storms, and planes falling from the sky, and Gegu remains quiet. If you don’t believe the world’s at war now then you haven’t been watching the news. Personally I’d like to see zombies, because then war would make sense. Is the world going to end? I hope not, well at least not before I conquer my fear of zombies.

What I can share is a conversation I had with a new guide. I’d listened to an audio CD about living in the third dimension and transitioning to the fourth, and had been thinking about how complex science is and what the hell does all this mean? According to Mr CD there’s X number of dimensions and we/humans live in the 3rd, but only vibrate at 2.5, so until we function at 3 we won’t transition to 4, but there’s actually 5, and 5 universes with 5 different dimensions, and this is where spirit lives, and when you conquer the 5 zombies you will live with 5 avatars in Fern Gulley.

What the? Thank you, Rove.

The guide’s text is in italics.

“The first thing to grasp is that you and I, them and us, are singular not plural. We exist not dimensionally, but as beyond space/time/matter. See this moment, this communication, as a giant sheet of paper. Fold the paper. You are now hidden in the fold, and here I am.”

He’s on the folded paper. I’m in the fold.

“Fold the paper again. Now I’m hidden in the fold, but I’m also here on the top surface. Every fold creates another space with an upper and lower surface. You only exist on one plane/surface. What is created on the other surface? A reflection?”

“Of what?”

“Possibility. Potential. If we keep on folding we create surfaces in each plane/level. You become smaller, but the field becomes larger. The field is the sum of all the planes. We’re all in the field but invisible to each other.”

“What makes us visible to each other?”

“As your awareness grows our frequencies become receptive to each other.”


“Less resistance.”

“Where am I?”


“Where are you?”


“What separates us?”

“Perception. A thin veil of vibration/frequency.”

“What do you perceive me to be?”


“What do I perceive you to be?” Gegu encourages me, “That’s the right question.”

“A life form. You perceive me to be something because you are something. You are a man, and you must be successful, sad, happy, in love, vengeful, a myriad of things, but you are only life/creation.”

“The physical expression of creation?”

“No. You are the creator and the created. Life.”

“But we/I evolve.”

“Yes. If you address disharmony you will evolve. If not you will cease to have form."

“Is it important to you?”

“Is it?”

“What I meant to say was; it’s important to us.”

“I know and my response remains, is it? Your plane affects all the other surfaces, both created and creating.”

“Can we go back to the folding?”

“Yes. You see the folding making the space smaller, when in fact it makes the space larger. Every question you ask increases the space.”

“But it has no size.”

“Close, and you are thinking. Everything becomes, and is, the centre. The field resonates beyond negative and positive space/time flow. It’s present.”

I paused and it was as if the world stopped. I had the sense of every voice, but I remained silent, and the guide was gone.

What the? I know, Rove, let’s go find a zombie. I hope Sandra Bullock doesn’t turn into a zombie.

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Sunday 24 January 2010

The art of complaining - as long as your lips are moving no one notices that you're not doing anything.

Although I lived in suburbia when I was child I tell everybody I was raised on a farm. I spent weekends and school holidays working with my uncle, had my first paid job at eleven, and continued to share my time between my uncle and a part time job until I left school to work full time milking cows. After eleven months I spent the next five years working on dry stock properties. Twelve hour days seven days a week were common and you learnt that whingers and slackers didn’t last.

One day some stray town dogs had mauled a flock of sheep. I had arrived that morning with my work dog to move the sheep onto fresh pasture and woollen flanks were torn open, entrails dragged through dirt, blow fly’s were busy laying eggs, horse fly’s feasted on exposed flesh, and carcases lay strewn everywhere. Some sheep had been hamstrung and dragged their hind quarters to flee another dog, my dog, Tip, who was as shocked as I was.

He whimpered and looked from one bloody body to the next. He was trained to catch sheep that were in distress: ewes having trouble lambing, ewes with the putrid stench of mastitis udders, and the aged and infirm that I slaughtered for dog meat. His muscular shoulders quivered and his nose nudged my thigh.

Farming teaches you responsibility. You don’t waste time feeling horrified or indignant. You have two choices—act or go home. It’s only a mistake if it happens twice, until then its all experience.

I moved my index finger, “sssst, get a hold.” Tip caught the sheep I was looking at; his jaws firmly latched in the wool behind the ear, and he used his strong chest and body weight to barrel it to ground. I cut its throat and ended its suffering. Together tip and I put down thirty six mauled sheep. I climbed into water filled drains and pulled another nine bloated water logged bodies out, and tore my arms freeing frightened sheep entangled in prickly blackberry vines. Altogether more than sixty sheep died. Tip and I did what had to be done. We didn’t hesitate or complain; we acted.

There’s a misguided belief that in 2012 a shift in consciousness will occur, but I believe this shift will not occur unless we act. Our deeds are the physical manifestation of consciousness. We cannot continue to live the way we are now and expect consciousness to move into the fourth dimension. Does anyone even know what that means? Will our children be more enlightened? Will I be as good looking as Matt Damon?

Without example and guidance our children will be filled with apathy and expectation. Too lazy to facilitate change, but expect to have everything. It’s already happening. I hear people complain all the time, but they/we will not do anything to change the situation.

In Australia the government routinely spends millions of dollars investigating whether or not the oil companies are price fixing, and why the price of fuel increases during peak driving periods. Pressure is put on the government to do this by motoring bodies and lobbyists. The findings always favour the oil companies. The Australian government makes billions of dollars in fuel tax.

Australians complain about the price of fuel all the time, but we do nothing about it, because we don’t think or act nationally. If everyone stopped driving for one day this would force change. What if everyone in the country didn’t drive anywhere for four days? The only vehicles on the road would be emergency services. That’s a shift in consciousness, because we’re thinking and acting nationally.

Don’t make an excuse about needing to go to work, because Australians take sickies all the time: to watch cricket, to go to the beach, to go camping, and to turn the Australia day weekend into four days. Walk to the shops to buy milk and bread. Stop complaining about being overweight! Obesity is a growing health concern in every developed country. Don’t let it affect your life. You ate those big macs, don’t blame Ronald.

Apply this action to everything. Don’t complain about your power bill if every light in your house is on. Turn everything off. Don’t watch TV. According to everyone television is crap anyway. Get outside and play with your children. Give your children some attention, and stop complaining that they’re disrespectful! This is a shift in consciousness because your family is functioning cohesively. Respect starts at home. Don’t complain about having no money and then buy alcohol and smokes. Don’t complain your child is drinking alcohol when they have watched you drink every day. If you have no money, don’t buy things you don’t need.

Be honest with yourself. How many times do you complain a day about things you can change? Stop complaining and act.

Healing is the manifestation of will and action. Consciousness evolves with interaction and change. Often a window of opportunity for change is created on the healing table. Be brave, change is sometimes difficult and confronting, but if you act then everything will flow.

Here are some practical things you can do after a healing to create change:

• Monitor and take control of your finances.

• All those jobs you have been putting of get them done.

• Spring clean your home and yard.

• Clear out your wardrobe. Most of us have clothes we never wear.

• De-clutter your cupboards. Half of the things we own we never use.

• Move your furniture.

• Change bedrooms or reposition the bed.

• Create your space. That space may include your partner, but move out business papers and junk. You need a space that your children respect.

• Stop smoking and save the money that you spent on smokes for you. Buy new sheets, get your hair done, put those golf clubs on lay-by, and take your son/daughter with you to play golf.

• Walk to the shops. Hell, walk everywhere.

• Turn the TV off and listen to music.

• Read more. Walk to the library.

• Stop swearing.

• Change your diet. Don’t be a fanatic, just be health conscious.

• Consider time away from friends that complain all the time.

• Look in the mirror and enjoy what you see. Nurture your body.

• Change the way you think. The voice in your mind that swears or tells you you’re not good enough, tell it to clear out. Every time it speaks.

• Become observant: look up, notice the sky, see a bird, look for ants …

• Remember that you fell in love with your partner. Those honeymoon moments and the reasons you fell in love haven’t gone away. They may have changed, but remember: he still smells the same, she still has great eyes …

• This next one is a big one. All of us can be judgmental about other people to some degree. We perceive people to be something because of race, appearance … Come on, be honest. When you see those people be compassionate and wish them well. Send them love. In the end you will benefit and notice the opportunities around you.

Do you have great ideas for change?

This story was inspired by this post something no one ever told me about negativity Thank you Miriam S. Forster.

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Saturday 23 January 2010

Welcome to my Healing Room

Finally it’s here. I was more nervous than I thought I’d be, and the energy in the room made it difficult to talk. I usually do clear my throat a lot, but not this much. If you watch for it you can tell, by how throaty I am, when spirit is with me.

You will notice that the picture is moving as if the camera was being held. It was actually on a stand, and I'm not sure, but the movement seems to happen when my hands are moving with spirit (?). All thoughts on this welcomed. I considered that maybe it was the face recognition setting on the camera that was causing the movement, but it also happened when my head was still.

I edited out the moments I wasn’t speaking and also the moments I tripped over my tongue. I repeat myself repeat myself a lot. I guess this may have some benefits for public speaking: I only need half the material to fill the time space, and if you missed what I said the first time you won’t need to worry.

With clients and when I'm public speaking I dress smart casual, but the young lady on the table is my partner, and I also wanted to be myself. I like dressing to be comfortable, and yes I have tattoos. I also used to be a karate instructor, and I boxed as well. I mention all these things because often I meet people who have perceived me to be someone I’m not. I’m a healer, amazing things happen, so I must be (?). I feel that part of my mission is to neutralise perception—I have great faith, but I’m not a man of faith, I want to travel the world and share this incredible gift, but I also always want to remember home.

If you’re thinking about coming to see me for healing or a reading I’d advise watching all the videos. I personally like parts 3 & 4.

I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog. Welcome to my healing room. If you have some ideas to improve my blog I'd love to hear them.

Healing M Jan10 part 1 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Healing M Jan10 part 2 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Healing M Jan10 part 3 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Healing M Jan10 part 4 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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Saturday 16 January 2010

2012 or as I like to refer to it, "Who murdered common sense?"

Due to the ongoing hysteria and misinformation about the world coming to an end in 2012, this will be brief. I suspect many people will be disappointed come 2012: while they’re eating cold baked beans and peeing into a water purifier I’ll be watching the summer cricket series. No, you haven’t slipped into the fourth dimension, that funny feeling is from the build up of carbon dioxide, it won’t be long, you’ll be an enlightened being soon, and my all time favourite, yes, I’m still up here.

It would be nice to think that there will be a shift in global consciousness sometime soon. I’d like to believe that third world debt will have a value of zero, another ten million people needn’t die from starvation, the environment is restored, the media reports truthfully and unbiased, The Simpsons is replaced by a children’s show, and I can go shopping without someone saying fuck in front of my children. But, I’m not holding my breath or building a bunker in the state forest—hey! I’m a bloody Australian and I don’t care if Aboriginals finger-painted here twenty thousand years ago.

Well that’s done it. There’s no way I’m surviving the apocalypse now. I’m sorry guys, I’m grateful to live here, and touch the earth that your ancestors have respected for two hundred thousand years, and embarrassed that our ancestors have mistreated this land for two hundred years.

2012 will come and go and I imagine that by 2020 some people might look back and see that a global community evolved and consciousness shifted enough to change the world. We’re at the precipice and we can topple backwards or roll forwards. If we roll, and I pray we do, then the momentum will build and my great grandchildren will live in a better world.

Part 2 coming soon. No, that’s not a bunker I’m digging, it’s a hangi hole.

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Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Duck! (will not grow up to be a school teacher (I hope))

I’ve been lucky enough to go camping at Imbil, Qld, two times this Christmas break. I usually avoid camping over the school holidays because the sites are full, the toilets are dirty, and I like having privacy, but we’ve had a lot of rain this summer and this has kept some campers home.

The second trip I drove almost one thousand kilometres, with two extra trips to pick up and return Lilly and Jett. I need a bigger car. It was worth it; we canoed and swam, went to bed early, woke up with the sun, and didn’t look at a watch.

Scrappy Duck, my thirteen year old step daughter, kept us entertained. I was talking about farming and New Zealand, wild pigs, deer, possums, and sheep. All of these animals and more were introduced by white settlers more than two centuries ago.

SD: “So do you kill everything?”

Me: “What?”

SD: “You know, kill them and then eat them: pigs, sheep, rats.”

SD’s friend: “The Chinese eat crickets.”

Me: “What are you talking about? It’s a farm. We had ducks, chooks, turkeys, pigs, sheep, and cows, and yes we slaughtered them to eat.”

SD: “How did they get there? Did they walk across on the water?”

Me: “What?”

SD: “You know when all the land was joined and the water was shallow enough to walk over.”

Me: Stunned silence.

SD: “That’s what they taught at us at school.”

SD’s friend: “Crickets are supposed to be good for you; protein and stuff.”

One day these two young women will have children.

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The campsite.

The view from the tent.

Canoing towards the rail bridge.

Platypus country. We saw at least ten, eels, lung fish, bass, turtles, and lots of birds.

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Monday 4 January 2010

Tiiiiime is on my side ...

I experience some strange sensations when I’m healing and even though it seems I live in an alternate reality, I’m practical, and prefer to watch fantasy and science fiction with a DVD remote and a beer. And ice cream. Tinned peaches. A mini Mars bar, Salada crackers, grapes, and plain Smiths crisps. It’s not pretty folks. But the story I’m about to share has left me perplexed and a little curious—what will happen next?

Spirit slides in and out of my energy field/body when I’m healing, and I experience being out of body. The sensation is different with my eyes open. I’m recording vision, but at times it looks like the room is moving towards me, folding/collapsing towards me, or I’m, my vision, is travelling away from the position I’m standing in. It can feel like falling, but I never hit the floor.

When my eyes are closed I can still see the room and the spirits working with me, but if I look down my arms are no longer mine, and I have the sense of looking out of another face. I’ve become used to both sensations, and I can also find time to think about my life. It’s like layers of experience co-existing simultaneously.

Prepare yourself, it’s about to get spooky. At the start of a recent healing I believe time slowed down and then stopped. I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I’m comfortable and confident with the transitions my body and mind experience. I find peace in being a story teller, and I don’t presume to understand the things that happen around me, but I experienced sound and motion slowing down, and atmosphere and gravity (?) being absent.

Being absent? Despite the numerous things that my senses and conscious mind record simultaneously I feel balanced. I record the even ticking of the clock (in the room in this instance), and I’m present. I might not feel solid but I’m connected to environment and atmosphere. I observed a wave-like shimmer flow across the room, and everything solid looked luminous and liquid like. I wasn’t wearing a long black leather coat so I discounted The Matrix.

Every sound I was hearing slowed down, and I was acutely aware of the ticking clock. I believe Gegu and spirit control my energy field and download the images, emotions, and information I need to heal. If I’m hearing the clock, Gegu wants me to. I blinked and everything returned to normal. I asked the client if she had noticed anything unusual and she whispered that it was peaceful and still. We were both whispering. Something changed in the room and we both noticed it.

The day before, while driving to this location, I also lost time. I’ve driven this journey many times and I know how long it takes. The traffic was flowing well and I expected the trip to take 95 minutes. The best I’ve ever done is 90 minutes. I play one of three favourite CD’s when I’m driving and I know how many songs I’m able to listen to. It’s a cliché, but I’m driving Miss Daisy, and uni students on mopeds pass me.

I did the trip in 80 minutes. I lost 10 minutes and three songs. I lost a whole section of road. I’ve thought about this a long time, I’ve driven countless times and can’t remember the journey, but when I relax and concentrate I begin to remember.

I recall my forearms tingling and burning, seeing the 58 exit sign, and then being startled by the 69 exit. I glanced at the time at the 58 exit, and then after exiting, looked again when I had the chance. I was stunned to see that only a few minute had elapsed, and no matter how hard I try I cannot remember that section of the trip. Gegu’s response, “Have faith.”

I won’t start to worry until I wake up spooning agent Mulder, and if that happens I hope I find agent Scully in the kitchen, making coffee and wearing one of my tee shirts. I’m filing this event under, I’m-not-certain, but something happened.

“No Mulder, you can’t wear my boxers. I know Scully is wearing my shirt. I don’t know what you think happened last night, but if I can’t remember, I don’t think it happened.”

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Goals for 2010

When I look back over the last year I can see how much I’ve accomplished, but I don’t think I’ve taken the path of least resistance to get here. I’ve gargled with kerosene a few times and some people have scratched my back with rusty roofing iron. I’m feeling good about 2010 though and my back has healed. The scars are Sam Worthington sexy, the head is balder, chest hairs are greyer and longer now and in the right light I could be George Clooney’s torso double. It may pay some bills?

I’ve dabbled with goals and resolutions before, but this year I’ve been inspired to create an achievable list.

1) Increase traffic to my blog and website. I’m endeavouring to post more frequently and upload video content.

2) Structure my day and week better so I have set times to write and answer emails.

3) Literary agent. This is a big one, and the most important goal.

4) Healing and psychic workshops. These have been successful in the past, but I want to target a different/larger audience.

5) Travel overseas. I’ve already booked a trip to New Zealand in February, but I also want to visit Japan and the US.

6) Exercise more. I’ve already started to do this and Hugh Jackman’s interested. Son of Wolverine—watch out for it.

7) Buy at least one authentic, indigenous carved, piece of wooden furniture. I have to love it, so I won’t know what it is until I find it.

2010 will be a great year!

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