Thursday 28 January 2010

3D and 5 Zombies

Zombies scare me, and if you shuffle down my hallway moaning and breathing like a camel at the Birdsville races I’m going to scream like Amy Whinehouse being photographed. If I’m not paralysed with fear I’d have to decapitate you, and then I’d have to move to Fern Gulley with Sam Worthington and the Na’vi.

It’s almost 2012 and the apocalypse is coming. Damn those Mayans for not publishing the calendar for the next ten thousand years. I know carving on rock is tough, but my grandmother is gambling all her money on the pokies because she doesn’t believe she’ll wake up on 22nd December. “Nanna, I still want my $10 Christmas money!”

Prophetic visions are mysterious. I’ve had a few: 9/11, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, bush fires, and earthquakes, but the images are random and there’s never enough information to determine an exact location or time. I’m left feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

I’ve not had any about 2012. I see conflict, fires, more earthquakes, cyclonic storms, and planes falling from the sky, and Gegu remains quiet. If you don’t believe the world’s at war now then you haven’t been watching the news. Personally I’d like to see zombies, because then war would make sense. Is the world going to end? I hope not, well at least not before I conquer my fear of zombies.

What I can share is a conversation I had with a new guide. I’d listened to an audio CD about living in the third dimension and transitioning to the fourth, and had been thinking about how complex science is and what the hell does all this mean? According to Mr CD there’s X number of dimensions and we/humans live in the 3rd, but only vibrate at 2.5, so until we function at 3 we won’t transition to 4, but there’s actually 5, and 5 universes with 5 different dimensions, and this is where spirit lives, and when you conquer the 5 zombies you will live with 5 avatars in Fern Gulley.

What the? Thank you, Rove.

The guide’s text is in italics.

“The first thing to grasp is that you and I, them and us, are singular not plural. We exist not dimensionally, but as beyond space/time/matter. See this moment, this communication, as a giant sheet of paper. Fold the paper. You are now hidden in the fold, and here I am.”

He’s on the folded paper. I’m in the fold.

“Fold the paper again. Now I’m hidden in the fold, but I’m also here on the top surface. Every fold creates another space with an upper and lower surface. You only exist on one plane/surface. What is created on the other surface? A reflection?”

“Of what?”

“Possibility. Potential. If we keep on folding we create surfaces in each plane/level. You become smaller, but the field becomes larger. The field is the sum of all the planes. We’re all in the field but invisible to each other.”

“What makes us visible to each other?”

“As your awareness grows our frequencies become receptive to each other.”


“Less resistance.”

“Where am I?”


“Where are you?”


“What separates us?”

“Perception. A thin veil of vibration/frequency.”

“What do you perceive me to be?”


“What do I perceive you to be?” Gegu encourages me, “That’s the right question.”

“A life form. You perceive me to be something because you are something. You are a man, and you must be successful, sad, happy, in love, vengeful, a myriad of things, but you are only life/creation.”

“The physical expression of creation?”

“No. You are the creator and the created. Life.”

“But we/I evolve.”

“Yes. If you address disharmony you will evolve. If not you will cease to have form."

“Is it important to you?”

“Is it?”

“What I meant to say was; it’s important to us.”

“I know and my response remains, is it? Your plane affects all the other surfaces, both created and creating.”

“Can we go back to the folding?”

“Yes. You see the folding making the space smaller, when in fact it makes the space larger. Every question you ask increases the space.”

“But it has no size.”

“Close, and you are thinking. Everything becomes, and is, the centre. The field resonates beyond negative and positive space/time flow. It’s present.”

I paused and it was as if the world stopped. I had the sense of every voice, but I remained silent, and the guide was gone.

What the? I know, Rove, let’s go find a zombie. I hope Sandra Bullock doesn’t turn into a zombie.

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  1. I'm feeling that way about vampires. Werewolves too. And I do not believe for one minute that I'm hidden in the fold. :)

  2. Hi Patricia. That's because you're the angel. *winks*