Saturday 16 January 2010

2012 or as I like to refer to it, "Who murdered common sense?"

Due to the ongoing hysteria and misinformation about the world coming to an end in 2012, this will be brief. I suspect many people will be disappointed come 2012: while they’re eating cold baked beans and peeing into a water purifier I’ll be watching the summer cricket series. No, you haven’t slipped into the fourth dimension, that funny feeling is from the build up of carbon dioxide, it won’t be long, you’ll be an enlightened being soon, and my all time favourite, yes, I’m still up here.

It would be nice to think that there will be a shift in global consciousness sometime soon. I’d like to believe that third world debt will have a value of zero, another ten million people needn’t die from starvation, the environment is restored, the media reports truthfully and unbiased, The Simpsons is replaced by a children’s show, and I can go shopping without someone saying fuck in front of my children. But, I’m not holding my breath or building a bunker in the state forest—hey! I’m a bloody Australian and I don’t care if Aboriginals finger-painted here twenty thousand years ago.

Well that’s done it. There’s no way I’m surviving the apocalypse now. I’m sorry guys, I’m grateful to live here, and touch the earth that your ancestors have respected for two hundred thousand years, and embarrassed that our ancestors have mistreated this land for two hundred years.

2012 will come and go and I imagine that by 2020 some people might look back and see that a global community evolved and consciousness shifted enough to change the world. We’re at the precipice and we can topple backwards or roll forwards. If we roll, and I pray we do, then the momentum will build and my great grandchildren will live in a better world.

Part 2 coming soon. No, that’s not a bunker I’m digging, it’s a hangi hole.

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  1. I'm watching the 2012 phenomenon with great interest. Of course there have been many doomsday prophecies, at each millenium many of the (Christian) religous went to mountaintops and awaited the skies to part and for Jesus to descend in the 2nd coming - they apparently have not the abstract reasoning to understand simple metaphors put forth in the Bible making it possible to realize that salvation and ressurection and the Kingdom of Heaven are states of mind and can happen at any time anywhere in an instant of enlightenment.

    But I digress. The Mayan calander poses something of an intrigue, and then there is the Edgar Cayce prediction that the world as we know it will end in "two thousand and a little ..."

    Major earth events DO happen, and with alarming regularity - every 10 - 15 thousand years. And we are overdue if you study the pattern. Polar shifts, continental drift, massive volcanic eruptions, and even mamouth asteroids slamming into the earth - all of which can wipe out the majority of life forms on earth.

    The key word here is life "form" - if we are stuck in one "form" then when that form is taken away we become formless.

    Is that to be feared? Depends on your state of mind. All is ONE, hmm?

    So. If 2012 DOES present our "forms" with an earth (or extraterrestially impacting) event that takes that form away, those who are in a mindstate to accept and in fact embrace formlessness will simply evolve. Into what I don't know ... but it is not to be feared. An unborn child is afraid it is dying when in fact it is time for it to leave the womb and be born.

    Loooong comment, sheesh - this is whole post! Sorry, but hey - I'm a writer, ok? (wink)

  2. Hi Marvin,

    Insightful comment and I'll respond with another post. By interacting we're unifying a shift in consciousness. Within us is the second coming, its always been there. Talk soon, Simon.

  3. I don't believe in doomsday predictions of the end of the world. The computers didn't eat us at the stroke of midnight when 2000 began...

    It would be nice if we all became nicer and more civilized though.

    Straight From Hel

  4. My theory on the Mayan calendar is that 2012 is "December". They worked out X number of thousand years and then the printing deadline loomed and they thought "sheesh, that'll do for now; we can work out the rest closer to the time."

    - Elle,