Wednesday 22 April 2015

Spiritual Law or Spiritual Habit? Healing Cannot Occur Without a Living Person

This is a comment I left in response to comments on this post, Simon Hay on Entanglement and Healing, on Frank DeMarco’s blog. There’s a lot of information here that I felt readers of my blog would appreciate. Talk soon. J

Hi Joseph and community,

My partner and I went away on Saturday and had no wifi so I’ve been unable to respond until now. I’ve thought a lot about what I’d write and many spirits have been chatting to me about this.

I too have experienced being energized during and after healings. I’ve felt many things: every human emotion and fleeting fragments of symptoms and a vast range of human behavior that, at times, affected me. I often do 5 – 7 healing/days and I fatigue.

I agree with you, Craig Hendricks and Frank that we are facilitators of healing, a conduit or pipeline of and for energy (what is this energy?). I’m not doing the healing, we are. A greater ‘we’ or ‘I’, and, I believe, ultimately the client, the receiver of the healing becomes the healer. As a healer my intention is to heal, to not force the healing, to surrender, to be kind, to love, to simply be no one thing.

To be no one thing, nothing, is a direction Moses gave me many years ago. We know the concept of nothing. If I have nothing in my pocket, my pocket is empty, and that is still awareness of something — nothing. Moses instructed, be beyond nothing. Not a higher source, because that to is something we aspire to know, to feel, to be. Be no one thing.

But, and this is something spirit reminded, the healing cannot occur without a living person. An unusual metaphor choice, but, without a living person, it’s a bullet without a gun. Humility, I hope, is something I portray, it’s something I practice, but spirit also directs me to be confident, courageous and professional.  

This leads to another pivotal, for me, series of conversations with spirit. When I started doing healings, the healers in spirit and angels present during the healings told me, we, the living were the healers, teachers and angels.

Prior to this, many and all the spiritual healers and mediums I’d met had informed about the hierarchy of spirit, the power and magnificence of ascended masters, angels and higher beings. It was inferred spirit didn’t need our help, spirit guided and through us healings occurred.

From 2000, I’ve spoken with many spiritual healers, some who had been doing healings for decades. They all described they weren’t doing the healings, the healing energy flowed through them and a higher power controlled the outcome. Most of those healers had a successful healing story to share, but when pushed, they only had one miraculous story and it had happened years ago when they had first started doing healings. Why? No one could tell me.

All the usual suspects were blamed: free will, soul contract, timing and God’s will. Their answers didn’t satisfy me and conversations with spirit didn’t support their reasons. Every spiritual/universal law told to me was ignored or questioned by my guides and spirit.

I was confused. Spirit’s response, “don’t be. Relax, smile and be yourself.” My guide, Gegu’s, first teaching was always be grateful and welcome surprise — surprise and gratitude. His most common guidance, “be small and do great things.”

In some healings I’m detached from the experience, an observer, in others I actively seek out the cause of illness and injury, and there are a vast number of variances of those themes. I don’t believe I’m in control of my experience.

My guides encourage me to ask the right questions. In this case it’s not what I experience that’s important, it’s how and why. I believe, the how is because I surrender and have faith. To determine why, we have to first identify the reason or reasons for asking: curiosity, fear, desire, exploration, etc. The context of investigation influences the finding.

Healing is an observing force that sees all without reactivity or judgment. That force sees/knows the construction of my experience without investigation. Possibly, my experience is the result of my desire to explain what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

Here’s another piece of the mystery and answer, or not. J The collective mind/experience creates a thread for followers to tap into. I see this in what I call old school spiritual practices. When a person has a spiritual/spirit experience and then becomes a spiritual teacher, his students have similar experiences. The first experience becomes common, and, by human design or eccentricity, common law.

Now we have a way of communicating to spirit and a matching energy thread. Another individual and group, not connected to the first spiritual experience or the time, will by default connect to the energy thread of the first experience. What if the first experience was misinterpreted? Culture, generational culture, and time all influence interpretation and maintain something to be true. But what if it never was? Spiritual law or spiritual habit?

Tomorrow, a decade from now, my questions, answers and healing technique and responses will change. They must if I am and we are to evolve.

As Joseph said, we each have our own journey. Surprisingly, every statement I think or write, my guide questions. Here, it’s, “do you, my son?” It’s probably more accurate to say we’re all on a singular journey.

I know, worldwide, there are many wonderful healers doing extraordinary things, but it’s the healings that don’t occur that drive me. I lost my train of thought here. J The after-affects I experience during healings are tied to this.

Love and healing to you all, Simon 

Karangahake Gorge, New Zealand. Historic gold mine bush walk .

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Monday 20 April 2015

Ordered Chaos and Healing After-Effects

I’m At Frank DeMarco’s Blog!

Frank DeMarco is, hands down, the most authentic spirit channel I’ve read. He’s authored some great books, one I’m reading now, and others are on my to read list. I encourage you to visit his website, read the articles there and check out book links.

I left the following comment on this post, Rita on The Process of Communicating, which Frank shared in this post, Simon Hay on Entanglement and Healing. My comment describes the after-effects I experience from doing healings and my thoughts on the reasons why.

Hi Frank and Rita.
I’m following your conversations with interest, although I’m not always commenting. The fatigue and after-effects I experience working with spirit during healings feels different than the fatigue I experience communicating with spirit.
In varying degrees, I ‘feel’ and re-experience everything spirit is sharing. If the experience is unfamiliar and new I fatigue quicker and can also experience physical responses in my body: aches, nausea, phantom bruising and injuries, visible marks (not so common now), etc.
When I heal an illness or injury I’ve not encountered before, and work with new healers in spirit, the vibration/frequency of the illness and healers feels metallic, magnetic (uncomfortably), out of rhythm, smells and taste bad (all senses record frequency, and, for me, re-enforces the duality and non-separation of physical and nonphysical). In these healings I fatigue quicker, feel nauseous, my breathing slows and, I believe, my blood pressure drops. The next time I encounter the illness, injury or life event I don’t experience any uncomfortable responses.
Spirit, my guides, describe consciousness, the community of consciousness as ordered chaos, and illness as unordered chaos.
This is a descriptive analogy — because it feels this way and is created from the platform of my life — the strands of consciousness of illness and disharmonious action/life are tense and entangled with similar strands. The chaos is chaotic, not ordered. This causes the fatigue and physical/non-physical responses.
The entanglement creates and grows (although I don’t believe it’s a measurable mass) and I believe it’s why generations of families and nations repeat patterns of behaviour. i.e. conflict.
The community of minds and the community of inter-personal consciousness (my guides uses this descriptive to describe the ‘true’ frequency we’re vibrating at and the actual conversation we’re having with consciousness) create frequencies of creation. Access points (don’t know if I should place a ? here).
It’s these access points where the healing vibration can be most affective.
The tension and resistance, which can be from the conscious, subconscious, or inter-personal consciousness of the client, community, nation and event causes the fatigue and after-effects.
I’ve not shared this anywhere else nor have I written it down. This has come from reading your conversations with Rita.
I spoke with Moses yesterday and he’s asked me to share my healing and spirit experiences. I’ve not been writing enough for some time.

Karangahake Gorge, New Zealand. Historic gold mine bush walk.

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Tuesday 7 April 2015

A client asked, “Why don’t you do healings and readings in the city?”

Today clients asked, “Why don’t you do healings and readings in the city?” Most of the locations I visit are in country towns, or suburbs on the outskirts of city centres. They had driven three hours to see me and one had flown from Perth to Melbourne before the drive, so it was a fair question. The main reason is that no one’s invited me to an inner city location, and a secondary reason is that I’m a country boy at heart and I’m more comfortable in that environment. One of those reasons is a personal observation and probably has no relevance at all.

Many years ago, a client contacted me and asked me to visit Gatton, a country Queensland town. I did and filled three days of bookings. A client in Gatton told a friend who contacted me and invited me to Geelong in Victoria. That pattern continues and I always say yes to new opportunities. It’s beneficial to connect with people in an original way.

I’ve worked from a farmhouse, an hour’s drive from a shopping centre, but twenty minutes from a pub in either direction, that felt like the middle of nowhere. When I arrived I wondered why I was there. Of the 16+ people who booked to see me, all had been sexually abused in childhood, had been in abusive relationships in adulthood and most had friends and family in spirit who had suicided.

I’m a healer. I don’t choose locations to visit locations choose me. Spirit mange my marketing and itinerary. As long as I keep saying yes to opportunity and notice the signposts spirit places in my path, my career and life flow. With faith, courage and the willingness to act, I control how busy and successful I am, not chance. I believe I create chance, not stumble upon it. Spirit guide and teach dependant on the degree of a person’s fear and faith.

I hope to visit your town or city soon.

Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia

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