Tuesday 7 April 2015

A client asked, “Why don’t you do healings and readings in the city?”

Today clients asked, “Why don’t you do healings and readings in the city?” Most of the locations I visit are in country towns, or suburbs on the outskirts of city centres. They had driven three hours to see me and one had flown from Perth to Melbourne before the drive, so it was a fair question. The main reason is that no one’s invited me to an inner city location, and a secondary reason is that I’m a country boy at heart and I’m more comfortable in that environment. One of those reasons is a personal observation and probably has no relevance at all.

Many years ago, a client contacted me and asked me to visit Gatton, a country Queensland town. I did and filled three days of bookings. A client in Gatton told a friend who contacted me and invited me to Geelong in Victoria. That pattern continues and I always say yes to new opportunities. It’s beneficial to connect with people in an original way.

I’ve worked from a farmhouse, an hour’s drive from a shopping centre, but twenty minutes from a pub in either direction, that felt like the middle of nowhere. When I arrived I wondered why I was there. Of the 16+ people who booked to see me, all had been sexually abused in childhood, had been in abusive relationships in adulthood and most had friends and family in spirit who had suicided.

I’m a healer. I don’t choose locations to visit locations choose me. Spirit mange my marketing and itinerary. As long as I keep saying yes to opportunity and notice the signposts spirit places in my path, my career and life flow. With faith, courage and the willingness to act, I control how busy and successful I am, not chance. I believe I create chance, not stumble upon it. Spirit guide and teach dependant on the degree of a person’s fear and faith.

I hope to visit your town or city soon.

Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia

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