Sunday 23 October 2011

Thursday 6 October 2011

I Am a Healer … & the Defender of Pooh

Recently, a good friend got into a stoush on FB, which is never a good idea, about calling one self a healer. My friend is a gentle soul, he reminds me of Pooh bear, and, although he speaks up for himself and others, arguing with him is like cutting in front of old ladies with weak bladders to use the restroom first.

It's common in energy healing circles for people to describe the process of healing as channelling. I don't agree. We're not channelling the healing vibration, we are the healing vibration. We're not channelling God, we're God. Gods! And Xmen. Calling myself a plumber isn't egotistical, but, apparently, calling myself a healer is.

There is no science to energy healing, because as soon as we research it, we alter the process. Creation. There is only the experience, without perception and interpretation, that has occurred in the past. I can heal like Jesus because his actions, intention, thoughts, and the-sexiest-body-odour-in-the-world remain as consciousness, and in the field of Life. I can become his experience because my body isn't solid, but an infinite range of vibration – light – a field of nothing that we cannot perceive or grasp, but what we are and everything is.

I'm a healer, I'm able to heal. I'm also a writer, and sometimes I write poorly, unless you've never seen or had the experience of writing. Then, depending on your level of fear or wonder, I'm a master or a freak. But, I always heal, not well or poorly, I simply heal. Healing is the science of nothing, the absence of the idea and form of nothing. Nothing. Ponder that you 'ego' slinging hypocrites. Oh bugger, that's ego.

Everything we think healing is is a belief system. Write a new story. Don't heal like me, Jesus, Mohammad – yes he was a healer – ascended masters, angels, or Santa Claus. Heal like you.

The world is filled with people marketing something. I'm doing it. I'm marketing my story, but this belief that we channel energy, spirit, God, really needs to be quashed. I'm aware that I'm like everyone else, that I have an opinion and experience that's my own. This doesn't make me right, but if you're going to argue the point with me make sure you have the evidence to back it up. Don't tell me that everything is connected – source energy, God, consciousness – and then separate 'you' from healing.

Too many people in spiritual, new age, alternative fields are talking about things they have no idea about or experience with. Vulnerable hurt people seek us out, and it's these people I'm writing for today.

Tomorrow I'll heal differently, tell a new story, and this is something Gegu and spirit have encouraged me to do. Spirit aren't teaching me, they're helping me to remember who I am, and they want me to be a creator not a copier.

And please, don't argue with Pooh bear.

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