Wednesday 12 February 2014

Human’s Divide, Consciousness Unites

Generally, I’m a positive guy. I’m grateful. Gratitude was spirit’s first teaching. Love was the second. I work hard to minimise judgement and frustration. I check my thoughts and moods and, at times, coax myself to think about something else: a conversation with spirit, my family, pets, a good memory, etc.

I’m judgemental about laziness and idiocy, though. Idiots! Lazy thinkers and doers seem to act like idiots. We all make mistakes. The secret is to not make the same mistake twice. You’re not an idiot for failing; you’re successful for trying. Be brave, try again and do it differently.  Successful people are passionate, persistent and patient.

I like to think I’m a quick study, that I don’t repeat mistakes, but there’s this: "When someone gives you a rare insight into their life, do not betray that gesture by betraying their trust." ~ Dodinsky

I’ve shared aspects of my life and experiences I’ve had with many, only a few haven’t burnt me. I’m cautious now. Weary. Like this pig, always one paddock away from being on the spit.

On the road from Cavendish, VIC, Australia. Yes, it's hard to see. :)
My work and life are confidential. People trust me. Everyone has anonymity. I can never debrief about my work, not even with my closest confidants. I generalise. Clients, friends and spirit expect that from me. Insert sigh now.

Gossip is insidious, but it’s difficult to avoid. I listen to gossip, we all do. I form opinions, but I don’t automatically believe what I’m hearing or reading. I don’t judge people who aren’t present. There are always more than two versions of every story. Once it’s gossip there’s multiple versions.

By default we’re all engaged in the practice of gossip because we’re all connected. Human’s divide, consciousness unites.

We don’t have the right to know anything about anyone unless that person shares it. When we engage in gossip we attract aspects of the gossip into our lives. It’s becomes all we think about and see. That best friend who’s talking about someone else is also talking about you.

Notice beauty, kindness and joy. See love. Be love.

I’m aware I express judgements, I’m doing it now, but I believe judgement to be humanity’s biggest downfall. I believe we lie because judgement crushes dreams, creativity, ingenuity, all forms of human expression and existence.

In 2014, let’s check our judgements and not talk about others. Our world will be a better place.
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