Thursday 25 November 2010

Say Yes to Saving the World!

I believe that we’re powerful enough to change the world, but only if we act. It’s not enough to be educated and inspired if we remain idle.

Say Yes to Saving this World part 1 25 Nov 2010 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Say Yes to Saving this world part 2 25 Nov 2010 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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Monday 15 November 2010

Family Time

I’m often asked how I balance my life. I think a lot of people assume that because of the seemingly extraordinary things that happen when I’m healing and working with spirit, that I need ordinary time. I’m not convinced I need it, but my life is as normal as everyone else’s. Barbara Konish, from Rochester, commented that she was surprised by my stamina, I’m always switched on. She meant that I’m always healing, and connected with spirit. I guess that’s right, but I believe this is how we’re supposed to live. I’m not always aware that I’m healing, but I do know that the engine is always running and spirit has my back.

To put your mind at ease, this is what happens when the x-man suit is at the cleaners. This weekend we went to Gardner Falls for a swim and a walk. Unfortunately, it was raining, and we didn’t stay long.

This is Scrappy (Julia), Lilly, and Jett. Scrappy will most probably hurt me for posting this photo, but she will forgive me by bedtime. She’s gotten into the habit of whistling when it’s time for her light to be turned off. It’s our time, so I don’t mind, but her older sisters tell me I need to toughen up and say no. The other night my phone beeped late. I opened the txt, “whistle!” You just have to love her.

On the way home Maree pointed and said, “Hey look, that’s a funny looking dog.” Everyone else in the car: confused silence. “Babe, that’s a goat.” I just had to pullover and take a photo for my readers. After we had finished laughing, Jett said, “Look dad, that goat’s ready for milking.” I don’t think I want that goat’s milk in my cup of tea. 
Home is great! My kids and my pets, who think they’re kids, are there, and Maree, who doesn’t like her photo taken, works quietly in the background. 

How brave is this little guy, and what do you think he’s saying? “Come on chica, you know you want some.”
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