Thursday 25 November 2010

Say Yes to Saving the World!

I believe that we’re powerful enough to change the world, but only if we act. It’s not enough to be educated and inspired if we remain idle.

Say Yes to Saving this World part 1 25 Nov 2010 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Say Yes to Saving this world part 2 25 Nov 2010 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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  1. HI Simon,
    You move me to tears with your words.

    I feel exactly what you feel.....

    And about the comment you just left on my blog...If you do meet my dad, please be sure to tell him I miss him and love him. And if he has something to know.

    When you had your moment in your first video-you glowed Oh yes, you were shining like a bright bright!

    Lets all heal the world together...we can..we really can.

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi Simon

    WOW! I watched the Deepak video too and both Markus and myself were speechless, with shivers going through us - it was like every cell within us was getting further activated to know why we are here.

    You are so not alone. I feel so strongly too and I know the world that can exist. And I sometimes get a "little frustrated" that there is so much talk, but still so little, too little action.

    Each one of us can do SO much within our own lives to heal the planet. Why are we not choosing it yet? Why are we waiting for disease, or governments, or religions to force us? Why?

    We need to wake up and we need to start healing today. You are brining out my deep passion for this, as I know so much more is possible, but we are still focusing on the "wrong" stuff - literally stuff - material stuff & negative stuff (anger, fear, greed....) instead of the deeper things that matter - LOVE and COMPASSION and EQUALITY and PEACE for all.

    And your message about health of us and the Earth, was extra touching for me.... thank you brother, thank you so much dear friend for sharing this!

  3. Dear Simon,

    I LOVE these, and I love you SO much, Simon. We have to do something together. I watched both these and felt like YOU were ME speaking.

    Oh my word, I don't know what, how, or where yet, but we have to do a conference together, or else create one. I've had some thoughts, ideas, which I'm still mulling over. Haven't had much time to do that since we talked. And maybe we will need to talk again. But we are SO on the same wave length, even how we process things, feel things and see the world around us. I too an tired to "taming down" what I feel, see and want to share. So you are right on, calling a spade a spade. I for one LOVE it and it doesn't frighten me at all. It thrills me.

    You said: "You are as powerful as ascended masters and angels. ...we've made them celebrities."

    YES!! We ALL ARE the masters, already. We are this energy. We are THE energy itself. It's who we are, it's what everything IS. It's what I commune with every single moment of ever single day. ....It's just a matter of us claiming who we are, shifting our thinking from one of separateness to one of unity, oneness.

    We are all things. It is impossible to be otherwise. We only "think" we are separate and THAT is our downfall. I am currently working on a documentary on how we view nature, but it really is how we view ourselves and and the energetic spirit or divine that makes up everything in existence. That makes up Existence.

    You said: "This is ancient, it's always been here." YES!! Again it's who all are (everything in existence is), have always been and will always be.

    I LOVE the second video. You get as passionate and moved as I do. YES YES YES!!!

    I am wondering if there is away to have a 3 or 4 o more way conferencing call on Skype. Do you know? It would be fun to do that with some of us.

    Well, off to do some filming today, but just HAD to touch base. You are with me every day and I can feel the compelling "pull" of something in the air, coming together, coalescing, something wanting to energetically form, which will manifest.

    I love you, and say "hi and love" to Marie for me.

  4. Simon, you are truly a special person. I'm thankful I've met you through blogging and tweeting.

  5. You have a calming presence, Simon. And it comes across that you're speaking from your heart.

  6. Hi Simon,
    I Hear you..and I love you..
    As I love the others who commented before me..
    My perspective is a bit different than yours..I feel that the world is finally *living*..the 'shift' that is being spoken about is literally a movement of opening hearts and pouring in love to places previously ignored..internal and external. Healers such as your self and *lovers* such as Robin, angels such as Z and Evita are 'safe' to live out their heart whispers.*That* to me is amazing! And something to celebrate..We're all going to Love this world *whole* together..*That* is power!
    As for the people who accept a moment of love, of beauty, then walk away..that is a seed, a precious seed, planted and then others come along and nourish it..You may never See the garden, but it is growing..
    We (all around you) are *Love* Simon..and we open our hearts and share and heal from it...
    You are precious..thank you for all that you share!

  7. I saw Deepak’s video, too, and I came away feeling very different than you did, Simon. I’m with Joy. There’s just SO much to see that is goodness and growth and Love…

    You mustn’t stay in that feeling that the earth is dying. Focus, instead, on what you know to be true, that we have the power to choose to focus on the harmony you mention. That we ARE such powerful beings, beings of Love. When enough of us resonate in this way, we will be the magnets that draw others toward the same beacon that promises us everything: Love. Know you are not the only one who sees what you do, sees the love, the promise, the harmony and healing. You are one of many who live in love; we are legion. :)

    Your gift puts you in such depths of others' misery in order to heal them, so gift yourself with the nourishment that lifts you back into yourself, into what you know is true, where you know Life lives.

    I know you’re saddened by those who leave you without making the changes you wish for them, but you also know they must learn through their experiences to find a way to feel their strength long enough to grasp and lift themselves up. You can only help---and you DO.

    You ask why it is you feel the things you do, feel the various forms of pain… The answer is simple: It allows you to leap forward with all the love in your being to counter it all with the far more powerful presence of Love. Rest in that, hold that, and only look to that. Look to what you give, to the Love, to the goodness that is Flowing. Just live there, Simon, always. :)

  8. Hi Zeenat. Your dad loves you. I'll email.

    Evita, Deepak Chopra is a great man, and I hope, together, we too can create change.

    Robin, Maree sends her love. Yes, we must organise a conference together. I'll call soon.

    Thanks, Julie, I feel the same way about you. I enjoy seeing you online.

    Hi Helen.

    Thanks, Joy.

    Julie, that was beautiful, and yes, we are legion! I'm also finding more natural healers, which is a blessing.

  9. Simon,
    I love the energy which is you and the sincerity of your words. Love is the power that can save us all. The great news is we are Love!
    Love and peace to you.