Monday 12 July 2010

I’d like to fill a Hospital with Love

I’d like the opportunity to work in a hospital. I’d take a couple of healers with me, and over a week touch as many people as possible. I’d start with the nurses because they’d transfer the healing to the patients. They’re compassionate and they have the most contact with patients.

I believe recovery from injury and illness would be accelerated if I was given this chance. I’d like to see genuine healers working in hospitals, and I’d like to teach healing to nurses. If they can believe that every time they touch a patient they can heal them, it will happen.

A client came to see me for emotional problems, but she’d also had an accident and her leg had been in plaster. She was wearing a brace and she had scarring where steel rods had been implanted. I wasn’t aware that I was healing her leg because I was engrossed in her emotional energy, but I assumed that I had been.

Four weeks later she booked another appointment and told me that her surgeon had told her to come back and see me. She was on a waiting list to have her medial ligament repositioned (as I have no medical training this is possibly an incorrect description). Apparently, whatever I’d accomplished with the medial ligament was impossible without surgery.

I praise the surgeon for encouraging the girl to see me again. According to the client the surgeon was so amazed by the result that he wanted to see if I could fix something else. I’m not sure if I was successful as the client hasn’t returned.

In Australia people can be on a waiting list for surgery for months and sometimes years. With healing some of those surgeries wouldn’t have to happen. The benefits for everyone are obvious.

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  1. Simon, you're incredible. The amount of love you share... Love's just flowing through you like you're a wide-open faucet. I think your idea is splendid! And I see no reason why it shouldn't come to pass; after all, hospitals allow animals, don't they. You could start with the surgeon! ...get his buy-in; he's already nearly there. :) Maybe approach hospices, other venues that aren't quite mainstream... nursing homes, other care facilities. Thank you for saying belief is key to healing. Belief is the key to so much, isn't it. I'm going to practice this with my mare. She has some sores. Btw, that's scary that Australia's surgery lists are so long. Is that a result of standardized health care?

  2. Simon,
    I hear you. There are not enough Light workers in our hospital..I stay at my job there because I truly care, but I have constraints of a system to work within...I believe there is a place for medicine..I also believe in the mind/body connection and you may apply a physical band aid to a seeping wound that will still seep until it is healed internally...I apply Light to the families, to pain,to staff, to all...then come back to my peace filled life on the boat so that what I do share is good and pure and most effective...
    Follow your heart with this one would be awe-some.... I think nurses need healing because they are so used to *caring for* that they rarely allow *being cared for* needs to be guarded a bit to absorb and dissolve so much pain..and many are disillusioned...A lot of nurses avoid their own pain by staying busy with others....
    Awe-some Simon, awe-some!

  3. That's incredible, Simon. It would be interesting if that doctor encourages other patients to come to you and then sees a pattern of healing.

  4. Hey Simon
    Great idea. I love Julie's response. I would love for you to heal my nearly 90 year old mom. Her arthritis some days is unbearable. I'll hold the vision for you to be in hospitals.
    Love ya more. T.

  5. Hi Simon,
    I wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog. Keep up your good works.

  6. Julie, the public health system here is overwhelmed. There are not enough surgeons and nurses. Not everyone has private health, but those that do are moved to the head of the line.

    Joy, I've friends who have leadership jobs in hospitals and they're very disheartened with the system and level of care for staff and patients. Yes, nurses need healing. I'd not be welcomed in hospitals because I have no credentials.

  7. Thanks, Helen. I'd like that, but I don't think it will happen. If the doctor knew me personally there might be a chance. I've been in this position before. I've actually seen two doctors as clients, and both had a good response to the healing, but I believe because of ethics and liability they cannot refer anyone to me. Their credibility would be questioned.

    Hi, L. Diane Wolfe, thank you.

    Thanks, Tess, I'll send some healing and love to your mum.

    You're welcome, Susan, and thank you.

  8. You had me with the TITLE ALONE on this post, my friend!

  9. Simon, this is amazing! What a gift you have, and it's wonderful that you're able to share it with others. Sure, you wish it would be more widespread. And maybe it will be, one successful patient at a time. Well done.