Wednesday 14 July 2010

Ego is the Conscience that Throws Dynamite at Us

Despite never reading a self help book my grand parents fell in love and lived a happy life. My nanna wore a bra, cooked scones, and managed to get the clothes dry without a dryer. My pop left for work in the dark, arrived home late, chopped firewood, and fed everyone in the street from his garden.

They survived without Dr Phil and Wayne Dwyer. They didn’t know they were bad parents or that their ego minds were making them miserable. Surprisingly, their children were respectful, nanna enjoyed being busy and remained a sexy size 12, pop was allowed to be grumpy and everyone left him alone on race day.

If you read mind body spirit or self help books you’ll know about the ego mind. The problem is that no one can tell you what it really is, and as soon they claim to be able to, I’m betting that that’s the ego mind. Seriously, find me a description that doesn’t contradict itself. It’s apparent that good ego is, well, good, and the ego that causes negative stuff is bad.

I’d like to take that negative word out the back and beat the bejesus out of it! I know, self-help-gurus, that’s an example of the ego mind—it’s a beast. Notably, spirit hasn’t talked about the ego mind, or that I should do something to control it. I’m reminded to be patient, compassionate, and self aware.

In my opinion as soon as we desire to be happy that’s ego, but isn’t that a conundrum? If I’m enlightened enough to be aware of the influence of my ego mind, and then act to be self aware, what’s the driving force behind that action? It’s apparent the ego mind is a Wiley Coyote, but I’ve noticed that the Roadrunner is always one step ahead—beep beep! But as soon as the Roadrunner beep beeps and smiles, you guessed it, ego mind!

Everyone who’s worrying about the ego mind is immersed in the ego mind. Once we say, I want (?), I need (?), we’re in the vibration of what we’re trying to rise above. Boy, this is exhausting. Damn you ego! Oh, bugger, that’s the Coyote.

I’ve noticed I’ve mentioned another one of those impossible to achieve states—enlightenment. The trouble with enlightenment is if you know you’re there, that’s ego. I’m there, you’re not! Woo hoo! Oh no, not again!

I’m riding the ego pony and assuming the enlightened would tell us that they have transcended a physical material existence and are now blissfully self aware. I imagine Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner would collaborate and say that the enlightened have discovered boredom: they have no identity, they’re no longer unique.

One thing I’ve learned from my work is to be grateful for life and the wonder of human interaction: communication, contact, emotion, and observation. Love can only be expressed by living. Only in a living body can emotion manifest. Without this life we’d be nothing.

Out of body, out of spirit, we’re neutral observers, and there’s nothing to feel. We can only record peace and love in spirit, and in body. The state we’re trying so hard to achieve is an illusion, because when we’re there we can’t enjoy it.

All the spirits and angels that visit, tell me that we’re the angels, we’re the lucky ones. The reason we feel love when angels are near is because we can. We need to see each other the way angels see us: they see everything, without judgement. We’re transparent frequencies of light.

I like to think of the ego mind as an unruly conscience. Too often it’s the conscience we ignore. Impatience, frustration, anger, greed, and judgement is the ego mind telling you something’s not right. We’re busy begging Jiminy Cricket to speak up, and poor old Jiminy is yelling back, “I don’t know what ya friggin want because you won’t make up ya mind.” None of these emotions make us happy, they make us ill. The ego mind is the conscience that throws dynamite at us—it’s Wiley Coyote in a Jiminy suit.

It’s not about balance. One doesn’t exist because of the other, they both simply exist. We don’t have to starve to appreciate abundance, we don’t have to suffer to experience love, and we don’t have to overcome the ego mind. We have to live. The way you live is up to you.

Stop struggling, there’s nothing to fix. If we start there, the fixing just happens. Beep beep!

Disclaimer: no coyotes, roadrunners, or crickets were hurt in this infomercial. Some egos took a beating, but they will recover.

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  1. Hi Simon

    Wow, what a different way to look at the whole Ego thing... and yet I can sense some familiarity about it.

    When I first learned about the Ego, from Walsch, or was it Tolle, I thought I discovered a big part of the missing link in why life and we are the way it is. It was a "Eureka" moment.

    So hearing these words from you above gives me some great food for thought.

    The one thing I do know for sure is that labelling something as bad or good only keeps us in duality and this is the state that I believe we are transcending in this current transformation so many of us and the Earth are going through.

    Will I always remember from now on, to not put down the Ego... not sure. But I definitely feel good expanding within on the ideas you presented here. I love looking at it as the perhaps unconscious part of our being. It is there, neither bad or good, it just is.

    And thus like you say, it is up to us as to how we live all this out.
    Thank you.

  2. I just love reading your blog Simon! Somehow it always makes me smile... Your insights have a way of reminding me that life doesn't have to be as hard as we think. Ahhh.... Stop struggling, there’s nothing to fix. That's kind of revolutionary isn't it...?
    love to you

  3. Hello Simon,
    Your Nanna and Pop sound much like mine. I feel your message down to my bones.

    Being patient, compassionate and self aware -- those are the goals of my recent endeavors. I believe those to be the great pearls of wisdom we find during difficulty. Yes, Simon, yes.

    So, as you so colorfully illustrate "Love can only be expressed by living." From what I've seen of your blog and presence thus far, your 'living' is spreading love far and wide. What a beautiful thing, Simon.

    As my 20-year old self would have said, YOU ROCK!

  4. Simon,
    You are so funny and who doesn't need to smile and grin when reading blogs. Beep beep. Your example made me think of my mom who is the biggest non-complainer, mother of 10, hardest worker and right now at a couple of months from 90 is rocking the place she lives in. I visited her yesterday and I heard 3 aides tell me she was their favorite person. I didn't ask.

    She had to go to the rest room and they're supposed to press a button to get an aide. She said I need to go now! So I went to the desk and was told everyone was busy getting people to lunch. I said OK just let them know. An aide over heard this conversation and called to me and smiled and asked is your mom Cecelia. Yes I replied and she said, I'll do it I love your mother and took off faster than me to help. Mom has 32 grandchildren and who knows how many great grandchildren. I can't keep up. All of thes wonderful angels visit her, bring candy, flowers clothes etc to her. What does she do with it all? She gives it away to the aides, to the people with no visiters, to her own visiters. It's the biggest and best example of manifestation I've ever seen. No matter what happens or how her health fails she never complains (except to one sister that she confides in when her pain is unbearable). Anyway like your nana she hasn't read self-help, never saw a therapist and to top it all off only had a 6th grade education. I've got her up for sainthood! Love you and your blog cuz your one of the most origianl bloggers I know. Thanks those angels for me. Oh I'm a student of A Course In Miracles. Bottom line I'm either in love or fear and so is everyone else. If someone is coming from fear offer love. Any problem I have is about job is to become one with my brother and only see love not the fear they're probably stuck in. Works for us we'll be married 39 years in January. I was pregnant and 17 when we got together and was mom to 4 girls when I was 22. Like I said it works for me, us.

  5. Simon, finally, someone who thinks much as I. So refreshing!

    "Stop struggling; there's nothing to fix." It all just is. All I have to do is just live, and living is SO easy when all I'm seeing is Love. The trick, for me, is holding fast to this in those moments I'm surprised (and then not beating myself up too much for when I lose my grip), but when remembering, it's all so clear!

    Simon, you've just made my day. And, I agree with Tess: your originality and humor is awesome! And I love the Roadrunner :)

    PS: I think this is SUCH a powerful statement: "We need to see each other the way angels see us: they see everything, without judgement."

  6. This is so refreshing! Your Nana and Pop remind me of my dad and step-mom. My dad is the coolest cat you'll ever meet. At 67 years old, he's in the best shape of his life. He goes fishing, swims, hikes in the woods, and rides horses on his farm every day. He's happy, healthy, and wise, and he has done it all without self-help books, Oprah, or anything like that. He's my hero.

    Twice, I've been to therapists who have told me that if I would stop believing people when they tell me I'm broken, then I'd stop feeling broken. That if I'd stop believing that I need to be fixed, I'd realize that there's nothing to fix. So, thank you for helping me with that. Like Lori said, you rock!

  7. If the spirits and angels tell us we're the lucky ones, doesn't that mean they do feel something - they feel a loss of not having what we have?

  8. I'm not into the 'ego mind' thing.
    I look at as ego as one's self image. "Ego" itself has just gotten a bad rap.
    And since I've written a self-help book, I resemble that!! LOL I just covered the five basics. Really, most self help books make it so difficult.

  9. Thanks everyone for all the great comments and compliments. I'm enjoying writing and, Juanita, I'm feeling a bit revolutionary.

    You're welcome Jay, you're a cool guy, and a blessing to everyone. I've read a lot of your comments on other blogs and you've great things to say.

    Helen, you always find something I've forgotten to say. Yes, spirits, long to live. They feel more when they're close to us, there vibration is reactive again. I might have to get you to do some editing for me. I love you.

    L. Diane Wolfe, yes most self help books make it too difficult. It's not rocket science! L ?

  10. How interesting, Simon. I had thought spirits would feel peace as if they'd moved on to a better place without constraints or regrets. I would say, Who knew?, but the answer is you.

    Straight From Hel

  11. Oops I just wrote quite a few posts on ego. I agree, I have no idea what it is however it helps to point to something that is annoying like an itchy bite. I appreciate hugely what you wrote though, yes doing daily living how it see fit in the end is all that counts.

  12. Hi Simon.
    This is my first time here. Found u via the interview at Tess's. A wise mindfullness teacher told me I could be a healer. I know I would like to, but don't know what sort , or how?? How does one know, then what does one do? Please do tell. Would love to have your opinion

  13. uzma7 I'll try to answer your question in a future blog post. Thanks for commenting.

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